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Classic Christianity – The Book of John P56 (06-13-23)

Focus on Jesus for Peace, Not Your Circumstances of Life

~ When we are in Christ Jesus, and He is in us, we have the mind of Christ living in us forever. Focus on Him and, it doesn’t matter what happens in the storms of life. We can have peace that passeth all understanding to the lost man. Trust in Jesus for everything.

~ “And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.
Philippians 4:7

~ “When you run into a problem of life down here, get your mind up there and stay there. Don’t go up there and get a sip of water and come back down and moan, go up there and drink, go up there and eat, go out there and participate with Jesus. And you know what’s gonna happen down here? The peace of God that passes all understanding will quiet in your heart and mind in Christ Jesus. Why is it peace that passes understanding? Because your mind isn’t on you. It’s on him. As a man thinks, so is he. And I get tired of this billy goat Christianity. I get tired of hearing the yes buts. If you’re in Christ Jesus, you’re supposed to be growing in Christ Jesus. And when we grow in Christ Jesus, we don’t grow in being preoccupied with the natural. We grow by being preoccupied with the spiritual. You elevate your mind to truth and get it off of what’s going on down here.” ~ Bob George

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Welcome to Classic Christianity Radio with Bob George Bob’s clear, timeless teachings on the complete forgiveness and unconditional love of Jesus Christ will transform your life as you learn about God’s amazing grace. Let’s join Bob as he teaches us from God’s Word.

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We have a conflict going on. In our lives. It’s called flesh. You have the natural, and you have the spiritual, do you not? You have the natural man. What is that? What is the natural man deal? Do he deals with the things of this earth? What’s the spiritual man for? To deal with the things of the Spirit? What is your attitude? When bad things happen? Is it as the world says Why do bad things happen to good people? That’s an easy question to answer because there aren’t any good people. Why that question ever came up, God only knows. Jesus said there isn’t anyone good except God. So that question is easy for me to answer. What what is your attitude when bad things happen? What is your attitude? Had you been Paul a beard and your husband suddenly died? What is your attitude? When something like that happens? When someone is all of a sudden snuffed out of here, what’s your attitude toward that? Is it natural? Or is it spiritual? Because whatever your attitude is, is going to show you precisely where you’re walking with God. Are you drinking of natural water? Because if you do, you’re going to thirst again. Are you drinking of spiritual water? Where he said, You will never thirst again. Are you eating natural food? Or are you going after spiritual food? You want to live in the spirit? Or do you want to live in the flesh? Most of us have what I call a billy goat theology. It’s Yes, but yes, but but but but yeah, God took away your sins. But. Well you’re saved, but. Paul’s with Jesus.

Now, my friends want to tell you something. Give an illustration here. Let’s say Jesus is upstairs on the second floor, and up there as living water up there as living food. Up there is everything that you’ve ever dreamed of. But you live down here. And so something happens all of a sudden you get a little thirsty, what do you do you run upstairs, get a quick drink, and what do you do? Come right back downstairs and live down here. God wants you to go upstairs and live with him. He wants you to dwell with Him. We’re told in the scriptures in Hebrews that people tasted, but they never drank. How many of us are tasters? We touch, but we never hold on. We glance at something but we don’t focus on Jesus. We just glance at him or go to him when I need him and then returned to the first floor. We hear him but we don’t listen. Remember what Jesus said if you have ears, listen. He always he could see we have ears. Some of ours are bigger than others. But we all have ears. He said listen, but we just hear but we don’t listen. We don’t ponder. We Smith but we don’t smell. We sniff the rose but we don’t take time to really let the fragrance come in. And in our lives many times our faith is superficial. It’s a quarter of an inch deep and a five miles wide. Because we don’t camp where he said to camp, what did he say to do? Camp there. He said to stay there. When I’ve got a problem down here. If I don’t go to the top floor and stay there, I’m gonna be preoccupied with my problem. Am I not? People do that many times with death. They think you’re unsympathetic. I’m not unsympathetic at all when someone dies. But I’m unbelievably realistic. Because I know something. I know something about Paul, don’t you? He’s with Jesus. He’s in the presence of God never to see sin and death again. Who’s in a better place him or you? Now, how do you encourage people who have lost one, a loved one? By sitting around moaning like that, you know, that’s what they did to God. They had mourners, professional mourners who sit around and groan and moan for weeks. What does it say about death? Death where it’s your sting. It’s gone. Why? Because we don’t grieve like who? The heathen who do not know God from an apple tree. We don’t grieve like that. Why? Because we know something. We know something that is far greater than what takes place down here. And that’s what has taken place up there. When you run into a problem of life down here, get your mind up there and stay there. Don’t go up there and get a sip of water and come back down and moan, go up there and drink, go up there and eat, go out there and participate with Jesus. And you know what’s gonna happen down here? The peace of God that passes all understanding will quiet in your heart and mind in Christ Jesus. Why is it peace that passes understanding? Because your mind isn’t on you. It’s on him. As a man thinks, so is he. And I get tired of this billy goat Christianity. I get tired of hearing the yes buts. If you’re in Christ Jesus, you’re supposed to be growing in Christ Jesus. And when we grow in Christ Jesus, we don’t grow in being preoccupied with the natural. We grow by being preoccupied with the spiritual. You elevate your mind to truth and get it off of what’s going on down here.

