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Classic Christianity – The Book of John P64 (07-03-23)

A Dead Man Needs Life! Jesus Wants to Give Life to the Dead.

~ Most people don’t realize they are dead spiritually, without the Spirit of God living in them. They have no interest in the true things of God. They in fact are loaded up with a whole bunch of lies of the world from the time of physical birth, that they themselves pass on to others, because they do Not know the Truth for themselves. All Truth begins with Jesus. Without accepting the truth of Jesus one will never understand the Truth of the world. That’s because the Holy Spirit has to teach us all Truth. Sure, a man can teach you some truth, but until you are taught by the Holy Spirit it is not Truth that you yourself possess. So until a person comes to Christ Jesus for life, they will remain dead in their unbelief. Come to Jesus for Life and He will give you the Spirit of Truth to live in you! He will teach you All things and teach you what they mean, and that is even more so in these last days.

~ “Whoever believes in the Son of God accepts this testimony. Whoever does not believe God has made him out to be a liar, because they have not believed the testimony God has given about his Son. And this is the testimony: God has given us eternal life, and this life is in his Son. Whoever has the Son has life; whoever does not have the Son of God does not have life.” 1 John 5:10-12

The Moment You Place Faith in Jesus You Are Born of The Holy Spirit of God

~ “Now, today, you and I don’t have to wait for a subsequent event of salvation. We don’t have to wait for a day of Pentecost after we have been saved. At the very moment that you are born again of the Spirit of God, you’re indwelt by the Holy Spirit at that moment and have everything that you need for understanding the Word of God. And as the scripture says, everything that you need for life and for godliness. But prior to that time to the early disciples, we have to understand that although they were with Jesus, and they talked with Jesus and walked with Jesus, and all of those things, they still did not possess eternal understanding, until such time that they were indwelt by the Spirit.” ~ Bob George

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Welcome to Classic Christianity Radio with Bob George Bob’s clear, timeless teachings on the complete forgiveness and unconditional love of Jesus Christ will transform your life as you learn about God’s amazing grace. Let’s join Bob as he teaches us from God’s Word.

Bob George 0:29
Let’s all turn together to the 12th chapter of the Gospel of John. We’ve talked about the different things that Jesus has done, and they didn’t understand. And we discussed the fact that there’s a reason why there was no understanding there is because the Holy Spirit of God had not come as yet to indwell the believers. We realize the fact that until such time, that the Holy Spirit of God comes to take up residence in our hearts, that we really have no ability to understand the meaning of the word of God, we certainly can understand what it says, but a computer does that. But to understand what it means has to be revealed. by the Spirit of God. Our eye is not seen, we’re told our ear has not heard, nor our mind has conceived of those things that God has prepared for those who love Him. But it says that it must be revealed by the Spirit. So in order for us to know the meaning of the word of God an understanding of what did God mean, because if he says something, he means something. But you cannot understand the meaning of the word of God apart from the Holy Spirit of God revealing it to you. And so there were many things that Jesus was talking about while he was here on this earth prior to the cross that even though they were certainly understood as to what he was saying, we don’t believe there was a total understanding of meaning until such time of the day of Pentecost, when we were in dwelt by the Spirit of God and could therefore understand the meaning.

Now, today, you and I don’t have to wait for a subsequent event of salvation. We don’t have to wait for a day of Pentecost after we have been saved. At the very moment that you are born again of the Spirit of God, you’re indwelt by the Holy Spirit at that moment and have everything that you need for understanding the Word of God. And as the scripture says, everything that you need for life and for godliness. But prior to that time to the early disciples, we have to understand that although they were with Jesus, and they talked with Jesus and walked with Jesus, and all of those things, they still did not possess eternal understanding, until such time that they were indwelt by the Spirit.

