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Victory over Depression in Times of Tribulation

Today we are pleased to present a special Radio Show featuring call-in listeners from Bob’s original People-to-People daily radio show that was on the air for over 30 years, offering real answers for real life problems, directing callers to the centrality of Christ in you, your only hope of glory. We want to remind our listeners that Bob George Ministries needs your financial support to continue to have Classic Christianity Radio on the air. Please visit to find out how you can help support us financially. Let’s now join Bob as he presents practical biblical advice as he helps people experience a life of faith, hope and love in Jesus Christ.

Bob: Let’s go to John listening in Creswell, Oregon. John, you’re on the air. How are you doing John?

John: Pretty good. First of all, let me say that I’ve been listening to you guys for about a year, and I’ve tried my best as I could to check out what you are teaching on the radio and I haven’t been able to prove you wrong so far by the scriptures.

Bob: We’ve had a lot of people try.

John: I’m somewhat of a skeptical person when it comes to other peoples’ teachings and I try to go by the scriptures, but anyway, my question was that In Romans, 8:17 where it says that you’re the children of God and are a joint heir with Christ and been hearing some strange teachings on that, and I come up with the writings of Paul, or Peter did, and my understanding was that, that inheritance is to be our glorified body.

My question was more on the part that says if so be that you suffer with Christ and I was wondering now if that was suffering in the tribulations of this life, and what exactly that meant?

Bob: Well again, you know, there are some people that read that and go out and try to find things to make them suffer for Christ, which is nonsense. It’s talking about there that you and I can share in His sufferings in order that we may live in glory with Him. But the issue is all of us at one time or another, are going to go through different types of sufferings in our life, even if it’s at the suffering in death. But we don’t go out and look for suffering. You know, I have no fear at all of death. Being maimed I’m not real fond of. But the issue is that I don’t think anybody in their right mind and I don’t think Christ was out there looking for suffering. It was a byproduct of what man did to Him and all of us are subject to that type of thing. Our lives aren’t over yet.

Let’s say, oh an entire turn took place, or we lived in a country where Christians actually have to suffer for Christ. We don’t run into that over here in this country, we could, and if we do we’d be prepared for it, but we don’t go looking for it. But in some areas, a Jewish person who comes to Christ, many times they are disowned by their family. There’s terrific mental suffering that takes place by people who have come to Christ, people who grow up as atheist. Madalyn Murray O’Hair’s, son, when he came to Christ, he suffered because he was disowned by his family and is disowned by all the people that he knew which were all atheists. Obviously, that’s replaced by the beauty of the fellowship of Christians, but there’s many times suffering connected with that. So are we going to go through it? Possibly. More likely than not, but we’re not going to go out looking for it. If it happens, it happens and we’ll be prepared to go through that suffering the same way Christ was. What did Christ do when he went through his suffering? Trusted, the Lord. And what are we to do if we go through like suffering, trust the Lord.

John: Right.

Bob: But there are some people out there that are teaching all kinds of harebrained stuff in regards to suffering for my understanding. So you might have run into something like that, I’m not sure.

John: Yeah. I’ve run into a little bit of that with people that think that they’re the only way that they’re serving God is because they cause themselves to suffer and some type of form which to me would be a type of a work.

Bob: But you don’t go out and look for suffering. You can, you know, you’re not going out and saying gee, I’m suffering for Jesus. I went out and found it.

So at any rate, I think that probably explains it John. You any other questions you have on that?

John: No, I just wanted to get your take on that kind of and clarify it a little bit for me and see if I was getting on the right track there. And it seems like the Lord has been leading. My wife and I to try to do a little bible study every morning and well, we prayed for the Lord’s guidance.

Bob: John. I’ve had, I’ve had disappointments. I’ve had times in life where I suffered inside, but golly, I look at those and say, compared to what Jesus had to go through and compared to what Paul had to go through, I don’t even know what suffering is. And so, whatever I’ve gone through, hopefully I’ve gone through it by faith and if I had to go through more, hopefully, I’ll also go through it by faith. But I’m not going to be out looking for it. So if it happens, it happens. Yeah.

