Radio Broadcast Wednesday 11/01/2023

Jesus Wants to Give You His Spirit

Classic Christianity – Book of Hebrews P29 (11-01-23)

True Man Was Always to Be Indwelt By God

~ Jesus, God in the flesh, arrived on the scene to correct the problem of man. For all men are born spiritually dead and are in need of Life. When Adam and Eve sinned, the Spirit of God departed from their bodies. And all men are born in the image of Adam today. They do not have the spirit of God living in them to begin with. When a person becomes born again of the Spirit of God, they become a new creation, and are then born again in the image of God. For God’s Holy Spirit lives in every born again believer in Christ Jesus. And the Holy Spirit will never ever leave a person, no matter what. And don’t be deceived, for someday (soon) we who are in Christ Jesus will once again rule with Christ and we will even judge angels. So understand this, the person who is in Christ Jesus judges all things today, and we are told that directly in the word of God. And don’t let anyone use something out of context in the word of God … Listen to Broadcast & Read More

Radio Broadcast Tuesday 10/31/2023

Propitiation - Jesus Took Away the Sins of the World

Classic Christianity – Book of Hebrews P28 (10-31-23)

Jesus Did NOT Atone For Sins, He Took Sins Away

~ Jesus did not cover sin. Jesus did not atone for sin. Jesus took away the sins of the whole world. These are key points to understand today. Yet most people gloss over them. They constantly use the wrong words and the meanings of these words to describe what Jesus did on the cross. The blood of bulls and goats covered sins (old covenant atonement). Jesus took them away. This is completely different and should not be dismissed. If you are listening to pastors and teachers talk about the “atoning sacrifice of Jesus,” you are listening to a person who either does not understand, or worse yet, is purposely meant to deceive you into thinking Jesus covered sin. That is a lie. For today we are told to declare Jesus is the Lamb of God who took away (past tense) the sins of the whole world. This is why Jesus sat down, because His job was finished at the cross. He completed the work, that could never be completed by the blood of bulls and goats. No other priest was allowed to … Listen to Broadcast & Read More

Call-ins Radio Broadcast Friday 09/01/2023

Jesus Took Away All Your Sins at The Cross

Call-In Classic Christianity Radio – Bob George P866 (09-01-23)


~ People today will NOT endure sound doctrine. They bring up to themselves false teachers and liars of TRUTH, and listen to what their itching ears want to hear. It doesn’t matter what the topic is today, if a person cannot understand the Truth that their sins were forgiven at the cross, then everything else will be off the rails. They will have a crash, and it will occur sooner or later. The pride of self in their own understanding of the word of God, instead of hearing the truth directly from the Word of God, and having the Holy Spirit teach them ALL truth, is it any wonder to suspect many of these people are NOT saved? Most have not truly repented to the Truth. They give lip service to it. They search the scriptures front to back, thinking that somehow if they get more scriptures in them they will have eternal life, and they miss Jesus and what He did for them at the cross. The Word of God tells us about these things in the last days. People … Listen to Broadcast & Read More

Call-ins Radio Broadcast Friday 08/04/2023

Forgive as the Lord Forgave You

Call-In Classic Christianity Radio – Bob George P858 (08-04-23)

Are We Supposed to Pray The Lord’s Prayer Today?

~ The Lord’s Prayer was answered by the Father when Jesus prayed it as an example of how to pray. Yet today, people repeat the prayer over and over and over again, the Catholic’s saying it with their rosary beads and in their masses, and the Protestants repeat it also in their services as though they think God is pleased with us when we say the Lord’s prayer again and again. Most people never really give a second thought to what they are doing and what they are saying. They don’t have a clue that Jesus taught under the Old Covenant, and certainly don’t understand that the New Covenant began at His death on the cross. In fact, most stop at the wrong place with the Lord’s prayer in itself and don’t even know what the ending of it really is, nor do they understand the warning of what forgiveness was like under the old covenant. And this is why there is such a misunderstanding of the word of God today. People don’t go on to the NEW, of forgiving one another … Listen to Broadcast & Read More

Call-ins Radio Broadcast Friday 05/12/2023

Jesus Forgave You Once For All Sins

Call-In Classic Christianity Radio – Bob George P834 (05-12-23)

Without The Shedding of Blood There is No Forgiveness! Jesus Died Once For ALL Sins!

~ “In fact, the law requires that nearly everything be cleansed with blood, and without the shedding of blood there is no forgiveness.” Hebrews 9:22

~ There is a bottom-line conclusion required to responding to the word of God today. Are you going to place faith in Jesus and the fact that Jesus, God said it is finished at the cross, or are you going to continue to be a mouthpiece for Satan and spread the controlled opposition lies of ongoing forgiveness? For it doesn’t matter, Catholic or Protestant or any religionist, for All of them are teaching the lie of ongoing forgiveness. And now that you know the truth, are you going to promote TRUTH, or those that you know preach error in this very key position involving the Finality of the Cross? Is your faith in the teaching of man, or the teaching of God? Ask the Holy Spirit to show you Truth and help you to understand ALL truth.

~ “But you know, Carl, it is truly something, I was today and … Listen to Broadcast & Read More