Now and verse 44, Jesus cried out when a man believes in me, and it says, He cried this out, when a man believes in me, he said, he does not believe in me only, but the one who sent Me. You have a lot of people say, I believe in God, Jesus say, no, if you believed in God, you would believe in me. Remember, they said, If you believed in Moses, you would have believed in me, because Moses wrote about me, and yet you refuse to come to me to receive life. In another place in Scripture it talks about, they’ll believe, man, what he says, they believed Moses, then he said, Let Moses tell us about God. But I don’t want to listen to anyone else. And many times, that’s where we are is the fact that we will believe because what someone told us, but never go to the source to find out if what they told us is true. And many times, that’s the reason that our understanding of the word of God, our understanding of Christianity is so shallow, and we’re kind of nine miles wide and a quarter inch deep. Because we, our faith is based on what some man has told us, instead of going into the Word of God and let God speak to us. If you have my faith, you have a pitiful faith. It’s not that my faith is pitiful, but you don’t have yours. So you don’t go to your denomination to say what do we believe? Or you don’t go to People to People to say, what do we believe? Because what we believe is not the issue. The issue is what is truth? And the way that you’re going to know whether or not you’re believing truth is not is not by listening to us. Now, by the grace of God, if we’re listening to God, and depending upon God to reveal the meaning of the word of God to you, and are therefore preaching that we’re fortunate, but you don’t stop there guys. You must go on to getting into the Word of God on your own, asking God to reveal the meaning of it to you personally. And I do believe that if you’re indwelt by the Spirit and allowing God to reveal the meaning of the word of God to you, and I’m indwelt by the Spirit and allowing the Spirit of God to reveal the meaning of the word of God, to me, I think we’re going to be in harmony with one another. And that’s where harmony is supposed to come from. That’s where a unity is to come from is a mutual understanding of the meaning of the word of God that only can come through a dependency upon the Spirit of God to do so.

So he’s saying that if anyone does not believe in me, or when a man believes in me, he does not believe in me only, but he also is going to believe in the one who sent me. When he looks at me, he says, he sees the one who sent me. Now, did not Jesus say that I and the Father are one? And he did he not say that when you’ve seen me, you’ve seen the Father? And here he says, that anyway, he looks at me, he sees the one who sent me. Now is he trying to say that there is not a Father or not a Holy Spirit? But we’re all just. No, he’s just saying that there is no difference that all the Father is I too, am all the Father is. That’s the Trinity. We have the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit, three and one and yet totally different, and yet, totally in harmony with one another. And so he’s saying to us that a person who denies me is denying the Father, a person who accepts me is accepting the Father. Do you know guys, the same is true of you in me, if you and I go out and get rejected by man, they’re not rejecting us. They’re rejecting the Jesus who lives in us if our rejection is because we’re proclaiming the good news of the gospel to people. So we don’t have to feel bad about it. We’re just messenger boys. But the issue is that we have to come to understand that the final rejection is the rejection of Christ Jesus.

Now, Jesus says, I have come into the world as light, so that no one who believes in me should stay in darkness. All people are born into this world in spiritual darkness. Now you can have some nice looking churches in darkness, all you got to do is turn on some artificial light. But the issue is what he’s saying to us is I’ve come into the world so that you don’t have to stay in darkness. When you and I have been born again, it says we’ve been transferred from the kingdom of darkness into the kingdom of the Son in whom he loves, and has given you forgiveness of sins. You’ve been transferred from darkness into light. And every place in the scripture where you see light and darkness that always represents lost and saved. So he said, I’ve come into the world as a light, so that no one who believes in me Jesus will stay in darkness. Remember the passage in John, If you are in the light, as He Christ, Jesus is in the light. You and Jesus have fellowship, one with another, and the blood of Jesus, his Son continually keeps on cleansing, you have every sin imaginable. If you’re in the light, can you ever get in darkness? Never. You have been transferred from darkness to light. So if you’re in the light, and you cannot get in darkness, where are you going to have to do your sinning? In the light, that’s why it’s not as much fun. You’re gonna have to do it in the light. When you’re lost, you’re sinning in the dark, that’s where you belong. But when you’re saved, you’re in a totally different arena altogether. You’re now in the light as God is in the light. And he doesn’t want us to stay in darkness.

