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Classic Christianity – The Book of John P07 (02-20-23)

Are You Prepared? Or Are You Scared?

~ “If I was to title, what we’re going to be talking about today, I would have to say a good title for this is, are you prepared? or scared? Are you prepared? Or are you scared? Jesus said that in this world, you are going to have tribulation. But fear not I’ve overcome the world fair not I’ve overcome the world. It isn’t, if we are going to have tribulation, it’s when are you going to have tribulation. Each and every one of us sitting in this room is going to face one tribulation or possibly two, for sure. If you’ve never had any other tribulation in your life, you’re going to face death, or rapture, I think death is probably going to come before rapture. But you’re going to face one of those two, when you are going to find yourself absent from the body, and either present with the Lord or present with the devil, one of those two, because there’s nothing in between. And so in this world, you’re going to have tribulation. But that’s tribulation. For many of us. We’re kind of live on the 200 year plan that we don’t think about that. And we don’t like to think about our impending demise. But what about the tribulation that you’re going to face before that occurs? Are you prepared? Or are you scared?”

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Welcome to Classic Christianity Radio with Bob George Bob’s clear, timeless teachings on the complete forgiveness and unconditional love of Jesus Christ will transform your life as you learn about God’s amazing grace. Let’s join Bob as he teaches us from God’s Word.

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If I was to title, what we’re going to be talking about today, I would have to say a good title for this is, are you prepared? or scared? Are you prepared? Or are you scared? Jesus said that in this world, you are going to have tribulation. But fear not I’ve overcome the world fair not I’ve overcome the world. It isn’t, if we are going to have tribulation, it’s when are you going to have tribulation. Each and every one of us sitting in this room is going to face one tribulation or possibly two, for sure. If you’ve never had any other tribulation in your life, you’re going to face death, or rapture, I think death is probably going to come before rapture. But you’re going to face one of those two, when you are going to find yourself absent from the body, and either present with the Lord or present with the devil, one of those two, because there’s nothing in between. And so in this world, you’re going to have tribulation. But that’s tribulation. For many of us. We’re kind of live on the 200 year plan that we don’t think about that. And we don’t like to think about our impending demise. But what about the tribulation that you’re going to face before that occurs? Are you prepared? Or are you scared?

