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Classic Christianity – The Book of John P43 (05-15-23)

The Enemy of Truth (Jesus) Are The Things of This World Controlled by Satan’s Lies

~ As he spake these words, many believed on him. Then said Jesus to those Judaeans [Ἰουδαίους (Ioudaious)] which believed on him, “If ye continue in my word, then are ye my disciples indeed; And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” John 8:30-32

~ Many times, when Jesus spoke to groups of people, there were both those that believed on Him and those that did not believe on Him. We see this happening right here in the word of God. Between John 8:30-32 and John 8:33. We can see the later group’s response that did NOT believe on Jesus in John 8:33. Jesus has many warnings for that group of people that carries over till today. It takes the Holy Spirit of God to understand the meaning and significance of what is being said by Jesus and also to understand those that did not place faith on him as to their questions they were asking. Today, we have the same battle going on between Satan and God, between lies and Truth. Satan is the father of Lies. God is the Father of Truth. When Truth is spoken, lies follow up from infiltrators within the group, masquerading as agents of righteousness [2 Corinthians 11:15] in order to discount Truth. Reminder, the god of this world is Satan, the father of lies. We were All born into a world of lies. The Holy Spirit is necessary for seeing and understanding ALL TRUTH.

~ They answered him, We be Abraham’s seed, and were never in bondage to any man: how sayest thou, Ye shall be made free? John 8:33

~ In whom the god of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not, lest the light of the glorious gospel of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine unto them. 2 Corinthians 4:4

~ “Now, what are the enemies to truth? Lies. Don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure that out that the opposite of a truth are lies. Now, where do we get our lies from? Well, they get our lies from the enemy of our soul, the one who did not come to proclaim truth, but to proclaim lies. And those of us that listen to the lies of Satan, he says, there’s a big group of you and I who do that, because our father is the father of lies, we don’t belong to Christ Jesus, we still belong to the world. And so the most natural thing to listen to are the things of the world because that’s the language that they speak. And that’s the language that we like to listen to. But the issue is that there is also in comparison to the lies of the enemy of our soul, is the truth of God. But how in the world are we going to know what truth is if we never get into the Bible to study it? And we would rather study anything many times except the Bible, I know people who are Christians for years that never touched the Bible, oh, you may touch it. But that’s it, we don’t get in and read it. And until you read it, Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God, how are you going to understand truth, if you don’t read truth, or you don’t listen to truth.. … ~ Bob George

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Welcome to Classic Christianity Radio with Bob George Bob’s clear, timeless teachings on the complete forgiveness and unconditional love of Jesus Christ will transform your life as you learn about God’s amazing grace. Let’s join Bob as he teaches us from God’s Word.

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Guys, as we’ve been studying through the Gospel of John, again, it becomes more apparent, again as to what the Lord Jesus Christ came into this earth to accomplish on our behalf. And in order for him to accomplish these things, we first of all had to understand who he is. And that is God, that He is God. And he came to this earth to declare this, he came to this earth, first of all appearing to the Hebrew people who had their religion and their tradition to lean upon. And he came to explain to them that it’s not tradition that saves you, it’s not being religious, that saves you, it’s a person that save you, and it’s the person of Christ Jesus. Many times in our lives, we take Jesus as kind of a figure that we study in the Bible. But many times we have just absolutely missed the reality of not only who he is, but where he is. And the fact that Jesus lives in us. And he lives in us for the purpose of teaching us truth. And then he said that that truth would set us free. And when the Son of God has set you free, you shall be free indeed.

