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Classic Christianity – The Book of John P38 (05-02-23)

When The Holy Spirit Baptizes Us We Are Placed Into The One Body of Christ Jesus

~ “For by one Spirit are we all baptized into one body, whether we be Judaeans or Gentiles, whether we be bond or free; and have been all made to drink into one Spirit.” 1 Corinthians 12:13

~ “And all who have been united with Christ in baptism have put on Christ, like putting on new clothes.: Galatians 3:27

It’s so important for us to understand today, that the baptism of the Holy Spirit is done by God today. When we place faith in Jesus, God in flesh, for having done it ALL for us on the cross, having completely forgiven us, He baptizes us with the Spirit of God, placing us into the body of Christ Jesus. And there is only one body, made up of many parts. No one is saved by water baptism.

~ “Now, folks, you’re talking about two baptisms. You’re talking about a water baptism that John gave for cleansing, ceremonial, it says ceremonial washings, which was very prevalent in the Hebrew community. And then you’re talking about a final spiritual baptism, and we keep always getting hung up on the physical things. But he said, there’s a spiritual baptism that is coming and that is the time when the Spirit of God is going to come and live in you and then baptize you into the body of Christ. That’s how we became a part of the body, the Spirit placed us into the body of Christ. In Paul’s writings, we’re told that although the body is one is made up of what? Many parts and though its parts are many, and those are diversified, we can have unity when we plug into the head. And so he said, in a few days, the Holy Spirit will come upon you.” ~ Bob George

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Welcome to Classic Christianity Radio with Bob George Bob’s clear, timeless teachings on the complete forgiveness and unconditional love of Jesus Christ will transform your life as you learn about God’s amazing grace. Let’s join Bob as he teaches us from God’s Word.

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Now, folks, you’re talking about two baptisms. You’re talking about a water baptism that John gave for cleansing, ceremonial, it says ceremonial washings, which was very prevalent in the Hebrew community. And then you’re talking about a final spiritual baptism, and we keep always getting hung up on the physical things. But he said, there’s a spiritual baptism that is coming and that is the time when the Spirit of God is going to come and live in you and then baptize you into the body of Christ. That’s how we became a part of the body, the Spirit placed us into the body of Christ. In Paul’s writings, we’re told that although the body is one is made up of what? Many parts and though its parts are many, and those are diversified, we can have unity when we plug into the head. And so he said, in a few days, the Holy Spirit will come upon you.

Now you go over to the second chapter you see when that took place. And in the second chapter, you have a recordation of the day of Pentecost, when the Spirit of God came, and he came upon those men. Now we have pictures of a huge group of people. And all of them sitting around there just holy, holy, holy. But it says that the Spirit of God came upon these men. In verse seven, utterly amazed, they said, are not these men who are speaking Galileans? And how is it that we hear each of them in our own native language? And then names the languages. We hear them declaring the wonders of God in our own tongues. What is tongues? Languages, we hear them, declaring the wonders of God in our own language. If you came from Europe, you would know that that’s the what is declared. when you speak a language. What tongue Do you speak? I speak French. What tongue do you? I speak German. What tongue do you? I speak Italian. What tongue do you speak? Texan. What tongue? It means a language never has been anything else except a language. This was the miracle of Pentecost, was on the day of Pentecost, the Spirit of God came and indwelt those men who, a few days earlier, 10 days earlier were living as cowards, cowards behind closed doors, scared to death for their life. And after the indwelling of the Spirit, where I’ve saying you killed the Son of God, what happened to Peter from being in a room, scared for his life and speaking boldly to 1000s of people, you killed the Son of God. What was the difference? He was indwelt by the Spirit of God. indwelt by the Spirit of God, and those men started proclaiming the good news of the gospel. In all of these different languages of Parthians, Medes and Elamites; residents of Mesopotamia, Judea and Cappadocia, Pontus and Asia, b 10Phrygia and Pamphylia, Egypt and the parts of Libya near Cyrene; all of these places. And there he was speaking in their language, the gospel, not babbling, communicating the gospel, communicating truth to these people. In one language. Is that amazing? That’s a gift of tongues. So again, evangelistic gift given to a body of Christ of people, to go into foreign languages and foreign lands where you don’t know the language and be able to communicate the gospel in their tongue. And so the Holy Spirit of God, and that was only a sign it said it was assigned to the unbelieving Hebrew. That’s not the essence of things. The gospel is the essence of things. What we ought to be excited about is the fact that they heard the gospel, we get all excited about the fact that we’re speaking in tongues. They were declaring the gospel to people in their own language.

