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Classic Christianity – A Closer Look at Your Identity in Christ P10 (04-04-22)

The Lost Are Under The Influence of The Ruler of The Kingdom of the Air

Now, the same thing was true in Russia. When Amy would have been a Russian citizen that they, she was in Russia. That meant she was in the entire system. She was in that country. She was under their jurisdiction. She was under their supervision and therefore, the decisions that were made, made by the government, totally affected their lives. Now those decisions made by a government under demagoguery, under communism, that type of thing, obviously, affect the citizens in an adverse way more than in a democracy, but the fact of the matter is in both cases, you are totally affected by those decisions. So when I am in Adam, it’s like I am a citizen of Adam, I belong to him. I’m a part of him. He’s the head of my family and as such, he’s left us his name, his nature, his inheritance and his destiny. You and I are born into this world in Adam. I have two ears, and a nose, and two eyes, because Adam had two ears, a nose, and two eyes. I have two arms and ten fingers because Adam had those. I’ve got toes because Adam had toes. Everything that he was were born into this, now I realize there are birth defects where people are born without some of those things, and that is an oddity, that’s a birth defect. But the fact of the matter is physically, we are in Adam. And in Eve, obviously for the, for the for females, but as they were, we became physically. Well, as they became spiritually, we were born into that.

And that’s why as we’ve talked about that. It says, in the scripture, that Adam and Eve were created in the image of God, but it says, in the fifth chapter of Genesis that when Adam and Eve had Seth, Seth was born in the image of Adam. So, Adam and Eve were a created being they were not born, they were created and they were created in the image of God, alive bodily, soulesly and spiritually. So that spiritual life, they were born with God, living in them occupying their human spirit. Now, man, in order to be man, has to be in as much as he is. A man made up of body, soul and spirit. He has to have a human spirit that is separate from the Holy Spirit. Otherwise the Holy Spirit would be the human spirit and human spirit to be the Holy Spirit. So, there’s two spirits involved here, man’s spirit, which is a part of the way God created a man. And God’s Spirit living and dwelling in that man.

The Gospel of Jesus Christ is Received by Faith

Now when God created Adam and Eve, He created them alive in all ways. Now because God was living in Adam as a created being, that did not make Adam God. He was a man in-dwelt by God in the same way Jesus called the last Adam, as the federal headship of all humanity. He is God, clothed in an earth suit. Adam is a man, in-dwelt by God. Jesus was God, clothed in humanity. Now because Adam was a man, in-dwelt by God, did not make him God. And Jesus, He was God in an earth suit, does not make Him totally man. He took upon himself, our humanity as and it says in the scriptures finding himself in an appearance as a man. He humbled himself, but that was God finding himself in an appearance as a man just as it was Adam, as a man finding himself in-dwelt by God. So, you had two different discoveries that were taking place there a created, be finding himself in, but by God and God finding himself made in the image of man, but in both cases, one is God the last Adam in an earth suit and Adam was a man Adam in-dwelt by God.

Now, there are people today who when they think that you are born again, and God comes to live within us, that we’re a bunch of little Christs running around. And therefore anything I think must be God. And so if I think that I’m that I’m healed. Well, then I’m healed because I’m God and after all God says something, well, that’s true. And if I think that I ought to be a millionaire, why then I ought to be a millionaire because that’s God speaking. If I’m thinking it, that’s God’s thoughts, after all He lives in me.

And if I walk up to you and say to Bob, I got a word of knowledge and your arms are going to fall off. Well, you better watch for your arms to fall off. Because this is God speaking. See, and there’s that type of all I can say is just total confusion and deception that is taking place in the Christian world today because we are in-dwelt by God, that were little gods running around and we totally negate the truth of the fact that Christ God is living in me, but he’s living in this thing called humanity, that as indwelling sin living in it. That’s as rotten as it ever was. And that’s why it has to be daily renewed. And my mind has to be daily renewed by truth to keep this thing set free. Free to do what? Serve a living God rather than give in to the Indulgence of my flesh. And so it is so vitally important that we get those things clear. I am a child of the living God, but I am not God. I have God living in me. And so do you if you’re born again. Thank God for that. But the reason for Him coming to live in you is to restore you back to true humanity, as God meant, true humanity to be at the time He created man, whereby, God is back in the man indispensable to the humanity of the man that is from God’s vantage point. So that’s why we’re called a new creation. You see when I was born, although I may look like a creation when I was born. I was born. That was Mom and Dad did that, you know, God didn’t do that. Mom and Dad did that, I was born. When I am born again. I am called a new creation. Not a new birth. It’s a new birth in as much as you’re born again, but that being born is, born spiritually by God. Now, who is the one who birthed me the second time? God. Yes, and you and I are in-dwelt by a living God. That’s unbelievable. But it is true that Chris Jesus is now alive living in you and me. And that my friends is our only hope of glory. Once again, as Adam died and it says, the day that you eat thereof you will surely, what? Die. Now, we look at death as something that as just disappeared out of existence, but you see death is nothing more than the absence of life. So what you died to, is the absence of something.