I think back in my life, and that’s requires quite a good memory. But I think back in my senior year of college at Indiana University, and during that senior year, why many of the people especially the guys began to think about career, and what are they going to do for employment once they get out of school and being in a business school that I was in why they certainly recommend and inform you of the fact that manufacturers from all over the United States will come into universities, and to interview students to potentially go to work for them. You have General Electric, General Motors, you’ve got all of the huge organizations and businesses from around the world, the oil companies you I could go on and on and on that come in and an interview for young students to go to work for them. Now, who are they interviewing, they’re interviewing a bunch of guys that are green behind the ears don’t know anything except what they’ve studied and books, and maybe a few additional experiences, but not much more beyond that, but are willing to take these men and to train them and equip them to be a representative for their corporation, and spend 1000s of dollars in order to do so. Well, about six months before my graduation, one of my good friends by the name of Jim Agnes had interviewed with a company called the Armstrong Core company out of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, who at that time was considered to have one of the finest training programs in the United States. And they were known for that. And so Jim, through our interaction during that time, he would call and we would talk or come back and visit and we would talk and deeply encouraged me to interview with Armstrong. And so I went to the personnel division there at the university and told them that I wanted to be interviewed with Armstrong when they came to the to the university. And they said fine, and and then the the girl there looked up, they said, What division Do you want to interview for? Well, I didn’t have a clue what a division was. I hardly knew what a multiplication table was. But I but I did not know what a division was. I didn’t know how corporations were made up. I just thought of you or something. You were something I didn’t know you had industrial division and for division or all these other divisions. I didn’t know what she was talking about. And so my answer was very astute. The one Jim Agnes is in. And so she very graciously looked up Jim Agnes and said, Oh, yeah, he’s in the industrial division. Yeah, that’s, that’s the one I want to interview for. And so I signed up to be interviewed for the industrial division. Well, within a number of weeks why they posted the list of the interview sessions. And I went and looked at the list and my name wasn’t on it. So I immediately went to the personnel person again, I said, Hey, I signed up for an interview with Armstrong, and my name’s not on the list. So she checked and said, Well, yeah, your grades are fine. And your social activities are outstanding. And she said, Well, I don’t understand this. And then she looked and she said, Oh, I said, Do you have any mechanical ability? And I said, Well, I figured out how to put gasoline in the car and how to check the oil and water beyond that of a neophyte. And she said, Well, that’s the reason because in order to be hired for the industrial division, you have to have mechanical experience, which Jim had, and I did not know. She said, you probably wanted the Floor devision. I said, That’s right. That’s the one I was looking for. And about, I said, are there any openings in the Floor devision said, No, I’m sorry, Bob, but all of the interviews are totally filled. So I was wiped out, I thought, and I said, so I said, Well, can I see the interview list? And she gave me the interview list. And I looked down and I saw that Bill Van Pelt, who was the personnel director for the company, had a coffee break from 10 to 10:15. And so I looked at that, and I made a notation of when the day he was going to be there, and the times he was going to be there and that he had a coffee break at 10:15 or 10 o’clock. And so on that day, I got all dressed up and my nice gray flannel suit. And I stood at the door waiting on the guy to get out at 10 o’clock. And at 10 o’clock, I walked in and introduce myself said Mr. van Pelt. My name was Bob George, I said I’m sorry to impinge upon your, your coffee break here. But I had signed up for Armstrong in the wrong division. What I wanted to interview for was the Floor Division. And that’s why I’m here will you possibly grant me the opportunity to be interviewed sometime and he said, Bob sitdown. I was the only person hired out in Indiana University. Now, I believe one of the reasons that I was hired was he asked me the question, Bob, what did you learn after four years of college, and I said how dumb I am, and how much I have to learn how little I know, the more I learn, the more I little I know how much I know. I think that’s what did it for me. I don’t know what did it for me. But something did because I got hired. Armstrong then took 15 men out of the whole United States into their division. I was one of them. And he took they took us and for six solid months, six days a week, eight hours a day, we were trained, and equipped in every aspect of industry. Advertising, marketing, sales, you name it, we were trained in it. Six months, one month of practical application in New York City going up and down without cars calling on dealers, kind of what they call bootcamp, all kinds of things of training they put us through, and I thought back as I reflect back on that in my life, I say when I finally went out into the marketplace to be a representative for that company, I was equipped for the work that they had called me to. I was nervous a immediately, but I knew something I am trained to do, what I am called on to do. They spent 1000s of dollars to train me. And I dedicated six months on top of my four years of college, six solid months, eight hours a day, in order to get trained and equipped to represent a company and to represent products that would wear out in a few years.

And I’ve thought back so many times, how wise the business world is. And how neglectful the Christian world is. Because we don’t spend five minutes or $5 to equip ourselves for the work of ministry that God’s called us to in many instances. We do not take time to study the Word of God so that we find ourselves approved as God says, We just come and listen to what the pastor says and take it home and forget half of it. We don’t study so that we can have an answer. For the trials and tribulation that we’re going to run into in life. Are you scared? Or are you prepared?

Amy and I like to eat over at PF Changs. If you haven’t tried it, it’s fantastic. But you’ll notice something when you go over there. There’s normally a waiter there waiting on you. And next to that waiter is somebody else standing there. Well, what are they doing doubling up? No, they’re at trainer. They’re a trainee. And what are they doing? They’re listening to how this man has taken orders. They’re watching how he treats people, or she. And they’re training them for the work that PF Chang has called them to. It’s called training.

You guys love sports. So why were sport nuts country. When I was a kid, I remember living in Indiana, they didn’t have any professional teams. I love the New York Yankees. I loved Babe Ruth. I loved Lou Gehrig. I loved all those guys, Yogi Berra, I can go on and on with names couldn’t we of people that are well known in the sports field who came out of gang keys, Joe DiMaggio, the Braves brother. And so I love the Yankees. Today, I even have difficulty in Dallas, when we play the Yankees, but because of a concern over my well being. I cheer for the Rangers. But deep down, I don’t care who wins. But I loved them. How did those guys get to be professional athletes? Well, somebody trained them, some coach got a hold of them. Somebody took an interest in them and taught them how to swing the bat, and how to pitch the ball, and how to steal bases and how to run and all of the things that are necessary to be a professional athlete. They were trained and equipped for the work that the sports team had called them to.

My son in law is a radiologist, how to get to be one? eight years of medical school, residency, what is residency? putting into practice under someone’s supervision, what you’ve learned for all of these eight years, took 1000s of dollars to be trained, and equipped for the work that the medical profession has called people to. Military. I also was in the military, I went through boot camp, as many as you did. By the grace of God, I was never called into combat, but had I been called into combat, I was equipped to go into combat, because of the training that I had received. And many of you are alive today, because of the training that you received prior to going into combat. And and many of you that I know, we’re in some pretty tough situations in combat, but you were trained and equipped to meet the demand. In this world, we’re going to have tribulation. But fear not. He said, I’ve overcome the world. Are you prepared?

