Call-ins Radio Broadcast Friday 03/31/2023

The New Covenant of Jesus Christ

Call-In Classic Christianity Radio – Bob George P822 (03-31-23)

We Are Called to be Ministers of a New Covenant!

~ “And He has qualified us as ministers of a new covenant, not of the letter but of the Spirit; for the letter kills, but the Spirit gives life.” 2 Corinthians 3:6

Bob George answers the question in regards to tithing today.

~ Bob George
“Here again, this is putting God in the box of being a responder instead of an initiator. It’s saying, if you do this, God will do that, that puts God in a position of being a responder and I’m being the initiator. And that puts me in a position of being greater than God. Very simple. If I’m the initiator, and God’s the responder, I’m greater than God, I can cause God to do what I want him to do. And so if you think if you do this, God will respond, then I’m greater than God. And so that is that is utter nonsense. The reason you don’t need to get your theology straight in regard to tithing, you need to get your theology straight in regard to New Testament giving. And again, what is … Listen to Broadcast & Read More

Call-ins Radio Broadcast Thursday 09/29/2022

What About 1 John 1:9

Call-In Classic Christianity Radio – Bob George P774 (09-29-22)

The Knowledge of Truth ~ Understanding 1st John 1:9 ~ Don’t Rebel Against it!

~ What About 1 John 1:9 continues to be asked countless times. This booklet will help many people know that Christ died for their sins once and for all and that they are forgiven forever!

This small pocket 25 page booklet is excellent for witnessing to others about God’s complete forgiveness for both the Christian and for sharing Christ with others that do not know Jesus, and are still stuck in their religion.

This is the single booklet edition of What About …? 1 John 1:9.

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Below is an excerpt from the book “What About …? 1 John 1:9”

“Any good theologian will tell you that it’s intellectual suicide to build an entire doctrine around one verse of scripture. But that’s exactly what we have done with 1 John 1:9. Nowhere else in the New Testament, from the cross on, is the concept of asking God’s forgiveness mentioned. The Apostle Paul never broached the subject. He didn’t have too. He stood firm in the fact that he was a forgiven … Listen to Broadcast & Read More

Call-ins Radio Broadcast Thursday 07/28/2022

Study of Classic Christianity and Growing in Grace

Call-In Classic Christianity Radio – Bob George P755 (07-28-22)

Are Tongues for Today? What is Happening With the Churches in the Book of Revelation? Becoming one With Your Wife.

~ We hear so much error being taught in churches today, that without having a proper understanding of the word of God in the proper context of things, we can make up a whole false doctrine that spreads confusion throughout the church itself. One of those items is speaking in tongues. There are denominations that are built upon this idea that you have to speak in tongues. Yet, what what would happen if you couldn’t speak? But here is the main thing to consider, tongues was a known language. Why would God want gibberish to be spoken today, in an assembly, if everyone in the assembly spoke the same language to begin with? Yet there are assemblies that go around speaking gibberish and it doesn’t even match up to any known language. Bob goes into more insights in this particular subject that is very important for today.

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~ Who was speaking to the churches in the book of Revelation and who was the … Listen to Broadcast & Read More

Call-ins Radio Broadcast Friday 03/25/2022

Faith is Agreeing With and Trusting God

Call-In Classic Christianity Radio – Bob George P720 (03-25-22)

Walk by Faith From First to Last – Resurrection Life!

Welcome to Classic Christianity radio with Bob George today. We are pleased to present a special Radio Show featuring callin listeners from Bob’s original People-to-People daily radio program that was on the air for over 30 years offering real answers for real life problems as he addresses common questions as well as the tough issues of today directing callers to the centrality of Christ in you, your only hope of glory. We want to remind our listeners that Bob George Ministries needs your financial support to continue to have Classic Christianity Radio on the air. Please visit to find out how you can help support us financially. Let’s now join Bob as he presents practical, biblical insights as he helps people experience a life of faith, hope and love in Jesus Christ.

Bob George reminisces about the resurrection of Jesus Christ with another Bob on the air.

One caller called in regards to tongues. Another called in regarding his situation of fighting sexual sin. Another was speaking of marriage and still another caller was talking in regards to being controlled … Listen to Broadcast & Read More

Call-ins Radio Broadcast Thursday 02/10/2022

Jesus is The Truth Setting You Free

Call-In Classic Christianity Radio – Bob George P707 (02-10-22)

Understanding the Truth of What Christ has Done When we Celebrate the Lord’s Supper

You may have been to church for decades, not realizing the error you have been taught. Someone asks you, “Do you believe in the atoning blood of Jesus? Bob would respond by saying, “No, I don’t. He did not come to atone for sin. He came to take it away.” Words have meaning, and they have meaning in the context they are used in scripture.

Depending on your religious background, an improper understanding of the meaning of words can hinder you from understanding the truth of what Jesus Christ has done for you. Have you been raised in a church that emphasized the passion of Christ and heard the expression, “Holy Communion”? There is nothing holy about communion, of a wafer that you ingest into your body. In many people’s minds, grace has the concept of something you receive by participating in a sacrament, or from an action of a priest on your behalf, such as sprinkling of what is said to be holy water.

And even the word salvation has different meaning to different people. Some … Listen to Broadcast & Read More