Now, what are the enemies to truth? Lies. Don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure that out that the opposite of a truth are lies. Now, where do we get our lies from? Well, they get our lies from the enemy of our soul, the one who did not come to proclaim truth, but to proclaim lies. And those of us that listen to the lies of Satan, he says, there’s a big group of you and I who do that, because our father is the father of lies, we don’t belong to Christ Jesus, we still belong to the world. And so the most natural thing to listen to are the things of the world because that’s the language that they speak. And that’s the language that we like to listen to. But the issue is that there is also in comparison to the lies of the enemy of our soul, is the truth of God. But how in the world are we going to know what truth is if we never get into the Bible to study it? And we would rather study anything many times except the Bible, I know people who are Christians for years that never touched the Bible, oh, you may touch it. But that’s it, we don’t get in and read it. And until you read it, Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God, how you going to understand truth, if you don’t read truth, or you don’t listen to truth. And that’s why in the old days of Christian radio, before we got into enjoying rock music, more than we do teaching, that you used to be able to get fed on the radio from just good teaching programs. And thank God, there are still a few of those around. But again, how many of us listen to them? Or do we sit and listen to good old rock music, or some good old rap music, or some good old anything except truth that comes from the word of God? And there are still some good teachers on radio, not gonna say much about television. But there are still a few around. And we have to understand that, but in the final analysis, where you’re going to get truth is in this book, you don’t have to be at a radio station, or at in front of a television, you have gotten a book to read and to study. I remember, some of the times in my early experience, he used to say, you know, about the church as in Lord, how come that church didn’t teach me these things. And one day, it was like, the Lord said, Did you have a Bible? You know, what are you griping about the church for you at a Bible you can read it if you weren’t too lazy to do so. But we could have read it. And this is our source of truth. And that truth will set us free if we will just go and do what God says and that is abide in His Word. And he says in 31, to the Hebrews who had believed him, Jesus said, If you hold on to my teaching, then you really are my disciples if you hold on to my teaching, and then you’ll know the truth, and the truth will do what? Set us free.

Now, guys, I hate to say this, but it’s true. You know many times we are just hell bent on destroying ourselves. We do things that we know full well damage our bodies, and we knew full well things that damage our minds. And yet it feels good. And so we proceed to do what we know is going to kill us. Now you got to be a nitwit to believe that to live like that. And yet we do don’t wait. We foods that aren’t good for us, we put smoke down our lungs that are going to kill us. We drink ourselves half to death that are going to destroy our brain cells. I’ve told people The reason I don’t drink is because they destroy brain cells and I have none to spare. We will do anything except what God says will make you free. When the sun has set you free, you’ll be free indeed. You don’t need to get something to numb you when you have Christ Jesus. You don’t need to get something to calm your nerves when you got Christ Jesus. Give a cigarette satisfied yet you’d only need one. Am I right or wrong? Go chase the fire engines around suck down the smoke. It isn’t goingt to satisfy. You’re just going to spend money, rolling it burning it up. Not against cigarettes, then this particular message has happened to hit my head. That’s one of the things that I see going on in Christianity that I don’t understand. Why can’t you let go of what you picked up. I can put down anything I picked up. And it’s not a testimony to the Lord to be blowing smoke in people’s face when you’re telling them about Jesus. Or to be sitting there, a Martini in your hand while you’re telling them about Jesus. We don’t live that kind of a life if Christ Jesus has called us to be separate from among them. How are we ever going to be different than the world if we act like the world? And so he said, I want you to hold on to my teaching. I don’t want you just to save salvations great praise Jesus. Now that’s it. No, he says salvation is from God, praise God for it. But I gotta gotta life for you to lead. It’s a life of cleanliness. It’s a life, of walking in the newness of life that’s ours through Christ Jesus. Now, people who want to argue with God and to argue against the very thing that we know ourselves is harmful to us.