As for the person that says, who hears my word, but does not keep them. He said, I don’t judge him. Now, Jesus, remember, he said, I did not come in the world to judge the world, but to bring salvation to those, remember that? I didn’t come in the world to judge the world, but to bring salvation from people. So Christ didn’t come into the world to judge us. So he says, As for the purpose of the person who hears what I’m saying, and he does not keep those word does not keep the word. He says, I don’t judge him. For I did not come to judge the world but to save the world. And the only way that I’m going to save the world is as I speak to the world, what truth is, and they receive it, they will be saved, to those that I speak the truth of the Word of God to and they don’t received it, they will remain lost. So I don’t come to judge it, but to save it. But then he says, This guy’s there is a judge. For the one who rejects me, Jesus and does not accept my words, there is a judge, I don’t judge Jesus said, But God judges, and God’s judgment is this, that I’ve given you eternal life. And this life is in my Son. And he who has the Son has life, and who does not have the Son of God does not have life, that’s my judgment upon those who refuse to believe in the name of the Son of God. These things I’ve written unto You who believe in the name of the Son of God, in order that you may know that you have eternal life. Now, that is the voice of the Father, the testimony of the Father, concerning His Son, Christ Jesus. So we have a judge, and God’s judgment is to all who accept the provision that I gave to you, all man is dead. That’s a problem, guys. Spiritual death is a problem. That’s why we bounce prayers off the ceiling. That’s why we go toward religion instead of relationship is because we’re dead. And it’s a problem. If you’ve ever looked at a corpse, they got a problem. You can tickle their feet, they’re not gonna respond. You can’t talk to them, you can talk to them, they can’t talk to you, dead is dead. And there’s a problem with death. And he says, in order for me to save my creation, and to bring my creation back to where Adam was before the fall, and to give them life eternal, I’ve got to do something, we’ve got to do something to save our humanity. Because Satan has messed it up. Satan created spiritual death. And we’ve got to make a plan to give them life. And they did that plan, that before I could give life to the dead, I have to eternally deal with what cause spiritual death. And what was it that caused spiritual death? Together, guys, I’m supposed to be the one asleep, you’re awake, okay, here we go. What caused spiritual death? Sin. So the cross is where God had to take away eternally, for ever, the cause of spiritual death. That was a universal act, that was of such a precious value, that the blood of His Son was of such value, that it could take away the sins of the entire world, going back to Adam, and forward to eternity, that’s the value of the blood of Christ Jesus. That is not the blood of a bull and goat that can only cover sin until the next time. But it was the blood of God Himself, who was of such value that can take away the sins of the world. Now, having done that, you’re now in a position of offering you and me life eternal. And life comes from the resurrection. You don’t get life by getting your sins forgiven. You get life by receiving life. And the only life available to us is the life of Christ Jesus. So again, let’s think about it. What is the problem of mankind? We can sit back and concentrate on the fact of how sinful we are. But again, who among us are without sin? Anyone out there who is without sin? No hands up, good.

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And so what did he, what did Jesus say about that? If you’re without sin, cast the stone if you’re not go home. And so there’s none of us without sin. And so we have this problem that we’ve all sinned, all have come short of the glory of God. And the consequence of that sin is death. And that was why had to be corrected. And that was what was corrected by the death and the burial and the resurrection of Christ Jesus, we’ve got a problem that is worse than our sins. There’s a consequence that has to be dealt with. And what we have done many times in the Christian world we have become so sin oriented, that all we ever do is go and point our bony fingers at how sinful you are not realizing when you point out there, you got three coming back at you. And we’ve concentrated on how bad people are instead of how dead you are. The problem isn’t how bad you are or how good you are. The problem is, is how dead you are. You can get dead people spiritually who act very religious, can’t you just holier than you can imagine, just ready to make their ascension at any time. And you can have saved people will act like the devil. But that’s not the issue. It is the issue that we should our behavior should be commensurate with who we are as a child of God. But that’s not the issue of salvation. The issue of salvation is how dead you are. It’s not how bad you stinkith, it is how dead you are. If you’re dead, you’re dead. And guys, if you’re dead, you got a problem. And the only solution to that problem is the resurrected life of Christ Jesus. It’s not a religious issue, guys, I keep thinking, why do we get into this religious issue? It’s the most practical issue on the face of the earth. You’ve got a practical problem, you’re dead. And a dead person needs life. And Christ said, I came that you might have life and have it abundantly on the resurrection and the life. And whosoever believes in me, though he were dead spiritually, yet shall he lives spiritually. And whosoever lives and believes in me will never die. Do you believe this? And so Christ came to identify himself as the only solution to a man’s problem death through His resurrected life.

Now to those who reject that there’s a judge and the judge is God, Jesus says, I’m not going to judge you don’t have to my Father will. And there’s a judge for the one who rejects Jesus and does not accept my words. That very words which I spoke will condemn him in the last days. What’s he talking about there? I came and told you that I came that you might have life and have it abundantly what did you do? Rejected it. I told you I’m the WAY and the TRUTH and the LIFE and you said I’d rather worship Buddha or Muhammad. Or I’d rather be a Catholic than I would to be a Christian. I’d rather be a Baptist. You know, just just call me a Baptist. Okay, you’re lost Baptist. You see, whether your loss to save has no place to do with where you park your body on Sunday, or Saturday, nothing to do with it at all. I sat in church for 36 years is lost as a fruit tree. However lost that is. Didn’t know the Lord from us from anything, knew about him didn’t know him. And some of you have done the same thing. So the issue is, is what did you do with my words? What did you do with my words that I spoke to you? I said, I You came to give you life, but you ought to be able to figure out I don’t think you need to be a rocket scientist to figure out that if Jesus came to give me life, I must be dead. He isn’t gonna come to give me what already got. So I must not have life. But if all we’re doing is telling people how sinful they are, to be real honest with you, the response to that is, yeah, I’m sinful, but what about you? And let’s talk about you, let’s see how you’re doing on this scale that you’ve established for yourself. And that’s what you’re gonna run into as a person, you big hypocrite. Don’t tell me how sinful you are. I’ll follow you home. I’ll talk to your wife. See how you’re doing. And so all of that falls flat, doesn’t it in essence, because it absolutely does not communicate, someone pointing their finger at me, telling me how sinful I am. I’m gonna turn right around and tell them how sinful they are. Am I right or wrong? But if someone tells me I’m dead, that’s a different problem. That’s a different thing. And so we’re going to be judged by God for what did we do with the information, the words of Jesus when He said, I am the way, and the truth and the life, and no man comes to the Father except through me. What are you going to do with that? Because God’s gonna judge what you did with it. Jesus said, I’m not judging it. My father will judge it. And he’s gonna judge those who rejects Jesus. And who does not accept the words that I’ve spoken. That very word which I spoke will condemn him in the last day. I spoke it, you heard it, and you rejected it.

