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When you are helped by the truth you receive, you are so grateful, especially all the more as you see that truth at work to set you free. So many callers have called to thank Bob for the truth they heard, from either a conversation on the Classic Christianity radio program or from the many resources he has available, as he helps people understand the truth from the scriptures, from what the Lord has revealed to him.

One of the most common questions is in regard to overcoming depression. First of all, depression is not unusual. It is so common to all men. God knows our tendencies, our weaknesses, and how our mind works. He is our creator after all. So why not go to Him for truth on such matters?

So first realize that our emotions respond predictably to what we put in our minds. If you see a scary movie, that scene you saw, your mind does not know the difference between reality and fantasy. So when we hear depressing news, or experience sad things in life, if you dwell on a past event in your life that made you sad, you think sad thoughts. If you project into the future of what bad things might happen, based on past circumstances, then you tend to worry and have anxious thoughts. That is why Jesus told us to not be anxious, but to take one day at a time, knowing that if He takes care of the lilies of the field, that are here today and gone tomorrow, He shall certainly take care of us.

So we are told to renew our mind with truth. So what is true. God, who is here today, is in my tomorrow. The same God who conquered sin and the grave is living in you. The God living in you says He has given you everything you need for life and godliness. So as you replace error with truth, you are set free.

So let us not have unrealistic expectations, that if I do this or that, then nothing ever bad will happen. Well, if that were so, then why did the apostles all get martyred? Did God ever promise us wealth, health and a life free of trials and tribulations down here? No. But He promised that through those trials and tribulations, we can experience the peace of God that surpasses all understanding. That is why He instructs us to make your requests be made known to God, with thanksgiving. What is the result? Peace that surpasses understanding. What is the key. A thankful attitude, to be thinking of what you do have and not what you do not have. To replace a bitter attitude with the new attitude of the Spirit, who lives in you, who produces in you and through you, as you trust Him. You actually learn to rejoice in hardships and difficulties, knowing that develops perseverance and character that never disappoints, that it produces in you something far greater.

2 Corinthians 4:16-17
16 Therefore we do not lose heart. Though outwardly we are wasting away, yet inwardly we are being renewed day by day. 17 For our light and momentary troubles are achieving for us an eternal glory that far outweighs them all. 18 So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen, since what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal.

So we see that all depression begins with unrealistic expectations and misplaced dependencies. That is where it all starts is misplaced dependency, depending on something else other than our creator. Your dependency needs to be on Him. And a misplaced dependency is saying, “I have been a failure. I should have done this.” All these thoughts come into your head. Those have to be corrected from truth from the word of God.

We have much to be thankful about. Jesus entered into our spiritual death with us, so raised from the dead, we can enter into His resurrection with Him. He had to die just like we died, in order for us to be resurrected just like He was resurrected. Jesus is referred to as the second Adam. Jesus is the firstborn, the only person born with the Spirit of God in Him. Adam was the first and only man ever created with the Spirit of God breathed in him. Just as the Spirit left Adam because of sin, so too the Spirit left Jesus of Nazareth because of sin. But Jesus had no sin of His own, for He was born of a virgin. So He took upon the sins of the entire world, from all men born in Adam. He did this so that the same Spirit that would raise him from the dead would also raise you and me from the dead. That way, the Spirit of God that left mankind can now be put back into mankind, now that sin and death has been taken care of. That new life, spiritual life, of God living in you, is received by faith alone in what God alone has provided for you in Jesus Christ.

So, as born again children of God, we are instructed to proclaim Jesus as Savior and Lord, to make disciples of all men, as He instructed us, and keep that our goal. If we ever steer away from that goal, and substitute that goal with anything else, such as stomping out abortion or getting involved in any number of good causes, we will ultimately compromise on truth. We got our focus off of Christ and onto the affairs of this world. That does not mean we do not speak truth concerning things in regard to abortion, but truth is what sets men free, and that truth is in Christ Jesus. So if someone is in Christ Jesus, his mind is renewed so that he will not be doing such things as murder or hate or lying or perversion. He will be walking in the new way of the Spirit that sets men free.