They answered him said when Jesus is telling them truth, we’re Abraham’s descendants. We’ve never been slaves to anyone. He’s just telling him you’re a slave to whatever sin you’re a slave to. Because it says anything when we sin, we become a slave to what we sin two, are we together you’re gonna sit be a slave to it, you can’t get rid of it. And they’re saying we’re not a slave to anyone, how can you say that we need to be set free? And Jesus said, I tell you the truth. Everyone who sins is a slave to sin. Why do we have habits that we can’t get rid of? Because we’re slaves to them? Hey, you say how big of a deal is this of say, walking around saying hey, I’m a slave to somebody except Christ. But we become slaves to our habits, don’t we? It’s what Paul was talking about in Romans seven, the things I want to do, I don’t do the things I don’t want to do. I do them anyway, I’m a slave to this in my mind, I’m a slave to sin. And He says you have to break that that has to get broken. There has to come a time when you say this is not for me. This is not the lifestyle that God has called me to. And so he says, We’re not a slaved anyone. He said, I’ll tell you the truth of anyone who sins is a slave to that sin. Now a slave has no permanent place in the family, but a son belongs to it forever. So if the Son sets you free, you shall be free indeed. I know you’re Abraham’s descendants. He says, You came from his physical line. And yet you’re ready to kill me. He said because you have no room for my word. And there again, guys, is the problem that we have in this world today. There’s no room in our hearts for the Word of God. Prior to coming to Christ, I had no room in my heart for the Word of God. It didn’t even know what it said, Oh, maybe little pieces you’d pick up like God helps those who help themselves. But I could never find that in the Bible. I just probably needed a different concordance but we pick up bits and pieces but there was no room in my in my heart for the Word of God. Why I wasn’t born again. And that’s what he’s saying you don’t have any room in your heart for my word. I’m telling you what I’ve seen in the Father’s presence. And you do what you have heard from and you do what you’ve heard from your father. And they again, now they’re coming back again, Abraham is our father they said. He said, No, if you were Abraham’s children, then you would do the things that Abraham did. As it is, you are determined to kill me. A man who told you the truth that I heard from God, I came here telling you what I have heard from my Father, remember what Jesus said, I don’t hear do say anything unless the Father tells me to say it, I don’t do anything. Unless the Father tells me to do it. I live in total dependency upon my father, I’m here telling you truth from the Father, and you’re determined to kill me. Abraham didn’t do those things. He said, You say you’re a child of Abraham, Abraham didn’t try to kill prophets didn’t try to kill the Son of God. You’re doing the things that your own father does. And guys, you either have Christ Jesus as your father, or you have Satan himself as your father, and there’s nothing in between. I said, there is no alleyway in Christianity, where you’re on one side of the fence, and there’s an alleyway on the other side of the fence, there is no alleyway in Christianity. You can’t you can’t say, Well, I’m not over here, and I’m over here, I’m in the alley, there isn’t any alley, there’s just a fence. And on one side of it is God, the other side of it is Satan. And we have the choice to walk, being controlled by the devil himself, or being controlled by the Lord Jesus Christ, and we can make our choice. He said, You’re doing the things that your father does your father’s that of the devil.

They said, we’re not illegitimate children, they protested, and I believe that didn’t doing this, that they were in essence saying to Jesus, you’re an illegitimate child, because that’s what they accused Jesus of being was an illegitimate child because he was born of a virgin. And they tried to make up this story that he was the son of some Roman soldier. So you’re saying to them in a very, very harsh way, we’re not illegitimate, they protested, the only father we have is God Himself. Now they first of all said, I’m Abraham’s child. Now they say, No, I’m God’s child. Jesus answered both of those. If you were Abraham’s child, you’d be doing what Abraham did. Now. He’s saying, If God, were your Father, who you’re claiming, then you would love me, for I came from God, and I’m now here. I’ve not come on my own. He said, But he sent me. And why is my language not clear to you? Because you’re unable to hear what I say. Remember what it says, folks, natural man cannot understand spiritual things. Do we understand that it’s foolish to him? A natural man cannot understand a spiritual truth. Only a spiritual man can understand and discern spiritual things. That’s why when you’re lost, these messages mean nothing to you. Because you can’t discern them. You can hear what they’re saying. But you have no ability at all to know what they mean. And guys, you do not put your faith in what God says, you put your faith in what God means. Now, you have to know what he says before you know what it means. But if you stop with what it says, Then you go with his God say that I believe it that settles it. You hear that all the time. I said, Look, God said that, that settles it with you believe it or not. But the issue is that’s as deep as you get just God said it, I believe it. You don’t know what the meaning of it that he said, You don’t know what application this means to me. It’s just he said it that does it. And folks, that’s shallow type of thinking.