John: I would pay only going by what Paul was writing when he says that when he speaks about the things that he would do. He doesn’t. And the things that he doesn’t want to do. He does. And so I kind of figured that was the type of suffering that they were talking about the battle. But we have within ourselves to strive to do better.

Bob: That’s part of it in the terrific persecution that Paul had to go through in order to proclaim the gospel was something that I just can’t even enter into. Yeah, Well John, I hope that helps brother and I appreciate your call.

John: Thanks for taking my call.

Bob: You’re sure welcome my brother. God bless you friend.

Bob: Let’s go to David in Kansas City, Kansas. David, you’re on the air, brother.

David: All right, Bob.

Bob: How are you doing?

David: Thanks. A little over 12 years ago, all of us turned on crack cocaine around in the house and stole the purse and I served over 12 years in prison for that. While I was incarcerated your ministry and your supporters sent me books and literature to help me and really helped a lot because it got me off of the religious treadmill in the works into relationship. And I’m out of prison now, got out last week or two weeks ago and I just had to call and say, thanks. I was flipping through the dials there and sure enough you were on in this area.

Bob: Well, that’s phenomenal. David. I’m so glad to hear that, and that we could be a benefit to you. You’re out now. And you had 14 years for the stealing of a pocketbook.

David: Yeah. I served a little over 12.

Bob: Oh brother, that crack, from what I understand is the most addicting one of the most addicting drugs that’s in existence today. And from my understanding on that, you don’t have to do it twice, once takes care of it.

David: You know that, well, I guess the thing was, I was going to church and I just felt like that. I didn’t meet up to the standard. I still smoke cigarettes, and I was kind of depressed and kind of just gave up on it, you know? And just kind of ran from God and ended up getting it on with alcohol and strung out.

I’m divorced now, you know, I’m starting, starting anew. Things are looking up. It’s not easy by any means, but I really appreciated your ministry because when I didn’t have any money sitting in a lonely prison cell facing a lot of years, your ministry came through and sent me books and literature which really encouraged me and helped me not to give up because I really felt like giving up and found out that you know, there is a relationship for those who are less than perfect. You don’t have it all together and that God’s love is there for all of us no matter how badly we fail. And today. I don’t have to run from God thinking that he’s angry going to strike me with a tornado or light and boulder car wreck or something. I’ve learned it to be a relationship based on the grace of God through faith in Christ and His resurrected life.

Your advice made a lot of difference and I really want you to know and your supporters to know that you know, there’s not a lot of people that reach out to help you when you’re down flat on your back, that I appreciate it and soon as I get on my feet and get some finances coming in like to be able to use some support.

Bob: Well, David, thank you brother. And that’s, you know, I think what you were saying there is so true, that you have people who don’t realize that when they give to a ministry like that, they’re not really giving to the ministry. They’re giving through the ministry because the money comes in and goes back out in order to help people such as yourself. Most people don’t have, fortunately haven’t had the experience of being in a cell by yourself.

You can relate a lot more to the apostle Paul in, in part of his life, and then we can, but it’s lonely and to be able to reach out to you like that was a privilege for us David. And it’s what God has called us to do and is, is to reach out to all people and our whole ministry. You know, Jesus said, I didn’t come for the well. Our whole ministry has not reached out to the people who supposedly have it all together because quite frankly, nobody has it all together. We’ve reached out to people in all walks of life and have been able to touch lives in every realm of society. And we’ve done a lot into the prison ministries and we’re grateful for that opportunity. So brother, we just love you and thank God we were able to be there for you and we still are and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your call David. God bless you David.

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Bob: We’re going to go to Stan in Denver, Colorado. Stan you’re on the air.

Stan: Hi Bob.

Bob: Hi, Stan.

Stan: I called not to ask a question, but to say thank you. I have been listening to your series on depression, probably 15 times and every time I listen to it and I think this may be the reason you’ve never re-done this is, I pick up new information with every time I listen to it. When I go to and from work, I can go through the whole thing, but it has made such a difference in my attitude and my life. Depression is probably thinking about my past now, and what I have done. I’ve also sent it to my sister. Depression I think it’s running in my family. I don’t know that so much is a biological problem, as in a training problem.