Verse 14, Peter stood up for the 11. So we don’t have to wonder who it was that was filled and controlled in the Spirit of God and His and raised his voice and address the crowd. He said, fellow Hebrews and all you live in Jerusalem, let me explain this to you. Listen, I say carefully. Listen carefully what I say these men are not drunk, because you suppose it’s only nine in the morning. It was six, maybe, but no, it’s only nine. And then explain that what this was was really a fulfillment of prophecy. We don’t need to go into that anymore. The issue is that what was taking place here. He said that the Spirit of God that later on, you’re going to receive the Spirit of God. And up to that time, the Spirit had not been given Son Jesus had not been glorified. So when asked another question What role did the Spirit of God have in your salvation? Was the role of the Spirit to forgive your sins, or to give you life? To give you life, that’s how you came alive. The Spirit the living spirit came to live in you, which is your hope of glory. Was anybody spiritually regenerated prior to the day of Pentecost? Were the apostles same as were saved today? Where they? No, hadn’t been indwelt by the Spirit, hadn’t been brought alive, hadn’t been made alive spiritually. Did they believe in the person of Jesus? The sure did. But up until the time that they saw what Jesus came to do, which was take away the sins of the world, be buried enter into our death with us, we raised so that we could be raised from the dead. They understood who he was, but they didn’t understand what he was going to have to come to do to save us. On the day of Pentecost, they understood all those things, they had now seen him. They had all touched him and talked to him they had been through all of the doubting Thomases and everything else. And there are now ready to see the completion of his work. And so they saw the completion of his work to His death, burial and resurrection. They had some days to ponder this truth. And on the Day of Pentecost, they were ready to be born again. They weren’t ready to get a second blessing. They weren’t saved back then. And then it gets something new on the day of Pentecost, they were there to be saved on the day of Pentecost, to be saved by the life of Christ coming to indwell them permanently forever. I’m gonna give you my Spirit, and he’s gonna live in you forever. And that could not be done until Jesus had been glorified till he had completed all of his work. And was then seated at the right hand of the Father where he said, when I go there, I’m going to send my Spirit to you on that day. On that day, I’m going to send my spirit to you, delivered you forever.

The Judeans said to one another, again, where talked about where’s this guy going? Where’s he gonna go? Is he gonna go into Greece or into places Greek speaking places? What did he mean when he said you will look for me but you will not find it? You can’t come? On hearing these words, some of the people said, Surely this man is a prophet. So again, they were going to start identifying who is this guy? They say, Oh, maybe he’s a prophet. Other said, No, now he’s the Christ. And still others said, Well, if he is the Christ, how can the Christ come from Galilee? See, they did not know all of the scriptures or hadn’t put them together that Jesus was going to be born in Bethlehem, live in the Galilean area. They didn’t know that. So they were asking, they certainly knew that the Messiah or the or the Christ was coming. But they were saying, How can this be? How can how can it come from Galilee? Does not the Scripture said that Christ will come from David’s family and from Bethlehem? See, they understood that. What didn’t they know? They didn’t know Jesus was born in Bethlehem. The town where David lived. Thus the people were divided because of Jesus. And some wanted to seize him, but no one laid a hand on him. And finally, the temple guards went back to the chief priests and the Pharisees who asked them, Why didn’t you bring him in? Why didn’t you bring this guy in? And their answer would no one ever spoke the way this man does the guard, the guard declared.

I remember when Amy’s dad came to visit us from Russia. Probably one of the greatest miracles that I’ve ever experienced in my life of a man who had been living in slave camps and living in poverty and everything else all through his life thinking his family was dead, his family thinking he was dead. And after a period of 40 years, getting a phone call one night from Amy’s mom telling her to sit down and she’s got news for her, that her father was in America after 40 years. Seeing this little guy that was born, an orphan, broken his leg when he was a little kid and was adopted. And then the Russian Revolution came along and his parents left him in the hospital again, orphaned, grew up on his own put his way through law school. And then was taken in by the communist as being an enemy of the state, as they did with anyone who has had a hint of being an intellectual in any way, shape or form, had knowledge of anything were put away. And again, during that period of time, Amy’s family had taken into Germany as slave labor. He came to our house and He was a little bit afraid at the time of coming to our house. Because I was an American, he didn’t know how I was going to respond to him. But our whole family loved him to death. But I remember the reason for bringing this story up, I remember when Amy would, would read the Scripture to him. And he would say, little daughter, where did you hear these words? And say, well, they’re from from Jesus. Well, who’s Jesus? No one ever spoke this way to me. He said, over in Russia, they throw rocks at you over here, your friends are bringing flowers to me. I don’t understand this. I never heard anybody speak like this before. These are words of love. I’ve never heard them before. And when Amy translated what he was saying, my mind flashed back to this passage of scripture of these people what they must have been thinking, Who is this man?