Are you scared, or prepared? We know the deaths up ahead of us. And quite frankly, guys, if you’re not prepared to die, you’re not prepared to live. Are you prepared for your son, or your daughter to come up and announce they are homosexual? You’re prepared to meet that? Are you prepared to meet the fact that you’re hooked on drugs? Or your kids are hooked on drugs or alcohol? Are you prepared for that? Are you prepared for your wife to come up and say I don’t love you anymore? I’m out of here. Or your husband to come up and say found somebody else I’m out of here? Are you prepared for that? Because some of you or all of you in this room, have met every one of these things that we’ve talked about up to this point.

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You see my friends, we have to understand that Christianity is not a crisis relationship, but it’s a relationship based on preparation. We look at God as someone you go to when you’re in a crisis. It’s too late. It’s not that he cannot calm you in the crisis. But the problem is you’re not prepared for the crisis. It is not a relationship with Jesus so that you draw upon him when you need him. You need Him every day of your life you need him every hour of your life, as a matter of fact you can’t live without him. Apart from him we can do nothing. But many times we have this attitude that don’t let me get beyond the surface. I’m skin deep. I just got a little bit a little dab will do me And that’s all I need. I don’t need to go and let my roots go deeply into the Son of God. I want to just sing praise songs and get goosebumps. But don’t tell me a lot about this Jesus. Don’t challenge my mind. Just let me keep doing what I’m doing. But don’t ask me to change my mind or change my actions, or change my attitudes. Don’t ask me to live sacrificially to give sacrificially. So you don’t ask me to do that. In fact, I’ll get out of here. If you start doing that. We just learn to live on the surface. Just come for an hour or so and say, goodbye, Bill. Hi, Bob. By God, see you next week. Are you prepared? Or are we scared? Folks, we have to understand this, that this is truth. This isn’t pie in the sky stuff in this world, you are going to have tribulation. How many of you found that to be true already? Because see, that’s all of us. In this world, you’re going to have tribulation. Are you prepared? There’s the issue. Or are you scared?

Now folks there’s only one thing that’s going to keep you away from being scared. And that’s the love of God. That perfect love casts away, how much? all fear because fear has to do with punishment, and a man who fears cannot be perfected in love. What’s one of the first things when you’re not prepared that you think or camp on when you go through a tribulation? What’s one of the first things you think? God’s punishing me. What’d I do wrong? I’m sorry, God, I’ll never do it again. Am I right or wrong? It’s only the perfect love of God, where you realize, hold on a minute, God is not punishing me. The punishment for my sins went upon my Lord, at the cross, 2000 years ago were there. He who knew sin, did or knew no sin, became sin for me. That’s where God’s punishment went on him. And all of it went on him. That’s why there’s none left for me. But there’s this thing called discipline. And people confuse punishment with discipline. You should not fear the discipline of God. Discipline is training. Discipline is the training program at Armstrong. Discipline is running people around the track and getting them in shape prepared for the ballgame. Discipline is that years and years and the costs of medical school so that you can become a doctor. Discipline is boot camp and the training you get in the army. That’s what discipline is. It’s called discipleship. It’s called training. And we should not fear the training of God, we should welcome the training of God. Every time you pick this book up, God is disciplining your mind. That’s what this book is, is a book of discipleship. It’s showing me what truth is. And immediately I’m looking at that and saying, I haven’t been thinking that. And it changes my mind. It shows me truth, that I can change my mind as to the error that I’ve been thinking and move into truth and be set free with that truth.