Nile from Detroit, MI

Nile: I appreciate your ministry. The situation is. I have always wanted to donate to your ministry but right now I am not in a position to. I have suffered from depression for some time, most of my life. Do you have a problem sending me your resources you have on overcoming depression? Right now, I am on all kinds of medication. It seems to be something that is holding me down right now.

Bob: Well, Nile, I tell you, if you are on medication, you are altering your mind instead of renewing your mind. The problem that we have, Nile, is I could go back with you and say, “When did you first start getting depressed?” It would be over some event that made you sad, isn’t it?

Nile: I suppose.

Bob: So you began thinking depressing thoughts, and your emotions are going to predictably respond to whatever you are thinking. Have you ever gone to a scary movie?

Nile: Yes.

Bob: Did you get scared in it?

Nile: Yes.

Bob: How come? You were in a movie. But your emotions did not know their in a movie or in a scene that was bringing that right to you. They just predictably respond to whatever you are thinking. We are built that way. We are designed that way by God, where our emotions predictably respond to whatever we are thinking. If you ever felt sad? What were you thinking? Sad thoughts. If you ever felt happy, what were you thinking? Happy thoughts. Have you ever felt anxious? What were you thinking? Anxious thoughts. Have you ever felt depressed?

Nile: Yes.

Bob: What were you thinking? Depressing thoughts. It is not a syndrome. It is not a disease. It is not something that needs a drug. It is something that needs a renewing of the mind. There are people who by their own personalities who come into the world, that at least some people have a negative personality. They always seem to see a glass half empty. Others seem to see it half full. That is okay. That is just the way it is. They may have more of a tendency to have negative thoughts than another type of person. But the issue is, you are thinking negative and depressing thoughts and, therefore, you are feeling depressed.

Bob: Nile, when you have been in that syndrome for a period of time, it is like a swing. When you get ready to push somebody in a swing, you have to put some energy into it and push it. After the momentum gets going, you just have to tap it and it just keeps going. That is the same thing with your depression. When you first started, it took a little effort. Now you are just tapping it. But the fact of the matter is, Nile, it is not something that you need. It is not a medical problem. Some people will say it is a medical problem. But it is a thinking problem. Once you get your thinking renewed, and you cannot get it renewed when you are getting it altered. But when you get your thinking renewed, everything gets renewed. What is it that sets you free? Truth. What is it that puts you in bondage? Error.

John 8:32
32 Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.

Bob: So you are obviously not free when you are depressed. So you can come to a firm conclusion that you have a lot of errors in your head. I am believing a lot of lies instead of holding onto truth that has been revealed to me in the word of God.

Nile: Alright.

Bob: That is what we all have to deal with, any time that any of us get depressed, and all of us do. It is not anything unusual. You have all these shrinks that say, “How unusual you are depressed”. It is not unusual. If it was unusual, why did God deal with all the ingredients of it? Do not get angry. That does not do you any good. Do not be anxious. If anxiety was an unusual thing, then why ask us to not be anxious? There is nothing unusual about that. All you have to do is think depressing thoughts and you get depressed. So nothing unusual about that at all, but I cannot make any money telling people that. So we have to come to the conclusion in our lives as to whether or not I will turn to scriptures to find truth and be set free by the truth or continue to believe lies by whoever I am listening to, and many times the medical profession. It is renewing of the mind, getting your mind in line with the truth of the word of God and letting that set you free.

Nile: Could it also be the source of negativity? Sometimes if you could be somebody who you would not expect negativity from that I am around or when I am alone.

Bob: Negative thinking? Sure. I think different people have different personalities. Some people are born more negative and others are more positive. A negative person has a greater propensity to think depressing thoughts than an upbeat person. But the issue is they are still thinking thoughts. And an upbeat person can get depressed. All you have to do is start thinking depressing thoughts.