Bob: Yeah

Stan: But I was on medication for depression which just about pushed me over the edge, which may sound funny but it really did and my sister is on medication for depression. I’ve sent the series to her and it’s just incredible the rethinking that has the Holy Spirit in my life. As far as I don’t know, it’s kind of hard to put so many different changes that have been made. The first one is, God has me exactly where he wants to be. He has given me everything that I need for right now. And I live for today, tomorrow is in God’s hands and every morning my wife and I, we pray and it’s like, okay, help push through today.

Bob: Yeah.

Stan: Stop living in the past. I could probably keep going on and on. I wanted to call and say, thank you.

Bob: Thank you for doing that Stan. It’s evidence of what Jesus says, truth set you free, and that means error binds you. And when you’re depressed, you’re in error, you’re bound up in depression. And that means that there’s error in your head that has to be dispelled. And that’s true of all of us. If, if I’m depressed and I can get depressed, it’s very simple. I’ve let my thinking get away from the truth of the gospel and the truth of the scriptures and started believing the lie of Satan. And the beauty of that is you come to a point where you can immediately identify where those thoughts are coming from and give it back to who gave it to you, and that’s Satan and replace it with truth and let that truth set you free. So it’s the renewing of the mind, the mind controls everything we do and the renewing of the mind on truth and truth can only be found through Christ Jesus and his word, and that sets you free. So let’s get back to what you were saying. We appreciate your call and appreciate the fact that you’ve kind of got that depression behind you.

Stan: Yeah, I think I mean, I still have a few moments. You know, how it wants to creep back? I’ve got that, I’m starting to learn, to okay rethink this. It’s like, okay. This is where it’s coming from. This is what I can do, and it leaves. And so like between that series and your other, your book called Classic Christianity, which kind of reinforces each other, in the fact that this is what Christianity was salvation really is all about. It’s made a difference. At one point, it’s like, how can I witness to somebody when I don’t have anything to offer them, a 70 rules and regulations? I know it. If you can’t do that. You got to behave in such a fashion. You’ve got to be. I think you called it the hypothetical Christian or something like that. I think I can’t do that. But when I started letting Christ live through me and take control, then those behaviors become a byproduct is already done and it’s just incredible. Now. It’s like I want to get through this. Let me tell you who can help you.

Bob: So it’s a supernatural life brother there. No question about it. The motivation and the source of those things come from God and that supernatural. It’s not necessarily miraculous. It’s just super natural. And that’s really what we have. The privilege of living is a supernatural life. We don’t have to depend upon the natural when we can live a supernatural life in Christ Jesus. And that’s when we’re able to come up with thoughts that are His, that produces a supernatural, produces a life. That is not a life that the lost world could produce.

Stan: The only thing I would request are prayers for my sister and my mom because I sent the tape series to my sister. I’m going to buy it and send it to my mom. And my mom has been in a Mormon church and just has struggled with this her entire life. And if we could just, I could just see her set free and I’ll it would mean so much. So I’m gonna let you go. I just wanted to call and say thank you. I am very grateful.

Bob: Well, God bless you, Stan. We appreciate your encouragement. And if thank you, my friend. Bye, bye.

Bob: We’re going to go to Howard calling from Washington on the internet. Howard. You’re on the air.

Howard: Yes Bob, how are you doing today?

Bob: Thank you, brother. I just wanted to tell you how appreciative I am for your ministry in the years that I’ve been.

Howard: When you stop to think of what God has done for us. It’s pretty hard not to get emotional.

We went to your conference In Modesto, my wife and we’ve moved from there to Washington. We’re fixing to go to Nevada. Next we moved around quite a bit.

Bob: Well, you’re seeing a little bit of the country, aren’t you brother?

Howard: And I know what it’s done for me, you know, and you know, I know but it’s not it should I don’t know how to explain it, but it’s just that is produced works because of the grace. It’s grace that produces the works.

Bob: Yeah, that’s for sure, you know, and it’s so hard to get that across to other people sometimes. Yeah, it’s a shame. Isn’t that? How people want to try to add to what Jesus said is finished and you just, you just cannot do that. And when you come, to understand it’s all Him and none of us. It changes your life. It’s a simple truth, but it’s a very profound truth.