I’m not talking to someone who has not experienced things that I could have been fearful of, and upset over. And when I had a heart attack and cancer, and all this other junk that you have to be real honest with you, my mind wasn’t on me. Because I didn’t care whether I lived or died. My mind was on Christ. Now there’s other things I’ve had in my life where my mind isn’t on Christ at all. It’s all on me. So I’m not trying to act like somebody knows at all. But I’m just telling you when I’ve run into circumstances of death, especially where my mind went. When my mom died, I thank God for her death. Why? Because she was suffering. And I wanted Jesus to take her home. And when she went to be with the Lord, I said, Thank You, Lord Jesus for the years I had her. Have we ever thought of praising God for the years we had somebody instead of moaning over the years, we don’t have them? As a man thinks so is he.

I remember going back to my hometown a number of years ago, and I was back there for I don’t know what it is even for now. But about five o’clock in the morning, I got a call from this girl, what girl she’s a lady by then said, this is Pat. And she gave me her last name. We were highschool friends together, went to high school together. And she dated one of my best friends in high school all the way through high school. And I’d heard that she had had all kinds of problems in in mental hospitals and everything else in here. She was calling just moaning and groaning and five o’clock in the morning. I started moaning and groaning myself. And you know the first thing he said to me, I hope I didn’t wake up. Oh no, I always get up at four in the morning. She had been for about that time 40 probably some years, preoccupied with the fact that when she was in high school, she was dating this guy. And he wanted to marry her as they leave as they left high school. But she decided and her family that it’d be better for them to go to college and after college to marry each other, and so they agreed to do that. The only problem is she went to one college and he went to another. And so while she was in one college, and he was in another, why, you know, absence makes the heart grow fonder for somebody else. And, and he fell in love with somebody else, and married her. And her she had for 40 years been moaning and groaning over the fact that she didn’t marry him out of high school and made that decision to wait and lost a love forever. I said, Pat, Have you ever talked the Mel’s wife? She said, No, I said you ought to. You’re living in imagination. You’re living in fantasy. You got this fantasy that number one, he still looks like he used to, he doesn’t. You see each other as back then. And you got this fantasy that Oh, had we been married, we would have had our picket fence and a little dogs and all that would not have happened necessarily. You are imagining that if you had gotten married to him, your life would have been rosy forever. Talk to anyone who’s married. It doesn’t happen that way. The best thing you could ever do is call his wife, she may trade places with you.