When Amy renounced her Russian citizenship as an example, to become an American citizen, she died to Russian citizenship. She died to Communism. She died to the tyranny of it. She died to the location of it. She died to all of it. She’s dead to it. In order to what? To be a DP? No, to be a new citizen, right. And now she is alive to her American citizenship and therefore dead to the Russian citizenship. Again, is it possible to get rid of your Russian citizenship, renounce it, become an American citizenship, but still carry some of those old communistic thoughts along with you? Is that possible to do one? Of course it is. And there are many people who are American citizens today, who are very proud again, their pride keeps them hanging onto their old communistic viewpoints. And so even though they sound American, and they still want to drag some of that stuff over. Now what’s their problem? Are they alive to being a citizen? Yeah, they’re a citizen. But are they alive to that citizenship totally? Not really. Are they dead to this over here? Not really. They’re out of it. There’s been a change of identity, but their old habits and our own thought patterns are just drug over. So there is an essence in which even though the citizenship has taken place. They haven’t yet died to Communism. And therefore, have never come alive to democracy. They’re in it, but they’re not alive to it.

The same thing can be true in regard to marriage. You can get married. Are you married? Yes, if you’re married. Are you single? No. If you’re single, are you married? No. When you’re married, you’re married, so you’re not single, but as a married person now can you carry on for years and years and years with single thoughts, and single activities and single habits? Yes, you can. Now, what’s your problem? You’ve changed identity, but you haven’t died to your old life. And therefore, you’ve never come alive to marriage and folks until you die to singleness, you’ll never come alive to your marriage. You can be married legally and from a judicial standpoint and yes, you are married and you are recognized as married. And if you, if you, if you check the books, it’s a marriage. But until you die to singleness, you don’t come alive to who you are. You see, you’ve got a new identity, but you’re not alive to that new identity because you’re not dead to your old identity. And so folks. I hope you’re catching what I’m saying here because if you are in Christ you have a new identity, and that’s secure. You’re married. Now, you’re going to be for the rest of your life in the process. And God is in the process of teaching you to be dead to who you were in Adam, to your thoughts in Adam, to the thoughts in the world that are adamic thoughts, adamic ideas, adamic philosophies, adamic psychologies and it’s saying I’m going to teach you to die. To those things, you’re already dead to it legally but to die to those things so that you can come alive to the thoughts of Christ, the attitudes of Christ, the mindset of Christ, the activities of Christ because until you die to this, you’ll never come alive to your new identity.

So folks, it’s not just the case that I was an Adam, now I’m in Christ and whoop-de-do, and just I mean, I’m just going to lay around down and sing songs and eat bonbons and just be, just be thrilled out of my socks for the rest of my life. It doesn’t work that way. You’ve drugged a lot of baggage into this new relationship. And so, from that point on, it’s a new relationship and folks that is that new relationship in Christ is forever. He’ll never leave you nor forsake you, but He also says in that relationship where I’ll never leave you nor forsake you, I’m to be spending the rest of my life, completing the work that I began in you. And so, there’s the process.

Now, with this, let’s take a closer look at our inheritance, that was left to us by Adam’s wonderful inheritance. Say gee, I got it, went to the attorney. What’s my inheritance? Well, you’re lost, you’re a sinner. Your dad is saying, is there another attorney in the house? Like a read of another will. Now in Romans 5 19, it says, Just as through the disobedience of one man, the many were made sinners. Now that’s that’s talking about Adam there, through the disobedience of the one man the many were made sinners.