No one’s ever spoken the way this man does. I’ve never heard these kinds of words before. They say you mean he’s deceived you also? really open to the Gospel. He’s deceived. You also the Pharisees reported? Has any of the rulers or the Pharisees believed in him? Have any of our theologians taught this? What’s the pastor have say about this? I don’t care what Jesus said. What are the rulers say? What are the biggies say? has any of the rulers The Pharisees believed in him? Nah. But this mob, you bunch of people, you don’t know anything about the law. You got a curse on you. We do. We know about it. We’re the teachers of it. But you don’t know anything.

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Kind of like you can get that way in politics. Nice people, but you’re dumb as dirt. And the only way that you’re ever going to survive as your let me in Washington take care of you. So send me your money so I can take care of you. We’re the intellectuals we’ve been to Harvard and Yale you’re just a bunch of dumb Texans or dumb Indianains or whoever it might be. That’s what happens to people when they start thinking more highly of themselves than they ought. And that’s exactly what was taking place back then. These rulers don’t believe in him. You don’t know anything. There’s a curse on you. Now it says Nicodemus who was one of them. So what’s the difference between Nicodemus and the rulers? Something about Nicodemus where he had something in his heart where the Bible says he wanted to know the will of God. He wasn’t interested in knowing the way of the Pharisees and the Sadducees. I want to know what God’s will is. And it says that any man who wants to know what God’s will is, he’ll know that Jesus teaching is true. And so Nicodemus who had gone to Jesus earlier, and who is one of have their own number, a part of this group asked, and he asked this question, guys, does our law condemn anyone without first hearing him? And to find out what he’s doing? Do we just condemn somebody just because you want to condemn them? Now, they didn’t answer that question. See people been spinning stuff, isn’t anything new, what we’re going through in his political campaign. People been spinning stuff for years, and they’re spinning this, they didn’t want to answer that question. Are you from Galilee, too? That’s all I can say. What are you one of those Galileans? Look into it, and you will find that a prophet does not come out of Galilee. And then each went to his own home. But Jesus went to the Mount of Olives, and at dawn. He appeared again, in the temple courts for all the people gathered around him. He was like a magnet, he was like Velcro, people could not stay away, who had an interest in him. And they gathered around him, and he sat down to teach them.

And the teachers of the law on the Pharisees brought a woman caught in adultery. Now, folks, this is an interesting story. Its an interesting story, because there isn’t anything about this story that is contrary to to Jesus and what he would do. But as it you will read in your notes that in the earlier and more reliable manuscripts and other ancient witnesses, they don’t have this passage. Now there again, you’re into this manuscript deal. That the Bible that we hold in our hands, Paul did not use King James. I know that’s going to shock some of you. The Bible was written not in King James, it was written in Greek. And there were Greek manuscripts that were copied meticulously by the old teachers, and the rabbis or whoever else, it might be that were copied meticulously, to the point that if they went through a paragraph, and there was a letter missing, they tore up the page and went back and started copying again. That’s how meticulous it was. And these manuscripts were copied. And there’s two groups of manuscripts that you’re dealing with. And then when the Dead Sea scrolls were discovered, they discovered manuscripts that went back even further, closer to the original. And those kinds of manuscripts have been discovered. And they were older than the other manuscripts that were being copied, they were older. So the discussion came, is the older better, or is the many better? Because when the many came around, it was because of the paper that we have today, which was able to be copied much easier than it was when the older manuscripts. But the thing is, you got kind of two sets of manuscripts older and newer. Now, guys, as far as anything dealing with salvation, there’s not a flip a world of difference in the two. But there’s things like this, that were not in the older manuscripts. There’s the teaching in James, where it talks about them picking up snakes, and drinking poison, wasn’t in those manuscripts. Now the people have biases. Rather, they argued that because hey, we like pick up snakes, we like to do that. We like drink poison. Sure you do. Gotta get away from these biases. I love this passage of Scripture. I love it. But I have to look at it and say, it’s a possibility that it was not in the original manuscripts and it was added later. And to look at that and say, I’m going to teach it that way. Is this teaching contrary to anything in that entire teaching of the Bible? And the answer, not a bit. So it could have been that it was added later because it was a story that was told and somebody added it later, nothing wrong with that. Thankfully, there’s no particular doctrine in this again, just teaching the heart of Jesus.