Bob: Like my wife. Amy was never a depressed person. But she got into a situation of being very depressed. My dad just died of cancer. My brother’s wife at 49 died of cancer. My next door neighbor was dying of cancer and screaming through the night with pain. Her sister’s husband was dying of cancer. She was scared of death going on. I came home one night and asked, “What is wrong?” The typical answer, “Nothing.” No dear, “What is going on?”

She said, ’I am just depressed.” We talked for awhile. I said, “Let us just see if I can paint a scenario for you. You have been thinking about Mike, her brother-n-law. You already have him dead. He is in a casket back in Pennsylvania, and your sister is at a funeral crying. Your mom is there crying. The boys are there crying. All of us are standing around the casket feeling really sad. Amy replied, “Well, yes, that is what I am thinking.” “Well that is a sad thought. It is a depressing thought but that is not a true thought. Let us call Mike.” “How are you doing, Mike?” Mike replied, “I am doing good today. Thank you very much.” So I talked to Amy saying he is not in a casket. He is alive and all her depression left immediately.

Bob: What was the difference? Thinking with reality instead of fantasy.

Nile: Okay.

Bob: So it is your thinking, Nile. You might have the propensity to think more negative than positive. If you do then that is irrelevant. You consider that as a weakness and praise God for that. That will keep you dependent on Jesus. The reason you are depressed is because you are thinking depressing thoughts. The only way to be free of that, other than taking drugs and becoming an amoeba, is to get the truth and let truth set you free. All depression begins with unrealistic expectations and misplaced dependencies. That is where it all starts is misplaced dependency, depending on something else other than our creator. Your dependency needs to be on Him. And a misplaced dependency is saying, “I have been a failure. I should have done this.” All these thoughts come into your head. Those have to be corrected from truth from the word of God.

Nile: I have to realize who Christ is in me and just live with that.

Bob: Absolutely, and getting to know Him, getting to know truth. Jesus, for example, says “Be anxious for nothing.” Then you ask, “What do I do?”

Philippians 4:4-7
4 Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice! 5 Let your gentleness be evident to all. The Lord is near. 6 Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. 7 And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

Bob: So you got anxious thoughts. You are worried about tomorrow. That is anxiety. He says to quit doing that. “Tomorrow is my country. You have no business living there. Live one day at a time and be grateful for what you do have. Learn to be thankful for what you do have.” A thankful spirit will cure depression. A person who is depressed a lot is many times basically thinking too much about themselves and their own circumstances instead of being thankful for what they do have. They are kind of bitter of what they do not have. So renew your mind and attitudes of your heart that lead you into a brand new path of righteousness.

Nile: Okay. I bet it will work.

Bob: I tell you what. I will put you on hold. An operator will pick you up. We do have some material on depression, a book that might help. But if you grab a hold of what I just said to you, you can get free of that. Do not have unrealistic expectations that it will all just float away immediately. Any time I start thinking depressing thoughts, I will get depressed, period. That is me I am talking about. Any time I start thinking depressing thoughts, I am going to get depressed. So that is when I shift my thoughts to what I do have. I thank God for His mercy and kindness to me. I thank God not only where I am, but I also know where I am going. All of the things we have, we can thank God for, and by doing that verbally, that depression will go away.

Nile: Okay. Alright I appreciate that.

Bob: Does that help?

Nile: Yes, it does.

Bob: Hang on. We will get some material sent to you. You keep your mind where it belongs, on Christ. Keep trusting Him.

Nile: Okay.

Donna from Birmingham, MI

Donna: I just want to thank you so much for your ministry. My dear friend and I have been listening. We have gone to your website and are so blessed. I spent the whole day today listening to different podcasts and different things you have been saying on the real answer portion on the website. I have also been blessed to talk with Linda and your staff who have been so encouraging to me. I thank you for working in God’s vineyard this way. You are a great blessing.

Bob: Thank you so much, Donna. I appreciate that more than you know.

