New Years P4 Radio Broadcast Thursday 12/29/2022

Faith in Jesus Sets You Apart

Classic Christianity – New Years P4 (12-29-22)

Jesus Came to Divide ~ Set You Apart From the World ~ Truth Divides

~ “Do not think that I have come to bring peace on the earth; I have not come to bring peace, but a sword [of division between belief and unbelief].” Matthew 10:34 AMP

~ “So folks, we have to understand that Jesus becomes a divider of mankind, and you cannot compromise that there is no compromise in the Gospel. Jesus is God or isn’t God, if he if you don’t think he is joining the rest of the world, but if you believe he is who he is, and that is God, and you believe he’s the savior of the world, and you know, beyond a shadow of a doubt that he has come to save you, you are by that very nature going to be controversial. And you are by that very nature, you’re going to be separate from the rest of the world. So he says that this child is destined to cause the falling and rising of many in Israel and to be assigned that will be spoken against. So at the thoughts of many hearts … Listen to Broadcast & Read More

New Years P3 Radio Broadcast Wednesday 12/28/2022

New Years P3 Radio Broadcast Wednesday 12/28/2022

Classic Christianity – New Years P3 (12-28-22)

Jesus is Our Everything 100% ~ Jesus Changes Everything!

~ Jesus sets you apart. The more you understand Truth, the more you will realize how separated you are from the rest of the world. The Holy Spirit renews our minds with truth and shows us error. And we all have error in our thinking that needs corrected.

~ “I had a lady the other day I was talking to and she said, Oh, I could never murder anyone. And I said, well, let’s just you know, there’s about 1000 things I could mentioned, but let’s just put that in the category the 10. So if if thou shalt not commit murder, and you say I would could never murder someone, then all you need is a 90%. Jesus. You don’t need 100% Jesus only 90% You’re your 10% Okay. And if on top of that you could not murder and you couldn’t commit adultery. Well, then all you need is an 80%. Jesus. And you could probably just keep going about all you need is about 10%. Just a little dab il do you just a Brill Cream Jesus, just a little dab … Listen to Broadcast & Read More

Call-ins Radio Broadcast Thursday 07/21/2022

Jesus Sanctifies Believers Through Truth

Call-In Classic Christianity Radio – Bob George P753 (07-21-22)

Do You Understand What the Word of God Means?

Sometimes as a Christian, we can get frustrated with others or even angry that others do not understand the Word of God as it relates to their living or wanting to do things that are contradictory to the clear teaching of the word of God. Many times, people that we think (assume) are Christians are not Christians, and that is why they do not understand the word of God. They have not been sanctified by the Truth yet. They are not born again believers in Christ Jesus.

Now from our standpoint (those of us who are born again) we get angry with some of those that we may be very close to, and it is because of the fear that creeps into our own being. We react in fear, and lash out in anger, even if it is held inside ourselves when someone doesn’t get what you yourself know is Truth. So, if you see a person that doesn’t understand the word of God, instead of getting angry inside, share Truth with them. Don’t assume a person is saved, for God wants … Listen to Broadcast & Read More

Radio Broadcast Wednesday 01/26/2022

Jesus is The Truth Setting You Free

Classic Christianity – A Closer Look at The Reality of The Resurrection P26 (01-26-22)

We Have a New Identity in Christ When We are Saved

As a reminder to all our radio and online listeners, we are listening to edited legacy programs brought to you by Bob George Ministries. In order to bring these programs to you we sometimes need to repeat some of the previous program in order for us to bring you the entirety of the original program as to the best of our abilities and fit it in to the half hour format version we are in right now. We feel it is more important for you to hear the entirety of the original radio show (over a course of either two or three days) and in the original context as much as possible, as opposed to cutting off or dicing them up between the original broadcasts. So with that in mind, we review a little of yesterday’s lessen.

Bob continues on telling the story about his dad and that his dad was a lawyer. He tells the story of when his dad got cancer and the flying back and forth he was doing. He realized at … Listen to Broadcast & Read More

New Years P4 Radio Broadcast Thursday 12/30/2021

Jesus Sent the Holy Spirit

Classic Christianity – New Years P4 (12-30-21)

The Holy Spirit is Constantly Renewing Your Mind – Teaching You Truth

Simeon prophesied that Jesus will cause the rising and falling of many in Israel, a sign that will be spoken against, so that the hearts of many will be revealed. There is something about mankind, who is born spiritually dead, that he is naturally opposed to truth. Truth sounds as foolishness to him. You can talk about God all day long, and people seem to be okay with that. People talk about all kinds of religions, and people are okay with that too. But once you talk about Jesus or the truth of His word, there is an aversion, a pulling away, or even quite a reaction with false accusations.

In today’s world, hardly anyone wants to hear truth anymore. The bible and prayer have long been kicked out of the public sphere. Situational ethics and evolution have been taught in our schools. Seminaries are teaching things that ought not to be taught. Even bible societies and bible translators are not required to uphold the bible as the inerrant word of God. Jesus warned about this when he spoke about the … Listen to Broadcast & Read More