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So what were we made? We were born in Adam. So what was our inheritance? That of being a sinner as we said before. A sinner is not one who sins, a sinner is one, who is an unbeliever. As an unbeliever in Adam, with nothing, but a fallen nature. That sin nature is going to express itself in what we call sins, but your problem is not in what you’re doing. The problem is in who you are.

Now Romans, 5:12 says, therefore just as sin entered the world through one man. That was Adam and death through sin. What was the wages of sin folks? Death. And in that way because he is the federal headship of all humanity. It says, in that way, death came to all men because in is much as we are in Adam, the one who sinned, all have sinned. Why? Because he said therefore all of us have sinned, we were all born with a sin nature called the old man. What is the sin nature? That is a nature separated from God. A sin nature could be called a perverted nature. It is out of sync. It is not how God meant man to be. Now, from the world’s vantage point, that’s not out of sync. That’s natural. That’s the norm.

And so, when we see a sin nature and we see it expressing itself. That’s the norm that just touches normal. It’s just the way life is, which is born that way, but there’s a sense in which there’s truth to that. You are born with a sin nature and you are born that way. You’re born a sinner and that sin nature is going to express itself in all kinds of ways and it’s very unique in the way it expresses itself. And many times dependent upon circumstances is how that blossoms. There’s very much an example. I’m not camping on once in over another, but because it’s so prevalent today in conversation that homosexuality and people saying I was born that way. Well, in essence, we’re all born with that sin nature and can and as a part of that sin nature would be homosexual tendencies that would be manifested more in some people than others mainly determined on how it gets activated in the majority of people who are adults and homosexuality today had their first experience and homosexuality as a kid when that was fanned by somebody else.

And so therefore Satan comes in, see there you little devil, why you’ve been one of those all your life and you ignore that you got into that by somebody else certainly weren’t born. So you had to be coerced. And so we have to, why’s that and everything. Everybody has different things, flesh is flesh. And it’s all different, and it’s all unique, but it’s all in Adam, sin. See it’s all there. Like, I say, you got a little lamb, man he doesn’t like to get his feet dirty, steps in mud. He shakes head thing, and everything else about that. Cat, he’ll lick himself half to death to keep himself clean. You got a hog, he can’t get dirty enough. Now both of them are animals. Both of them are flesh. All are flesh, but there’s different flesh and the same thing with humanity. You’ve got some people you can’t get dirty enough. You got other people where that kind of filth is repulsive to you. It’s both flesh. Both are lost, but the flesh manifests itself in different ways. Nevertheless, it’s all flesh. So we have to take a look at the passage of scripture that sin entered into this world through one man. And that was Adam and the wages of sin is death. And so all of us in this way died, came into this world dead spiritually because all have sinned.

So what was passed on to you and me and our inheritance and Adam? Death. In Ephesians 2: 1 through 3. As for you, you were dead in your transgressions and sins. In which you used to live, when you follow the ways of the world and the ruler of the kingdom of the air, the spirit who is now at work in those who are disobedient? And folks, disobedience means I have never obeyed the gospel. It is not disobedient in that I do this and this and this and this, it is a disobedience to the fact that I’ve never obeyed the gospel. I have never come to faith in Jesus Christ. The only salvation from that sin nature and therefore, live in disobedience to everything that is contrary to God. Everything that has something to do with God. I live contrary to that in the old nature in one form or another.

So we have to realize something else folks in his world in which we were born. There is a ruler in this world and it says that we used to follow the ways of the world and of the ruler of the kingdom of the air. Folks, it tells us in a scripture that we’re under an organizational structure. It is a demonic organizational structure that is in this world. Today there is a ruler who is called the kingdom of the air. I don’t think he’s talking about radio. And and and and this world that we are in has a ruler. It’s under an organization. It’s called the spirit of the one who is now at work in people. So you’ve got a ruler. You’ve got the world that is the ruler’s kingdom. That’s the world we live in today. And there’s a spirit that works in all people who are lost and that same spirit is working toward people who are saved. And we have to understand that. And so, all of us, it says, who lived among them at one time, gratifying the cravings of our sinful nature and following its desires and thoughts and like the rest we were object by nature of wrath.