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We have to understand that God wants us to grow in the depth of the Word of God, not to remain five miles long and a quarter inch deep. He wants us to grow in our knowledge of Christ Jesus to get to know him deeper and deeper and deeper and deeper, to know the height and depth and breadth and width of the love of God, that is in Christ Jesus our Lord. And to know this love that surpasses knowledge, so that you and I can experience the fullness of God in our lives and be control by His Spirit. Why is the language not clear to you, because you’re unable to hear what I say, you belong to your father there. The reason you can’t hear what I’m saying is because you belong to your father, who’s the devil. He says that, it’s the devil, your father either is the devil or your Father is God. And you want to carry out your father’s desires. You remember, he talks about in the scripture that we have two sets of desires, we have the desires of the flesh, and you got the desires of the Spirit. Where the desires of the flesh come from? Your father, if he’s the devil. Where do the desires of the Spirit come from? Your Father, who was God. And so these desires that battle within us come, the source is from the father, the devil, and from the Father, the Son, and we’re in conflict with each other. Remember, it says that the spirit wars against the flesh and the flesh wars against the Spirit, it’s called the demands of the flesh. How many have ever noticed that your flesh demands you to obey it? You say, I know I shouldn’t be doing this, but it demands, you got to do it, you got to do it. It’s relentless. Is he not? The father, who is the Devil is relentless in creating desires in you that are contrary to the desires of the Spirit. Am I right or wrong? And so we have this conflict constantly within us of listening to the good news of the gospel or listening to the bad news. And the negative news that god of that Satan wants you to fall under.

How many times have I told you stories of my years and years and years of counseling with people by a radio and in personal counseling of people that have gotten down in the dumps? You get into depression. And and I want to asked you a question, Who do you think’s puts depressing thoughts in your head God, or Satan? You think God says I’m gonna bless you today, Paul, I’m gonna put all kinds of depressing thoughts in your head, you’re a scumbag, you’re bad. All kinds of things about your dang loser. Everything about you. Not a good husband, not a good father, you’re not anything. Come back and see me next week, y’all. And let me give you some more good news. Now, where do you think those thoughts are coming from? They’re certainly not coming from God, who says I love you, that you can do all things through Christ. If you’ll let me. That I will guide you into all truth, I will lead you in this life in which you’re in if you’ll let me, if you’ll let me I’ll show you things that you are not even aware of. If you’ll let me, just let me. And we sit back and listen to the voice of Satan telling us how bad we are, and how this is and how you should do this. And the Bible says that a man of compares himself by himself is a fool. And some of us have to just say, I must be a fool, because I’m comparing myself with other people. Do be what God wants you to be. You don’t know what God wants you to be. God may want you to be a millionaire. Or God may want you to just be a good father, a good mother, just to make a normal living. You don’t know what he wants you to be whatever he is, be happy with it be satisfied. It says to be content in all things. God loves a contented heart. To be content and wherever you are, instead of always looking about where you should be, or where you could be. And we play the woulda, coulda shoulda game, in our lives. God is saying, I want you to hold on to my teaching, quit listening to the devil that wants to gain control of your life and keep you in bondage. He was a murderer from the beginning we’re told. We know that. From the very beginning Satan was the creator of death. He was a murderer, not holding to the truth for there’s no truth in him. Now, folks, he’s voice sounds like does he not like there’s a little truth in this whole thing. And he’ll always sound like they always come up with a little bit of truth. And then there’s the hook. You ever notice how that occurs? There’s the hook in there. And the hook is there in order to destroy you. When he lies, it says he speaks his native language. So what is the native language of Satan? Lies. For he is a liar and the father of lies yet because I tell the truth, you don’t believe me?