God tells us you might want to turn with me to the book of Ephesians six. And God tells us in Ephesians, six, beginning in verse 10. Finally he says, Be strong in the Lord and in His mighty power. Put on the full armor of God, not just one piece of it, but the full armor of God so that you can take your stand against the devil schemes. Folks, we are in a spiritual warfare. These wars we’re fighting, it’s a spiritual warfare. People say it’s not a religious nonsense. It’s a spiritual warfare of evil fighting good. The devil has schemes for our nation and he has schemes for you and for me. He has one desire for you and me, kill you, destroy, kill, steal and destroy. That is his goal for you. Steal your marriage, destroy you. And he’s got clever schemes to do so. Does he not? And I got also news for you and me, we are no match for him. We may think that we’re brilliant. We are no match for Satan. There is only one person that can adequately fight Satan. That’s Jesus. That’s why you better yield to him. If you’re going to battle Satan. Don’t go out there with your own stones, count on David to throw the stone. Because you’ll probably hit one of your own. Our struggle we’re told is not against flesh and blood. We look at our struggle is against one another. We offend each other, we hurt each other. We all have them against one another. He says that isn’t the battle. God just using you as a tool. Your struggle is not against flesh and blood. It’s a spiritual warfare that you’re in God, all Satan does is just use you a body and a mind to carry out his plan. But Satan’s behind every evil thing that has ever happened to you and to me, Are we together on that? But do we blame him? He never gets blamed? It’s just we get blamed. It never goes back and says it was Satan who initiated or got this person all messed up. Never does he get blamed. It seems like we just blame one another. Jesus said I didn’t come to condemn the world, did he not? I didn’t come to condemn you. But I came to save you. I asked people a question. How many of you really believe that it’s more important to get somebody saved than it is to get Bush re-elected or Kerry elected? And I’ll guarantee you money is spent like crazy. Millions of dollars raised to get a guy elected for four years. How many think it’s more important to get a person saved than it is to get a man elected? I mean, do we really believe it? I don’t think we do. I think some do. But where’s your attention? Because I want to tell you I’m gonna survive regardless who gets elected, if I will give I survived Jimmy Carter, I can survive anybody. We’re gonna make it one way or the other. I may have a preference. But I want to tell you guys outside of going and voting and maybe talking to a few people. I’m not spending a dime to get a man elected. But I’ll give everything I got to get a man saved. But we get our priorities so much connected on to elections and people. We get it off of Jesus nine times out of 10. It shows you where your heart is. Is your heart here on His earth? Or is your heart wanting to fulfill the plan of God? Do you want to fulfill man’s plan or God’s plan? You’re not fighting against flesh and blood guys. We’re fighting here’s who we’re fighting against the rulers, against the authorities and against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in heavenly realms. Did you know there were spiritual forces of evil in heavenly realms and guess who they play with? us. Where’s their playground? On this earth. Therefore, he says Put on the full armor of God. He didn’t say put on just one thing put on the full armor guys. Because if you don’t put the full armor, believe me, Satan knows where to kill you. So when this day of evil comes, you’ll be able to stand your ground.

And after you’ve done everything to stand stand firm, then with the belt of truth buckled around your waist. The belt was what held the weapons. And he said put on the belt of truth. Truth is the only thing that is going to save you and me against error. Error is what takes us down and kills us. And it’s always dressed up with nice sounding things isn’t it? Always comes with your tie and suit on. Dress nicely talk nicely. It’s always there dressed up and also dresses itself up with some godly Words, godly words, might even mentioned Jesus. Don’t know who he is, my Imagine if it were benefited me. He said, Put truth on, and the breastplate of righteousness in place. What’s the breastplate of righteousness? What protects this whole area? And whose righteousness do you put on yours or his? his. That means if you’ve got a breastplate of your own righteousness on brother, he’s gonna crack that thing in a New York minute. But he cannot crack Jesus righteousness. You can come up and say all I’m righteous, he’ll just crack that immediately if you think you’re righteous in your own flesh, when you say that I stand clothed in the righteousness of Jesus, you just let him try to crack that one. He says, Your feet fitted with ready to set comes from the gospel of peace. Folks, there’s all kinds of peace in this world. You can get peace going up in the mountains and going out by a mountain stream and fishing and all those things can bring temporary peace. But you know what, guys, the minute you get in your car and drive home, that peace is gone. You can get some peace, taking drugs, get your mind all bombed out when the drugs were off, you do not have peace. So there’s all kinds of temporary peace in this world. But it’s not the peace of God that passes understanding is it? Because the peace of God that passes understanding doesn’t come and go. It’s something you live with a constant, as Jesus said, like as a river of flowing water, that just keep flowing and flowing. Says take up the shield of faith. That’s a shield you hold in front of you to stop the arrows and what stops it’s your faith, faith in who you? No, faith in Jesus. So you can extinguish these flaming arrows of the evil one so that you know something, the evil one is shooting arrows at you and I don’t mean literal. But he’s shooting things at your head all the time. And we are constantly being bombarded by things that are not true.

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  • I now receive that life.
  • And I am going stand in the fact that I am a child of the living God.
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