I think there’s another point of clarification that is interesting. It says, in the scripture there as for you, you were dead in your transgressions and sins in which you used to live when you follow the ways of the world and the ruler of the kingdom of the air. So you got the ways, you got the ruler and then it says, the spirit who is now at work in those who are disobedient. And again, that is not disobedience as it relates to the disobedience to the Ten Commandments. It’s disobedient to the gospel that, now, when you’re disobedient to the gospel, you’re going to be disobedient to everything that pertains to God. Now it says, all of us also lived among them, you lived among the spirit. You’ve lived among the ruler. You’ve lived among the ways of the world. You’re gratifying.

So we have to realize folks, our sinful nature has cravings. And when we’re living among those, we spend our lives gratifying those cravings and then following the desires and the thoughts of those cravings of that sinful nature that we are born into and like the rest, we were what? By nature objects of wrath. So by that very nature that we were born into this world with, made us objects of wrath. Now what is the wrath of God? Well, it’s death. The wages of sin is one death and so by nature we are the objects of the wrath of God that we just talked about when you were dead in your transgressions and sins. The object of the wrath of God is death, which is the wages of sin.

Now, there are people and this was written to the Ephesians, it’s talking to people who are saved. It’s talking to people after the cross was completed and the resurrection took place whereby we were able to be involved by the Spirit of God. And it’s talking about demonic activity. Now, there are people who will sit down and say, well when Christ died on the cross, He ended demonic activity. That’s ludicrous. We are still up, living in a world, but not of the world. Well, if in the world, all that activity was ceased, then why would you want to be in it? Not of it? I’d want to be in it and of it.

The scriptures tell us that there are the ways of the world. And there is a ruler of the kingdom of the air. That’s a demonic ruler, a demonic authorities, a demonic structure that is set up. And there is called the spirit, who is now at work, in those who are disobedient to the lost. Now folks, is there demonic possession to the lost? Absolutely, but it doesn’t matter whether you’re possessed or whether you’re influenced too much. Influence will possess anything. If you are influenced as an example, continually by someone who is continually putting you under a guilt-trip, continually badgering you, continually after you that is influence. And ultimately be possessed by that person. You have a person who is out trying to rip you off and has done a job of it and you sit there and that’s all you can think about, you’re influenced by that. You’re influenced by what that person has done to you and it’s an adverse influence. It makes you feel terrible. And all you do is to sit around thinking about what he’s done to you. What he’s done to you and what he’s done to you. Before long it’s that he’s had upon you, will possess you. So again, folks when you’re talking about demonic possession, possession is a bi-product of allowing the influence to control you. Now, when you’re lost you have nothing to counteract that influence. I mean, we have no truth.

And so, but we do have things like conscience, morality, the law, where fear will keep you from being unduly influenced by sin and all of those things are good. They’re not salvation. But to the lost, they are a detriment. My dad, my dad’s philosophy was, only got one of me, and I’m going to make me amount to something. That was his philosophy. He from a world standpoint was a moral person. He was a good man. What you would call a good man. God says there aren’t any good except God. But would call people a good man. He was hard on himself. He believed that there was the Ten Commandments were there, and he was going to try to obey them. Now he couldn’t anymore than anyone else could, but he tried and because of even trying, he did a better job than people not trying. And so he got himself in less jams than his kids.

So but you see I saw that influence it seems now, that was that. Was that God? Well, I don’t think so. I think it was exactly what it was. It was a man who had sense enough to realize that this flesh of mine is going to get me in trouble. And so I’m going to control it to the best of my ability. Now, you can’t control it forever, folks, when I just all there is to it and if you could you’d still be lost. But the fact of the matter is, this life, observed down here, you’re going to be in a lot less problems down here trying to observe the law as a lost person than someone not trying to observe it. But that has nothing to do with eternal life, but it will make your life a lot easier.

My dad used to say, and he was a very wise man, He used to say, Bob, there’s a price to pay for everything. There’s a price to pay for being bad and there’s a price to pay for being good. When you’re doing wrong, there’s a price to pay for that. Go to jail. You can get in trouble. You can be in the wrong place at the wrong time. When you try to do good people are going to call you, goody goods. You’re not going to be invited with the boys to the bar. You’re not going to have as many friends. There’s a lot of things, so there’s a price to pay for everything. There’s a price to pay for being bad, and there’s a price to pay for being good.

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