And I explained to her, Pat, do you realize that your emotions follow your thoughts? The reason you’ve been an emotional basket case for 40 Some years is because you’ve been thinking unrealistic thoughts for 40 some years. And it’s time for you to grow up and stop thinking like a teenager and to grow up and to realize that God is in control of all things and you did not mess up anything by not marrying him. And ultimately, things started happening. I sent her a copy of Classic Christianity. Was I unsympathetic? I’ll tell you, the most unsympathetic thing you can do, or the thing to a person is not telling them truth. And I don’t have to sit around and moan and groan and weep and cry to be sympathetic. If I really feel sorry for a person. I’m gonna tell them truth. Now Jesus wept when Lazarus died, did he? He wept as he saw Mary and Martha crying. You have a time that you feel so sorry for people and you weep. But in the midst of your weeping, your mind must go to the second floor. And to give encouragement as to what Christ has done in the midst of this. Now folks, if you have someone who dies, it’s a haven, you ought to weep the whole time because that’s sad. That’s the saddest thing in the world, that a person will ever have to do is conduct a funeral of a person who’s lost. Isn’t that ride, Richard? Dead. What do you say? Get up talk about how nice someone’s been here in life. But what are you going to say? They’re gone? Where are they? We know where they are. And that’s hard for the world to comprehend that people could go to hell. But how could you know what heaven was unless you had hell? And how could you even know what hell was on the shad heaven? How could you know what light was if you didn’t know what darkness was? How could you know what bright is if you didn’t have dark? And so we know that there’s two places that the dead are gonna go. Either hell separated from God or into the presence of God. And folks, when we go into the presence of God, when you go or I go and that’s one of the problems of Being in the ministry, it was a lot of fun for a lot of years until some of you guys start dying. That’s not fun having to do a funeral for someone you love. But it’s reality, isn’t it? It’s reality. And I’ve said this at the funeral, I said today that if you’re married today, then unless something happens have some kind of a catastrophe, where both of you go at the same time, one of you are going to be looking at your mate in a casket. Now, the issue is, are we prepared for that? And if and when that occurs, are we going to be thinking about this? This, this and this? Some, but where’s, where are you going to focus? You can see your mates then. But where are you going to focus? I’ll tell you where I’m gonna focus. And I know that before it occurs, if Amy died before I did, I’m going to focus on the fact that she’s in presence of Jesus. And I’m gonna say, Praise God for where she is, am I going to miss her? If that happens? I hope it doesn’t. My prayers Take Me First Lord. But if that happens, and I know it’s the same for her with me, fact, she may be praising God even more. But the issue is, I’m going to know where she is. And I’m going to know that she’s in the presence of Jesus. And I’m gonna know that she’s in the presence of the glory of God. And I’m gonna know that she’s there talking to Jesus, and talking to her loved ones that have preceded her. Would I, if that happens, try to draw her back? Not in a million years. Why would I want her to come back to this junk heap, but I’m trying to get out of it? I’ll tell you some folks age prepares you for heaven. When you’re young, you’re on the 200 year plan. You know, you think everything’s going great even look good. But when you get to be this age, I don’t need to comment any further.

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We’re all gonna die. Someone said one time. You want to go to heaven? Yeah. How do you get there? Die. Is anyone gonna go to heaven? Unless they die? Unless the rapture comes along. So how are you gonna get to heaven? Die. Unless a seed falls into the ground and does what dies it remains alone. Death is a part of life. And so we have trials don’t we have tribulations we have financial problems. Anybody in here ever had a financial problem? Anybody in here not had one? We have financial problems. Sometimes you know what guys? The best thing that probably someone will ever said to me in my life, the pastor of First Baptist Church for so many years. He was a dear friend. He told me one time, Bob, that anything that causes a man to be flat on his face before God, with no place to look that up is the greatest place of blessing you will ever be. It’s when a man comes to the end of himself that he finds Jesus. When a man comes to a point where he said, Lord, there’s no I can’t do anything. I’m strapped, I’m broke, I’m lonely. I’m all these things. I’m a mess. And God says, Now you’re ready for me. Now you’re ready to grow. Unless a seed falls into the ground and does what? Dies and abides alone, what happens when it dies? It blooms. When it says to die to yourself, what do you think is talking about? All of a sudden see your body dead? It says to die to this natural. What does that mean? Die to thinking naturally, instead of thinking spiritually. We have options in our thinking, don’t we? I can either concentrate on what’s going on down here are I could elevate my mind to the things that’s going on up there. Can’t I? I can keep my mind on truth. Instead of this down here. I have to live down here. I’m in the world. But what does it say? You’re not of the world. You’re in it, but not of it. How do you stay in it, but not all of it? By keeping your mind out of it. We must keep our minds focused. It tells us keep your eyes upon Jesus, not upon my circumstances, upon Jesus.