Donna: I have a simple question. I have been a believer a long time. You have impacted me greatly. Some of the things I thought were true were not. I have been looking at things a different way and a free way. In 2 Corinthians 5:21, how did Christ, who was perfect and sinless, could become sin, as opposed to being an offering for sin? I can understand the offering for sin, and the perfect offering, but that He could actually be sin? I did not understand that.

Bob: There are two explanations there on that. There is an alternate translation on that. The New Living Translation states it this way and the New American standard as well.

2 Corinthians 5:21 (NLT)
21 For God made Christ, who never sinned, to be the offering for our sin, so that we could be made right with God through Christ.

2 Corinthians 5:21 (NASB)
21 He made Him who knew no sin to be sin in our behalf, so that we might become the righteousness of God in Him.

Bob: A sin offering, to me, is more accurate than to be sin for us. Jesus on a cross had to take upon Himself every sin of the entire world and literally to become sin. You become what you are full of, where He was taking upon Himself every sloppy thing we have ever done in our entire life, multiplied by every person who has ever been on the face of the earth. You can see how a person is so full of that, that He literally becomes what they are full of, in essence. So He literally became sin for us so that Jesus could take away the sins of the world in one person. All of the sins of the world were placed upon Him and He became the sin offering, in one person, as one human sacrifice, that was able and of such precious value, that it was able to take away the sins of the entire world.

Donna: When I hear you saying is that He literally, a sinless perfect Christ, He actually for a moment.

Bob: You see, Jesus had to die a spiritual death just like us. Jesus not only died physically at a cross, but He had to leave His own body, which He did. That is what happened with Adam. God left Adam and he was dead spiritually. Jesus had to leave His own body because of sin. He entered into our spiritual death with us, so raised from the dead, we can enter into His resurrection with Him. He had to die just like we died, in order for us to be resurrected just like He was resurrected.

Donna: I understand how He had to die like we died, meaning He had to die a physical death.

Bob: Not only that, but the person of Jesus died a spiritual death as well, meaning the Spirit of God left Jesus at His crucifixion when He became sin.

Donna: Okay.

Bob: That is why the real Jesus, the spiritual Jesus, God, left Jesus of Nazareth on the cross. When Jesus of Nazareth became a sin offering for sins of the entire world, He left just like He departed from Adam.

Donna: Okay.

Bob: That is why Jesus is called the second Adam. Adam was created alive and died due to sin. Jesus was born alive and died due to our sins.

Donna: So did he become sin?

Bob: Absolutely.

Donna: He was not just an offering?

Bob: Sin had to be paid for and it was paid for by Him dying. God never experienced death. So, the physical Jesus had to experience death for us.

Donna: Okay.

Bob: And enter into the same death as us, spiritual death as well as bodily death.

Donna: Okay.

Bob: He just totally enveloped Himself into our humanity and took upon Himself the sins of all humanity in order that when He then therefore, the spiritual Jesus came back into the physical Jesus, raised from the dead so we can be raised from the dead.

Donna: Okay. Alright. Thank you. Thank you so much. I appreciate it so much. I appreciate it. I can call again with another question?

Bob: You call any time with another question.

Donna: I look forward to hearing from you and being blessed by you. That last caller who called about depression, it was so important for you to let him know there is great hope in Christ and not in medicine and we do have free will concerning our thoughts. It gave him control.

Bob: Absolutely. We have a total choice of whether we are going to walk with depressing thoughts or walk with true thoughts.

Donna: Absolutely.

Bob: A person who feels depressed feels out of control like a victim.

Donna: They feel hopeless.

Bob: That is why Christ has to elevate that hope before they are willing to listen.

Donna: Thank you so much. Have a wonderful day.

Bob: You call any time.

Donna: Okay.

Bob: Bye. Bye now.

Bill from British Columbia

Bill: I had a question about the worldwide excitement about Rick Warren and his purpose-driven agenda and his global peace program. He has an agenda to eliminate all leadership from government and industry, to eliminate poverty and sickness by global church involvement. What is your take on that?

