Radio Broadcast Monday 08/12/2019

Jesus Gives us His Thoughts

Classic Christianity – Book of John Part 57 (08-12-19)


We have been born dead with an opportunity to choose life. So man’s most basic need is that he is dead and in need of life. But people do not understand these things unless someone explains things to them. The Holy Spirit must reveal truth to men. Many people not only lean on their own understanding for truth, but are ignorant of the things of God. Bob testified that he had a shallow understanding of God. But God initiates His love toward us. He did so when He sent His only Son into the world to reveal truth to men, to die to take away our sins only in order to rise again to offer new life, His resurrected life, the only life available to man. God orchestrates the affairs of men so that they might seek Him and find Him even though He is not very far from any one of us.

One day truth is told. Either we read from the scriptures and God reveals truth to us or someone explains the scriptures to us from what the Holy Spirit had taught them. However we heard truth, the … Listen to Broadcast & Read More

Radio Broadcast Tuesday 08/06/2019

Holy Spirit Sent

Classic Christianity – Book of John Part 55 (08-06-19)


As we continue in the book of John, we come to rely on the Holy Spirit to teach us Truth. For apart from him, we can do nothing. Indeed, we cannot even understand the things of God without the Spirit of God living in us. He will guide us into all truth and lead us as we let Him. Are we listening to Him? Do we hear His voice?

Consider a tsunami that takes the lives of men. Where are the animals? Not one is recorded as being killed? Who told the animal to go to the high ground? God’s Spirit is living in us, who have believed the message of Christ, and surely His voice is stronger than the voice of instinct that He speaks to the animals! God does speak to us today.

Have you ever been prompted by the Holy Spirit to pick up the phone and call someone? The answer comes back, “How did you know to call me?” And as you hear the person on the end of the phone share her burden, God gives you words to say, truth spoken into the human heart, … Listen to Broadcast & Read More

Radio Broadcast Monday 08/05/2019

Radio Broadcast Monday 08/05/2019

Classic Christianity – Book of John Part 54 (08-05-19)


In the book of John, we have recorded down for us many conversations Jesus had with men as he walked this earth. He came to speak truth into the hearts of men. He performed miracles, that God wanted to do through him, in order that we might be willing to listen to the word of life he proclaimed. He spoke to Mary and Martha, whose brother Lazarus had died. Jesus told them that he is the resurrection and the life. Many Jews heard the message of truth, believed and spread the word. So many more people followed Jesus and listened to what he had to say. The religious leaders of the day, the Pharisees, who heard, were not excited about the truth, or even that Lazarus had just been raised from the dead.

Still today, there are those who would rather go after Jesus, and speak about Jesus they do not know. Where do you go to learn the truth about Jesus? From the religious leaders? There are some fine seminaries that speak the truth but how would you know the truth when you hear it? Of all the seminaries … Listen to Broadcast & Read More

Call-ins Radio Broadcast Friday 08/02/2019

Jesus Makes us Brand New

Call-In Classic Christianity Radio – Bob George P461 (8-02-19)

Sherry and John both called to ask questions that are so common even in the world still today. Sherry say she tries hard through prayer and seeks God to get God’s mercy through whatever means, such as prayer, and she is stuck. John asked about passages in John 1:9 as to who it was written to and about a passage in Hebrews where so many teach that you can lose your salvation. He also asked, “Does the Holy Spirit convict you of sin when you do wrong?”

Sherry would not let her mind get off the past rejection or bad things that happened in her life and would not believe God’s word over the lies in her head she has heard from out in the world. She says she has known the Lord for over 30 years but struggles in allowing herself to have mercy and knowing the good news. She says she seeks these things. That is her source of error and Bob is so patient with her to help her see her faulty thinking. The truth is, if you have the Holy Spirit in you, then you are already … Listen to Broadcast & Read More

Radio Broadcast Wednesday 07/10/2019

Is Jesus Your God

Classic Christianity – Book of John Part 44 (07-10-19)

Bob George TeachingAs we have been studying through the gospel of John, it becomes more apparent what Jesus Christ came to accomplish on our behalf. In order for him to accomplish these things, we had to understand who he is, God. He first came to this earth to declare this. He came first of all to the Jews, who had their religion and traditions to lean upon on to explain this. He came to explain that it is not religion or tradition that saves you, but a person. He is not just a figure we study in the bible. Jesus is the one who came to save you. Sometimes we miss not only the reality of who he is, God, but where he is. The fact is that Jesus lives in us and he lives in us with the purpose to teach us truth. That truth will set us free.

John 8:36
So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.

What are the enemies to truth? Lies. The opposite of truth are lies. Where do we get lies from? From the enemy of our souls, the one who did … Listen to Broadcast & Read More