You know some people Major Ian Thomas saying that man will believe anything except the truth and that’s really true. You tell a person man, you mail me in. You mail me in some money. And I’ll send you one of these hankies have been dunked in the Jordan. And man anything you ask God he’ll give to you. And we say man mail me to hankies. You tell somebody that Jesus Christ took away your sins at the cross, was raised from the dead to give you eternal life. We say too good to be true. Too good to be true. We’ll believe anything except the truth. How To what do you think man get on television the way they do just total scoundrels. Just total deceivers. All they talk about money, send me money, send money, and I’ll pray for you. I say keep your money and pray for yourself. What in the world do you need me to pray for you?That’s that’s some kind of a scam that you need me to pray for you? What do I have that you don’t have? Do you have Jesus living in you? I do, too. That’s why I pray for me. And that’s why you ought to be praying for you. We get down with all kinds of things with this with this stuff. You know, like someone’s got a hotline to God some place. If you’re in born again, Christian, you got a hotline to God. Is that right or wrong, guys? And yet we act like no, you gotta be super spiritual for God lives, listen to you. If that was the case, he wouldn’t hear any of us. Because they’re in a body super spiritual. We’re just spiritual, natural man, spiritual man. Not real spiritual. Or real, natural, just natural and spiritual. We come up with all these kinds of things. Man, like, we make heroes out of these people. Send me money, and I pray for you. That’s easy to do. Whoever sent me money, Father, bless him. Just amazing. What goes on. I love what the girl from West Texas wrote one up. When he was telling him, you send me $100 God, I’ll send you 1000. She wrote to him and said, it seems to me that you need money worse than I do. So why don’t you send me 100 and let God send you the 1000.

Satan is a liar. Because I tell you the truth, you don’t believe me? A person is telling truth about yourself. Many times we don’t want to hear truth about ourselves. It’s painful. When I want to tell you, folks, it’s necessary. Why do you think God gave parents to children? To tell them truth. When they’re acting like an idiot, you tell them they’re acting like an idiot. You tell them truth. And it’ll set them free. To guide children into truth. Some people think all their these parents are just too hard on me. That may be but the issue is, are they telling me truth. I remember an area in my life. When I was in high school, and man, I thought I wanted to go into show business. I wanted to be a singer. And I could remember my dad wasn’t real long on that my dad was an attorney. And he believed in putting things in your mind. And he went real long on that. And I remember it hurt at the time that he wasn’t really for me on that. Until I got old enough to realize he was right. So wasn’t a case of whether he was for it or not. He was right. That was not the business I needed to be in. He was right. So am I going to sit around and resentment? Oh, my dad didn’t encourage me. No, he told me truth. My dad didn’t encourage me a whole lot. But he told me a whole lot of truth. And most of it is about me and I didn’t like hearing it. But it was true. And we resent parents for that for telling you truth. You get that today people are sitting around in psychiatrists offices all over the place hearing your problem if you had a mother. God forbid we had one of those. You had a father. Your parents were too strict and upset. Listen, some of you had parents that were way over the line. I’m not talking about that. Talking about the normal. We sit down and we gripe about things. And the fact is that they were telling you truth. I don’t know of a parent unless they’re perverted. That is sitting there thing, I’m gonna say something to my kids today to screw him up. Say something to my kids today to make them unhappy to send them down a primrose path to nowhere. I don’t know a parent that’s worth their salt that isn’t looking out for the very best of their children. Do you? And they may not always give the best advice in the world. But I’ll guarantee you that advice, advice is coming from the heart of someone who loves those kids, and is wanting the best for them. I’ve had kids sometimes have come in and said, I had just one I had a laugh, came in one time said I just I want to be free. I told the father in front of her, I said, You know what? I agree with this girl. She needs to be able to, to be free to do some things. So what I want you to be free to is to go to the library and study. I want you to be free to sit in your room and study. Want you be free to do that, I’m not gonna bug you with that anymore. I want you to be free to live a good life, not gonna bug you with that anymore. You don’t want freedom. You want freedom to go feed your flesh. That’s what you want freedom to do is to go feed your flesh. But you don’t want freedom to live a good life. And so what did Jesus say? You’ve been called to freedom, my brothers but don’t, use your freedom to indulge your flesh. So any parents should be telling their child, don’t be using your freedom. And I’m not going to be encouraging to be using your freedom to indulge your flesh, it’ll get you in trouble. But to use your freedom to serve one another in love, then you’re not going to hear that from Satan. Why? Because he’s a liar. And he isn’t gonna tell you truth. And when Jesus tells you the truth, believe it. He said how can any of you prove me guilty of sin? If I’m telling the truth why don’t you believe me? He who belongs to God, here’s what God says. And the reason that you do not hear is that you don’t belong to God.

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