Howard: Yes, it is. And I just have to thank you guys for that for the ministry that’s come across to me because I evangelized to different places all the time and sometimes I run against quite a bit of adversity. I’m fixing to leave to go to Nevada by the end of January from Washington. And my job that I’ve known ever since I came to Christ and you knew and understood who He is and read the scripture and check it out from the things that you had said found out that it’s true. I’ve been going to churches, different ones, you know, and trying to present the gospel and I’m fixing to go this next month and a half and really hit hard but I don’t want to go in with my own spirit or with my home just because I want to I really want to go with God’s attitude in me which I already know He has it in me. I just don’t want to put myself in front of Him. That’s what I’m trying to say. Because I know it’s His words, not my words and that’s what I need. Just like you had said that about that man a long time ago that called you and you were on the way over and you tried everything with him and you didn’t know what to do and then all of a sudden all the work then you said, Which Christ did you accept? And mouth dropped open. What do you mean? There’s only one Christ you know. The one you’re trying to imitate or the one that wants to live through you. And that what makes such a deep impact on me. You know, just, whoa, because it’s true. It’s who wants to live through you Christ? And so, I guess I’’m asking for your help and your support that I do that with Christ. So that comes through. You know right now because I’m not out to try to knock somebody down and just trying to help them see the truth.

Bob: Right. Right. I understand. Well, Howard. Our prayers will be with you, my brother. And we thank God and you keep in touch with us out there, and of course, you have the internet that you can do that, you know, but we will certainly look forward to hearing from you anytime and don’t ever hesitate to call. We appreciate you. And love you and pray for your success in the ministry out there. Thank you very much. If anything we ever do for you, let us know.

Howard: Okay, I appreciate that very much, and I’ll be contacting you from Nevada to find out what ministries you know of there when I get there, too.

Bob: Sounds good. My brother.

Bob: Let’s go to Ted Coal in Eugene, Oregon, a GI who is home. Hi Ted, you’re on the air.

Ted: Hi Bob and Bob good to get to talk to you guys. Guys, oh boy. It’s nice to be home back from Iraq.

Bob: You don’t miss all the sand and all that good stuff over there?

Ted: No I don’t not a bit.

Bob: We’re glad to have you back Ted.

Ted: Thank you. Thank you. I just wanted to call and thank all the listeners and those who supported, all the books being sent over and the fundraising and it was just, it was, it was a blessing, a wonderful blessing to be able to have those Bible studies, the Classic Christianity books and the study guides both along with Victory Over Depression books, which went over very well. Everybody had a great time and they’re still in that there are a few books left when I left in March. And I’m going to get in touch with the police instructor, who is still working on the Bible study there and he’s probably going to be looking to possibly get some more if possible.

Bob: Well, that’s great for you. Keep in touch with them and with us and we’ll help any way that we can with that. You know, that. So that’s its wonderful to know that you started a movement over there. That’s continuing.

Ted: Yeah. Yeah. It’s wonderful to be able to deliver the truth that this simple never-ending timeless truth.

Bob: Are you out of the service now?

Ted: I’m not out of the service? I’m still in the National Guard here in Oregon and I will be until December of this year. Currently. I’m back home safe and sound and I mean I’m engaged to be married. And we’ll be getting married this Summer. I’m currently remodeling a rental house of my grandfather’s for the wedding and applying for a fire department here in town.

Bob: Well, brother, that’s great. Well brother, we certainly enjoyed your visit with us and we had many, many people who were blessed because of your testimony and what God did to use you over there. And those guys need to be continually being prayed for, I think. It seems to be that we’re almost getting down to a point, we’re talking about that part of the world is getting to be old hat. And I think people are starting to take that a little bit for granted. And we need to kind of rejuvenate that and to have our people to realize that they’re still being over there sacrificing their lives, so that we can have freedom in this country and that they can have freedom in their country. Absolutely. We praise God for you, pal.

Ted: Thank you very much Bob.

Bob: We’re very happy for you. On your upcoming marriage. Yes. Congratulations to you. That’s marvelous.

Ted: Yes, indeed.

Bob: Okay. Ted. Well, God bless you, my friend.

Ted: Thank you very much.

Bob: Okay Ted, you keep in touch.

Ted: Okay, we’ll do, definitely.

Bob: Okay, bye-bye.

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