Radio Broadcast Wednesday 08/23/2023

Your Sins Have Been Forgiven by God

Classic Christianity – The Book of John P87 (08-23-23)

Jesus says, “Stop Doubting and Believe!”

~ There is a key component to the New Covenant message today, Your Sins are forgiven, God is NOT counting your sins against you. Many have heard the message of truth, yet they give lip service to it. And even worse than that, they teach and preach a lie of ongoing forgiveness by God. They have not exercised faith. As we have seen, there are all types of examples of this. Even to the point where people that should know better are propping up ministers of Satan that teach the lie of ongoing forgiveness, or are teaching the lie that only the elect’s sins were forgiven at the cross instead of the sins of the whole world. We see these examples left and right of false teachers being propped up by people that declare they know the truth of forgiveness, yet they still promote deceivers on their social media platforms or even what they say to others. They justify it because they think this one sin or that one sin being talked about is MORE important than the TRUTH of God not counting your sins … Listen to Broadcast & Read More

Radio Broadcast Tuesday 08/22/2023

Sins of the World Have Been Forgiven

Classic Christianity – The Book of John P86 (08-22-23)

Your Sins are Forgiven!

~ God wants you to know that your sins are forgiven. Past tense. It happened at the cross. He also wants you to know that you can tell others that their sins are forgiven too. We should be shouting it from the rooftops. “Your Sins are Forgiven!” Do you believe that? If you don’t believe it, maybe you came to God to get your sins forgiven, and are thinking you are saved because you asked for forgiveness by God. But know this, your sins were forgiven at the cross. They were forgiven before you ever asked to get your sins forgiven. And asking God to forgive you your sins does not cause God to forgive you of your sins. God is not a forgiveness vending machine, though most people treat Him like one. Your asking for forgiveness had no part in the work of Jesus on the cross, where he died for the sins of the whole world. Yes, he died for the sins of the whole world. And you are part of the world, so he died for you too! And know this, that when you … Listen to Broadcast & Read More

Radio Broadcast Monday 08/21/2023

Salvation is Receiving New Life

Classic Christianity – The Book of John P85 (08-21-23)

The Day of Preparation was Preparation for Our Salvation!

~ Jesus prepared for our day of salvation when he went to a cross and took upon himself the sins of the world. Yes, the sins of the entire world were forgiven at the cross, backwards through Adam and forwards through eternity. That’s a key piece of understanding, and to gloss over it is to gloss over the very foundation of the Christian faith. And many many pastors actually do gloss over it, and they don’t even believe it, and they teach their flocks the lies of the devil. The devil’s lies, “Oh, come on now, Jesus didn’t really die for the sins of the whole world, did he? And that would mean everyone would be saved, and certainly that can’t be true so of course Jesus didn’t actually die for the sins of the whole world, just the elect.” And so, right there people are left defending the straw man argument, universal salvation must mean getting your sins forgiven. All of that is a huge LIE, because people don’t have a clue what salvation really is. It’s the Holy Spirit indwelling … Listen to Broadcast & Read More

Radio Broadcast Wednesday 08/16/2023

Radio Broadcast Wednesday 08/16/2023

Classic Christianity – The Book of John P84 (08-16-23)

Jesus Died on Thursday, The Day of Preparation

~ Traditions are seldom accurate in the teaching of the truth of God. We are told in scripture that Jesus would be in the heart of the earth three days and three nights. This is very important for us to understand, because the traditions of the teaching of men are simply wrongly taught in this area of understanding in the Word of God of the day Jesus died. In fact, the teaching of Man refers to Friday as “Good Friday,” and then over the years, we defend that day as the day Jesus died on the cross. And that is just like Satan to get us to live our life based on the teaching of men rather than the truth of the word of God. Jesus was crucified on The Day of Preparation. A special Sabbath occurred after the day of preparation, before the┬áSaturday Sabbath. And so there would have been two Sabbath days in a row. But hardly anyone teaches the truth of the word of God in that area. And so, it is very interesting that Jesus actually died on … Listen to Broadcast & Read More

Radio Broadcast Tuesday 08/15/2023

Jesus Took Away All Sins on The Cross

Classic Christianity – The Book of John P83 (08-15-23)

Jesus Going to the Cross Was Preparatory for Salvation, But is Not Salvation!

~ Most people think the cross is what saves a person. As though someone coming to the cross and asking for forgiveness of sins is going to save them by getting their sins forgiven by God. That is simply a lie of Satan. For the cross was preparatory for salvation but is NOT salvation. We cannot emphasize this enough, Jesus dying on the cross for the sins of the whole world is God extending forgiveness to everyone. He and He alone, God in the flesh, forgave the sins of the entire world. He who knew no sin, became sin for us, so that in Him, we might become the righteousness of God. How does one become “In Him?” By faith in Jesus, that he and he alone did it all for you personally. Your confession booth or confessing sins directly to God doesn’t save you. Your Catholic or Protestant religion doesn’t save you. Your saying the Lord’s prayer over and over doesn’t save you. Your prayers to Mary don’t save you. Your doing good works doesn’t save … Listen to Broadcast & Read More