They made this lady stand before the group and said to Jesus teacher, this woman was caught in the act of adultery. I have often wondered, how did they catch her? Somebody had to be peaking. And I’ve just often wondered about that. In the law, they’re trying to test Jesus in the law. Moses commanded us to stone that woman to death. Can you imagine if that law was in existence today? We wouldn’t have any people. He said, What do you say about that? Think we ought to stone her? They were using this question as a trap in order to have a basis for accusing him. When they kept questioning him, him, he straightened up a lot of it. I think I’ve read that too soon. They’re using it as a trap, Jesus bent down and started to ride on the ground with his finger. When they kept on questioning him, he straightened up. And he said to them, if any of us without sin, let him throw the first stone at her. And again, he stooped down, wrote on the ground, we don’t have a clue what he wrote. He might have been writing the law, just to condemn them. Or whatever he was writing, he’s writing something. Now to those who heard, they began to go away. He said, If you are without sin, cast the first stone. You know who the ones who left first were? Us older ones. How come? We’ve had more time to sin. And hopefully, you’ve had enough sense to realize that all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, we have no right to be judging anyone. What Jesus is saying here is this. Somebody caught somebody in an act. The law says, condemned them. Jesus says, restore them. Totally different mindset. When someone is caught trapped in a sin, is your heart, because that’s where your attitudes are formed, do you have a heart that says, Man, I want to go restore this person? Or do we have a heart that says, look at them, scumbag? Which is it? Only you can answer that question. But you know where your heart is. Here’s the heart of a Pharisee, self righteous? Or is it the heart of Christ Jesus who says I didn’t come to condemn people, but I came to save people? They began to go away one at a time, the older ones first until only Jesus was left with a woman still standing there. And Jesus straightened up and he asked her woman where are they where these people go to as no one condemned, you? No, no one sir. Then neither do I condemn you. He said, Go and leave your life of sin, said change your mind. You’ve been caught in something, change your mind. Go God’s way. Instead of man’s way, begin thinking with the heart of God instead of the desires of the flesh. And folks, that is our challenge today. We have in us the Spirit of God alive living in us of which is our hope of glory. I also have flesh. And my flesh has demands like crazy. Don’t yours doesn’t yours? And we have a choice to listen to the demands of the flesh or listen to the instruction of the Spirit. And that’s our choices. And I can either choose to give into the flesh, or I can choose to give into the Spirit. And this is what Jesus is saying, Go now I don’t condemn you. I don’t condemn you for what you’ve done. All I’m interested in is that you go and leave your life of sin. Put the past behind you. Quit talking about it. Quit thinking about it. When is your past? Anything a minute ago. Said put it behind you and get up and start walking in the newness of life. Press on to the high calling of Christ Jesus. Forget the past and press on to the high calling of Christ Jesus.

Guys, there is nothing in my life that thrills me like seeing a couple that has had difficulty that has done things possibly that they shouldn’t have done. contemplated divorce separated, but with an attitude. If this is God’s plan for my life I’m willing to accept until you get to that point, nothing’s going to happen. I’ve had situations of women saying to me, I have no more feelings for my husband, makes me half sick. And I say, so what? God can restore that. If you had it once you can have it again. If you lost it, where did you lose it? And then the watch God, go to work. And he normally works when you don’t think he’s working. When you think it’s all over, everything’s failing, nothing’s gonna work. He works. I’m talking about true story. And then all of a sudden, the heart starts getting changed. And all of a sudden, I get a call saying, we are back together. We looked into the faces of our children, and told them that mommy and daddy are back together and saw the joy of children tickled to death that their mom and dad were back together. Who did that? God. If we will let God be God, he will do far more than we can ever dream or imagine. Won’t he, If we’ll just let him do let go of the desires of the flesh, the failures of the past, the bitterness. Does God want you to be a bitter person or a better person? As a man said to me the other day until your faith has been tested, you can’t be trusted.

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