Call-ins Radio Broadcast Thursday 08/03/2023

Repentance is a Change of Mind

Call-In Classic Christianity Radio – Bob George P857 (08-03-23)

What’s The Difference Between Confession and Repentance?

~ When it comes to the proper understanding of keywords used in the bible it is wise to go to the Holy Spirit in prayer and ask for proper understanding and wisdom. And it says in the word of God that the Holy Spirit will give us that. Many times, the words used in the bible have been altered in meaning to be something that it was never intended to be. Confession and Repentance are two of those words that a person ascribes different meanings to them based on their own understanding of things. Many falsely believe, confession is asking for God to forgive you of your sins. And also falsely believe that repentance means to repent of all of your sins, as though someone can repent of all of their sins. But the truth of the matter is the word confess means to agree with God. When we agree with God that Jesus took away all our sins (my sins) at the cross, we are agreeing with God, and confessing it is so. Additionally, when a person repents, they are NOT repenting of … Listen to Broadcast & Read More

Call-ins Radio Broadcast Thursday 07/13/2023

Salvation is Life - Not Getting Sins Forgiven

They went out from us, but they were not of us; for if they had been of us, they would no doubt have continued with us: but they went out, that they might be made manifest that they were not all of us.

Call-In Classic Christianity Radio – Bob George P851 (07-13-23)

False Ministers Are Preaching a Half Gospel, Which is No Gospel At All!

~ We need to understand that most pastors and teachers today are preaching a false gospel message, one that is based on the lie of ongoing forgiveness by God. We have gone far far past the point that they went out from us because they were never a part of us, for it is already clearly manifest that they were never a part of us. For if they really were a part of us, they would be teaching the message of completed forgiveness of ALL sins at the cross and the resurrected life of Jesus that comes into the life of a true believer when they by faith accept the things of God. Yet so many today say they believe in the completed forgiveness at the cross, giving lip service to these very words of … Listen to Broadcast & Read More

Radio Broadcast Tuesday 07/04/2023

Unbelief is the Worlds Sin

Classic Christianity – The Book of John P65 (07-04-23)

Do You Accept the Words of Jesus and Exercise Faith? Have You Repented?

~ Most people give lip service to the Word of God today. They really don’t believe that Jesus is the way, that Jesus is the truth, and Jesus is the life, and they certainly show by their fruits that they don’t believe that no man comes to the Father except through Jesus. For they keep on believing the lies of Satan and the teaching of man rather than the teaching of God. Most people don’t have their identity in being a child of God. Most have it in their religion and what their pastor says to them on Sunday or Saturday mornings. They are actually walking around in unbelief, for it is obvious when one looks at their fruits and how they respond to truth because they are NOT responding to truth with faith, for they add buts to their responses. Oh, they will tell you they believe Jesus died for All their sins at the cross, “but I have to ask for more forgiveness from God.” “But, I get out of fellowship when I sin, and I … Listen to Broadcast & Read More

Call-ins Radio Broadcast Friday 05/12/2023

Jesus Forgave You Once For All Sins

Call-In Classic Christianity Radio – Bob George P834 (05-12-23)

Without The Shedding of Blood There is No Forgiveness! Jesus Died Once For ALL Sins!

~ “In fact, the law requires that nearly everything be cleansed with blood, and without the shedding of blood there is no forgiveness.” Hebrews 9:22

~ There is a bottom-line conclusion required to responding to the word of God today. Are you going to place faith in Jesus and the fact that Jesus, God said it is finished at the cross, or are you going to continue to be a mouthpiece for Satan and spread the controlled opposition lies of ongoing forgiveness? For it doesn’t matter, Catholic or Protestant or any religionist, for All of them are teaching the lie of ongoing forgiveness. And now that you know the truth, are you going to promote TRUTH, or those that you know preach error in this very key position involving the Finality of the Cross? Is your faith in the teaching of man, or the teaching of God? Ask the Holy Spirit to show you Truth and help you to understand ALL truth.

~ “But you know, Carl, it is truly something, I was today and … Listen to Broadcast & Read More

Call-ins Radio Broadcast Friday 04/21/2023

True Repentance

Call-In Classic Christianity Radio – Bob George P828 (04-21-23)

Some Went Out From Us Because They Did Not Belong to Us

~ It’s important to understand today, that most church pastors and teachers are NOT teaching the true gospel message. There are some (born again believers) that are rebelling against religion, and that is actually a good thing. Yet there are many many others that are NOT abiding in the Truth and have never been saved to begin with. They never repented of their unbelief and placed faith in Jesus. Things have flipped and are upside down since the early church began, and most pastors and teachers in the “Christian religion” are teaching lies and are teaching what itching ears want to hear. Scripture even warns us of these days that are upon us with a GREAT NUMBER OF TEACHERS that are preaching lies. Holy Spirit discernment is required in ALL things. That is why we must be taught by the Holy Spirit and not by man.

~ “They went out from us, but they did not really belong to us. For if they had belonged to us, they would have remained with us; but their going showed that Listen to Broadcast & Read More