Bob: It is a different agenda than what Jesus or the apostle Paul had. I do not see anything where Paul’s goal was to eliminate and to make all leadership of nations Christian. Christ’ goal was singlefold and so was Paul. It was to get people to Christ. Whenever you have a goal of anything other than the proclamation of Christ, you ultimately will become a compromiser. I do not care who you are. Ultimately you are going to become a compromiser.

Bob: If your goal is to stop abortion, you are going to become a compromiser. You can get Mormons and Jews to be on board with you. Fine, let us bring them on board because my goal is to get this abortion stopped. So his goal has gotten off. Whenever your goal is anything except the proclamation, you are in trouble. One thing God called us on and one thing only and that is to lift up Jesus and let Him draw all men to Himself.

Bill: I noticed from research on the internet that Rick Warren and Bill Hybels have become buddies with some popular New Age people because they have the same goals.

Bob: I would just leave it at that. We really do not want to be spending our time talking about other people’s ministries. The question is that I think Jesus left us with one goal and that is to go out. He did not give us a Great Commision to do things that you are talking about. He told us to go into the world and make disciples. That is what I am going to be doing.

Bill: Okay. Thank you very much.

Bob: You are sure welcome, Bill. Thanks for your call. Bye.

Amelia from Los Angeles, CA

Amelia: Do we have prophets these days?

Bob: No. What would you need one for? A prophet was a person who is proclaiming truth before the canon was closed, before we had our bible. Today there are no more prophets necessary because everything God wants prophesied has been put into the scriptures.

Amelia: That is what I thought.

Bob: A prophet today, or someone thinking he was a prophet, would be doing nothing but teaching the word of God. But to stand up and say, “I have new revelation” is not for a prophet today to be doing. Everything God wants us to know, He has revealed, or said to us through Christ Jesus through the scriptures.

Amelia: Is it true that Jesus Christ was the last prophet?

Bob: He was much more than a prophet.

Amelia: Yes.

Bob: Yes. So you could say that He came to do what prophets do, to proclaim truth. In the book of Hebrews, we read this.

Hebrews 1:1-3
1 In the past God spoke to our ancestors through the prophets at many times and in various ways, 2 but in these last days he has spoken to us by his Son, whom he appointed heir of all things, and through whom also he made the universe. 3 The Son is the radiance of God’s glory and the exact representation of his being, sustaining all things by his powerful word. After he had provided purification for sins, he sat down at the right hand of the Majesty in heaven.

Bob: So then, before that you had prophets. Now you have the Son.

Amelia: What about apostles?

Bob: No more apostles. An apostle had to be with Jesus through His death, burial and resurrection and His baptism.

Amelia: How are people supposed to be in creation? Is it dangerous to be around people who claim to be prophets?

Bob: Absolutely. They are liars. They are not only liars, but their head is puffed up. Who in the world made them a prophet? I can stand up and say I am a prophet or an apostle if I wanted to. If anyone is dumb enough to believe it, have at it. That is deception. They are total deceivers. You stay away from them like a plague.

Amelia: My family is guilty because of this. I took my children out of the church. My husband says it is just words and I am just lost.

Bob: No, it is not just words that do not mean anything. It means a whole lot. Scripture says an apostle is a man who viewed Jesus death, burial and resurrection and was there at his baptism. That was one of the criteria of writing the New Testament, that you had to be an apostle or an emaniserrant of an apostle, meaning a scribe. Those are the only people who had authority to write the bible. There is no more need for apostleship once the canon is closed.

Amelia: One of the words Jesus said on the cross is it is done or complete. That is why I believe there are no more prophets and apostles any more.

Bob: No need for it. We have Jesus. Again, that is people saying we have Jesus, but. There is no but with Jesus. When you have Him, you have everything.

Bob: Okay?

Amelia: Thank you very much.

Bob: Thanks for your call. Bye. Bye.

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