Call-ins Radio Broadcast Friday 11/05/2021

Call-In Classic Christianity Radio – Bob George P686 (11-05-21)

How to Walk in the Freedom of Christ Jesus

Discerning the meaning of the scriptures to walk in freedom comes from knowing foundational truths of grace versus law, the New Covenant versus the Old Covenant, and the passages in their proper context.

Several callers asked questions that showed their lack of discernment of scriptures. More often than not they are hearing incorrect teaching from the pulpit yet failing to check out what has been clearly revealed through simply reading of the word of God. Other times they are simply growing in the grace and knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ but had not quite grasped truth from God’s word. By someone simply pointing out the meaning of God’s word, by asking simple questions from God’s word, the answer is more evident and clear. What also is beneficial is to have a clear understanding of law and grace and that everything written down in the word of God is not written to you. Those things written down by the prophets were often written to those still under an Old Covenant since Jesus had not yet come during their life time to replace the Old Covenant of law with a New Covenant of grace. Yet the prophets, by revelation of the Holy Spirit, also spoke of things to come and to be fulfilled in Jesus Christ. A person must be born again to discern spiritual truth. Let the Holy Spirit teach you, and what He teaches you will be in agreement with His revealed word, for He is the living Word that came down from heaven. The reason to get in His Word is so you may know Him. Then you can walk in the abundant freedom He promised.

Glen had asked a question in regards to widows in 1 Timothy 5:12 that were condemned for failing to keep their first pledge. This turned into a discussion on law and grace as Glen later admitted he was struggling with sin he had committed 17 years ago that bothered him still today. There is now no condemnation for those in Christ Jesus. Those young widows, who got caught up in gossip and became busy-bodies were facing condemnation from others, which is one reason fro the practical instruction given by Paul to Timothy in regards to the life of this early church.

Trevor had a question about the promise or promises made to Abraham, referenced in Genesis 12,15 and in Galatians 3:16. This led to a discussion about how the Old Testament saints were saved as if on a credit card. They were saved by the same faith but the ultimate salvation was not fulfilled in them until Jesus came, who then died, was buried and rose again. The Holy Spirit did not come to indwell men until after Jesus rose from the dead. Bob explains this promise given to Abraham, the promise of the New Covenant explained thoroughly in Hebrews, given to Abraham in advance, and scripture records that his faith was credited to him as righteousness.

Rene, the last caller, asked about tithing in Malachi 3:16 for he had been hearing teaching on this from her church. Bob explained the context from simple of reading of the scriptures, the passages before and after. The tithe was for the Levites under an Old Covenant system, to support the sacrificial system of animal sacrifices required of the Israelites as a temporary covering for sin until Christ should come. God, speaking through the prophet Malachi, was speaking to the descendants of Jacob. So the real answer is that Malachi has nothing to do with you and me today. The concept of giving under a New Covenant is based on the law of the Spirit of Jesus Christ in you (Romans 7:6, Romans 8:2) and the attitude of giving is summarized by 2 Corinthians 9:7. In summary, the tithe is not for today.

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