Radio Broadcast Monday 08/07/2023

Jesus Said You Will Have Tribulation

Classic Christianity – The Book of John P79 (08-07-23)

Jesus Told Us We Can Now Go Directly to The Father For Truth and Prayer Requests

~ When Jesus walked on the earth with the disciples, he spoke with and answered the questions of the disciples and communicated what the Father had told him to say. Before Jesus left earth, he told the disciples (and us through the Scriptures), that we can now go directly to the Father to get our prayers and questions answered. And that includes everything about anything. We don’t have an intermediary between God and Man anymore. For God resides in His temple, through the Holy Spirit indwelling Man, which was the way God intended Man to be. A person must be born again of God’s Spirit to be indwelt by God, but He said, that in that day (today) that we can go directly to the Father through the Holy Spirit that lives in us to get all our answers met.

Jesus also warned us that in these days we would face many trials and tribulations. And who hasn’t? But be certain of this, that Jesus has already overcome the world, and while in this world … Listen to Broadcast & Read More

Radio Broadcast Wednesday 08/02/2023

Saved by Life

Classic Christianity – The Book of John P78 (08-02-23)

The Only Sin That Needs Repented of Is Unbelief in Jesus

~ There are so many people in the world that are all wrapped up in getting their sins forgiven. The Catholics go to the confession booth to get their sins forgiven. The Protestants continually pray their prayer of a false understanding of 1 John 1:9 to get their sins forgiven. All religions have some sort of doing something in order to get their sins forgiven. But God, through the Holy Spirit is telling the world their sins are forgiven already because of what Jesus did on the cross for them. The Holy Spirit is telling people, change your mind (repent), and place faith in Jesus. For Jesus did it all on the cross for them. Yet most people today are not even listening to the Holy Spirit speaking to them, for they don’t have ears to hear nor eyes to see. They have too much pride in their thinking that they themselves are forgiven based on something they do. Satan has them convinced they are saved by the blood of Jesus, when the truth of the matter, no one is … Listen to Broadcast & Read More

Radio Broadcast Tuesday 08/01/2023

Jesus is The Righteousness of God - Live by Faith

Classic Christianity – The Book of John P77 (08-01-23)

The Holy Spirit Points us to The Righteousness of God, Jesus

~ Today, many people in the world are proudly standing before God in their own self righteousness. They believe in their minds that they are better than someone else, because they think they don’t sin as much as the next person. Or that they go to church every week, and say their prayers religiously, and constantly ask God for forgiveness when they blow it. They think God grades on the curve, and surely God is impressed with all the stuff they themselves are doing for God. These people do not know the Righteousness of God. Yet the Holy Spirit is showing them Jesus, and showing the world that no one is righteous, no not one. And still very few people place faith in the word of God. Instead they lean on their own understanding of everything, including what they think the word of God says and means, because after all, they listen to all the big box preachers, and surely they can’t all be wrong.

And yet we are told in the last days, people will be lovers of themselves. … Listen to Broadcast & Read More

Radio Broadcast Monday 07/31/2023

Jesus Sent His Holy Spirit to Teach Truth

Classic Christianity – The Book of John P76 (07-31-23)

The Holy Spirit is the Person That Points us to Jesus

~ There is only one way to worship God today, and that is in Spirit and in Truth. First off, a person has to have the Holy Spirit alive living in them to worship in both Spirit and in Truth. If they do not have the Holy Spirit living in them then they are not a child of God and cannot worship in His Spirit. For God’s Spirit does not live in them. Second off, we need to worship in Truth. The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Truth. Only in Him can we begin to understand All Truth. And He said he would guide us in All Truth if we abide in him. But many want to lean on their own understanding of things, and let their flesh guide them instead of depending on the Holy Spirit to guide them. The beginning of all truth is found in Jesus. And the Holy Spirit points us to Jesus, the author of truth.

There are so many lies in the world today, that without the Holy Spirit of God we can … Listen to Broadcast & Read More

Radio Broadcast Wednesday 07/12/2023

Spirit of Peace

Classic Christianity – The Book of John P69 (07-12-23)

Rejoice in the Lord Always, And Again I say Rejoice!

~ Today, when you hear the voice of Holy Spirit, He reminds us, teaches us, instructs us on the things of God, about the truth of the world and about ALL things. And once we have a proper understanding of our identity in Christ Jesus and the Finality of the cross, we can’t help but to rejoice in the Lord always! However, there are many many people today that do not rejoice in the Lord always, for they have forgotten that they have been cleansed of all of their sins, and are listening to the teaching of men and Satan rather than the teaching of God through the Holy Spirit, if indeed the Holy Spirit is living in them. Most people will NOT tell anyone that ALL their sins have been forgiven by God, because quite frankly they don’t believe it themselves. The majority of the teachers today are used as controlled opposition for Satan. They will not rock the boat and do NOT speak truth. They won’t tell a person they are lost, and dead in their unbelief, because they … Listen to Broadcast & Read More