Radio Broadcast Wednesday 06/26/2019

How Many Miracles to Believe

Classic Christianity – Book of John Part 38 (06-26-19)

Bob George TeachingBob George continues sharing from the gospel of John, starting at John 7:30. The main point Bob emphasized was that Jesus acted in love. He did not come to condemn but to save. He walked in love and is full of mercy and grace. His attitude is one of how to restore man. When you see someone in a sin, do you look down on them and tell them they deserve to be where they are or do you have pity and a longing in your heart for the person to be set free, to walk in new free freedom, to change their attitude toward sin.

After the humble, those wanting to do the will of God, seeing Jesus love, miracles and manner of life, had come to believe and put their faith in Jesus, the rulers of the age and the religious leaders became angry. How nonsensical and against all reason is that! Yet that is not unlike the religious leaders and rulers of this world today. The rulers of this world see such actions of Jesus as a threat to their earthly kingdom, and wanted to kill Jesus, all … Listen to Broadcast & Read More