Radio Broadcast Wednesday 09/18/2019

Faith in Jesus Sets You Apart

Classic Christianity – Book of John Part 74 (09-18-19)


We are going to pick up in the 15th chapter of John. We will be discussing how the Christian life is to be lived. Again, we cannot live Christ’s life for Him. We have to allow Him to live His life in and through us. When we do not understand that truth, we come to Christ, and with no less than a noble effort, we go and seek out a life we cannot live. We go out and struggle and strain, but we cannot go out and live a life Christ told us to live. We must allow Him to live it in and through us. The illustration He gave us on that is the parable of the vine and the branches. There is no greater illustration of it than this. He says, “I am the vine”. The vine is the source of the fruit. You are the branch. We bear the fruit but only the vine can supply the fruit. There is a bondage between the two. Jesus is saying, ’I want us to work together. I do the production and you do the bearing of the fruit, … Listen to Broadcast & Read More

Radio Broadcast Tuesday 06/18/2019

Big God

Classic Christianity – Book of John Part 35 (06-18-19)

Bob George TeachingBob George shares from the gospel of John. He shares briefly what we have learned so far. Beginning with John 1 up until we pick up again in John 7, verse 14, we discovered quite a lot about Jesus. We read about how Jesus is the living word that came down from heaven. We read that he claimed to be God. He said that he is the the bread of life and the living water. We read that he demonstrated that he is God by the miracles that were performed through him. We read that he only did what he saw His Father doing, and said only what His Father told him to say and how to say it. He fulfilled the Father’s will perfectly, and at the right time. Numerous times he said his time had not yet come. He was truly the Spirit-filled man, who was the perfect model of how man was designed to live.

From studying the life and character of Jesus, we can come to believe he is God, that he alone is righteous and we were born spiritually dead and in need of life. The … Listen to Broadcast & Read More

Call-ins Radio Broadcast Friday 05/03/2019

Baptism and the Lords Supper

Call-In Classic Christianity Radio – Bob George P437 (5-03-19)

Bob George RadioBob received calls of encouragement for him to keep up the good work he is doing, speaking truth into the hearts of men. One caller accepted the gift of eternal life while listening to Bob explain the gospel message. Bob encouraged him to study the bible to know the truth and left him materials to help him grow in the grace and knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ, material that is designed to be read alongside the scriptures, so the Holy Spirit will reveal truth to men.

Bob also received a call from a listener to help sort through things he has been hearing in a bible study concerning the Lord’s supper. So many people are confused about the Lord’s supper, and are even scared to death that they do not receive the Lord’s chastisement for fear they have partaken of the Lord’s supper in an unworthy manner, being caught up in introspection over sin. Bob goes through the entire passage in 1 Corinthians 11:17-34, explaining truth in context, exposing error in thinking and then explaining what the Lord’s Supper really is about, a celebration of joy and not fear, a … Listen to Broadcast & Read More

Call-ins Radio Broadcast Thursday 04/18/2019

Jesus Life Saves a Person

Call-In Classic Christianity Radio – Bob George P432 (4-18-19)

Bob George RadioBob George received a call from Jim who simply asked if love is more important than faith. Bob answered from scripture that love indeed is greater than faith because love is from God and God is love. God initiated love to us and we respond to that love in faith. So faith is man’s response to love. Do we accept his love or do we reject it? Do we even understand that love? Whoever does not love does not know God because God is love.

Bob George also received a call from a young college lady, Lynn, who had found herself in an unwanted situation. She had committed fornication and is now pregnant. She wanted to know if abortion was wrong. Bob graciously shared truth with her, that abortion indeed is the sin of murder. Bob graciously provided practical advice and explained the truth of God’s unconditional love toward her. He shared such practical wisdom to help her make choices in line with who she is as a born again believer. God created life and this child she has was a life God intended to live. So if the life of … Listen to Broadcast & Read More

Radio Broadcast Wednesday 04/17/2019

Radio Broadcast Wednesday 04/17/2019

Classic Christianity – Book of John Part 9 (04-17-19)

Bob George TeachingBob George shares about the peace of God that surpasses understanding. There is no peace for the wicked. If you are enslaved in sin you do not have peace. Come to Christ to get his peace. Let His peace reign in your heart by faith. As a child of God, if you are choosing to live in sin, then you are not experiencing His peace. Put your faith in the one who died for you to take all your sins away, never to be seen again in the eyes of God. Put your faith in Christ to receive his resurrected life. When you do, you can walk in the life of the Holy Spirit living in you, who is your counselor and comforter. Therefore, keep your eyes on Him. Do not let yourself be anxious but talk to him along life’s way for you will certainly experience tribulation. As you trust Him, your life will be changed as your mind is renewed. Get to know Him by reading His word. In an attitude of thanksgiving and prayer, making your requests known to Him, He will guide your heart and your mind. … Listen to Broadcast & Read More