Folks, you’re not going to encourage anyone. Believe me, you’re not going to encourage anyone by sitting around and talking fleshly things to somebody. Now sometimes when you’re going through tough things, and you’re going through tough fleshly things, and somebody says something spiritual. How many have ever had somebody say some spiritual to you with your man, you’re just doing it my way and it makes you mad? How many have you ever had gotten mad when that? We’ve all, we’ve all done that makes me mad. I don’t want to hear that Jesus stuff. I want to I want to have a pity party. Don’t you understand? That folks, God is saying to us again, if we were these disciples, and we’re lost, we’re not going to understand. But if you’re in Christ, and I’m not talking about tasting, there’s a lot of tasters. Professors but not possessors. We act like we don’t even have a Jesus. We just taste the things of Jesus. We just go upstairs and get a drink. Go upstairs and get a quick sandwich. Go upstairs and just look at him then right back down we are. So don’t talk to me about what’s up there. I’m down here. We’re tasters. We’re touchers. We’re glancers. We’re just hearers but not listeners. We’re sniffers but not smellers. And God is saying to you and me, I gave you my Spirit to live inside of you. And I am committed as the Holy Spirit of God who’s alive living in you, I am committed to leading you and guiding you into ALL TRUTH. I’m stronger by far than the instinct that I’ve given animals. Now, I want you to listen to me. I want you to be able to come into our relationship where we are so sensitive to the voice of God. That when God says to do something, we have no problem going ahead and moving on it. We may not understand it.

Do you suppose Noah understood what he was doing? When he was building that ark out in the middle of the desert? You talk about dumb. You talk about people ridiculing you. But he did it. Abraham sent into a foreign land. But he did it though, and he was led by the Spirit of God. And folks, I’m very feeble and trying to express what’s in my heart right now. But I am absolutely convinced that we are missing 90% of what God has for us. Because we’re not listening intently to the Word of God. We’re not listening to the Spirit of God that lives in us. We’re listening more to the humanity, because we’re more familiar with it. But we’re not listening to God. When you get rid of the bucks there are no buts in Christ. It’s just Jesus. It’s not yes, Jesus, but, it’s just Jesus. Because when you have a but connected onto there, you’re saying, Yeah, this is true, but I got something more important to talk about. And that is not of God. And so I want us to think these things through and ponder them. How many of you believe that God’s Holy Spirit is more powerful than instinct? We say that, don’t we? And I believe it too. How many of you would say that you’re functioning right now more powerfully than instinct many times? Not all the time? I don’t think so. How many you think there’s a possibility of improving that? See I do too. But I think it’s coming to a point of being able to say, Lord Jesus, I believe this is true. You know, it’s more through a belief system and just intellectual stuff. He said, I believe that if the Spirit of God literally dwells in me, and we’re told he does, and we’re told we have the mind of Christ, then I’m capable of being led. And the only thing that’s keeping me from that is I’m not listening to your voice. And so I’m asking you to make me more sensitive. And folks, I think, and I’m think I know that if we will do that we’re going to see great and mighty things take place in our lives. How many of you agree?

Let’s pray together. Father is miraculous to me. When I hear the stories over an Indonesian, in that part of the world, of what took place for the animal kingdom, it’s almost impossible for me to believe. And yet we know it to be true. And we know based on your word, and even in our own experience, that we have been indwelt by the Spirit of God, that you live in us. And you promised to guide us in ALL TRUTH. You promise to direct our paths. If we’ll listen to you. We need to be sensitive to your voice. And we need to make ourselves sensitive to your voice. You don’t want tasters. You don’t want people who are just touching and not holding on, you’re not looking for glances. But people who focus their attention upon you. You’re not looking for people who just hear, and then walk away and forget what we heard. You’re working, you’re looking for people who listen to your voice. So Father, we pray that in these coming days and years, that you will guide us into truth. enable us to be empathetic with people who are hurting, that’s part of life. As a brother hurts, so do we, when they rejoice, so do we. But to put that in a proper perspective, because if I’m hurting, I need comfort. And that’s where we come in, to give comfort in Christ Jesus, to elevate people who are hurting and elevate their minds, to the truth of God and His Word, to enable people to get their eyes off of their circumstances and off on to the God of their circumstances. That’s our role as ministers. So Father, we thank you for these things. We continue to pray for Paula’s family, I thank you for what you’re doing. And Paula’s life has been such an encouragement to so many of us as even though she saddened, and that her faith is still in you. And we thank you for that. So Father, we trust you with our lives. You’re the only thing that we have to hang on to. And we cannot wait to see and to hear what you do in our lives as we began to be more sensitive to your voice, and we thank you for all these things in Christ’s name. And for his sake. Amen.

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