No man will ever go to hell, my friends, because of his sins. Your sins have been put behind the back of God, never to see them again. Your sins were judged. The sins of the whole world were judged. They were judged at the cross. There was a verdict, guilty, there was a punishment, death, and Jesus took it all. If you’re in Christ, there’s no condemnation awaiting you who belong to Christ Jesus. Why? Because the law of the Spirit of Life set you free from the law of sin and death. You’ve been set free from that law of sin and death by the life of Christ Jesus. No man will ever go to hell because of his sins. There is only one sin that could not be forgiven. The rejection of the words of Christ. That’s what Jesus said, the world’s sin, singular, is unbelief in me. The sins of the world have been taken away at the cross. But the sin of the rejection of the one who took away the sins of the world, is the unpardonable sin. That’s the blasphemy against the Holy Spirit, who testifies that what Jesus said was true. The only sin that will ever be attributable to man, is what did you do with my Son? Did you reject His words? Did you reject him? Or did you accept him? And I’m not talking about just an intellectual deal is oh, you accepted him. There comes a point in time where there’s a total change of heart and mind guys that we have to go through. It’s what’s called repentance. And we’ve used that word repentance very loosely. I mean, we use it all the time. Well, I used to smoke but I repented. Now I don’t. Well, you can start again. Now I used to cuss but now I don’t I could make you cuss by pulling in front of you on the freeway. I used to do this, but now I don’t. You can all start again. This word repentance is a total change of heart and mind. That you are born into this world not a believer but an unbeliever. And there came a point in time when you heard the information, you heard the knowledge of Truth from God. And you either accepted or rejected at but if you accepted that, that you had to repent of whatever you were believing at that moment, in order to repent and to believe the truth of God and His Word. That’s precisely what was talked about in Hebrews 6 and 10. That after you’ve received the knowledge of truth, that if you continue sinning after you have received the knowledge of truth now what are you sending against? The knowledge of truth. If you keep on in your unbelief, after if you receive the knowledge of truth that Jesus only took away your sins, he says, All you have to look forward to as a fearful expectation or the raging fire of hell that will consume the enemies of God. Pretty stringent. You hear the knowledge of truth, Jesus took away your sins. Well, that’s great, but I’m gonna continue going back to my confession booth.

If that’s paramount in your mind, if it’s a yes, Bob, that’s true, but if you got to but in his thing, he says you’ve never repented. Because there aren’t any buts when it comes to Jesus, is either he did it or he didn’t. I believe that Jesus died for my sins but I’m going back to my Day of Atonement. I’m go back and slay a bull and a goat and shed the blood. And I’m adamant about that. Don’t tell me not to do that. You’ve never repented. You’ve never changed your mind. You’re still hanging on to your way of getting forgiveness instead of his way. You’re still hanging on to Well, now I know Jesus took away my sin, but I keep short accounts with God brother. I don’t let a sin go by that I haven’t confessed to God and got my forgiveness. I got all the short accounts, all of the marks on the blackboard I got them erased diligently. How many have ever been in that mentality? I got them all erase boy. I am holy as holy can get. Why? Because I got a good memory. I don’t know what happens when you get Parkinson’s. I got a good memory. I keep short account. You’ve never repented. You’ve never changed your mind that Jesus has done it all. There’s never been a change of mind that Christ took away my sin. And there are no more sins to forgive. If Jesus took away my sins, and took away the sins of the world, and God was in Christ reconciling the world unto Himself, not counting your sins against you. How many sins are attributable to you guys? How many? None. When Christ cries out from the cross, he did so after he had hung on a cross gotten beaten half to death for you and me. Beaten as no man. His bloodshed, crowns of thorns on his head, spikes in his ankles and in his wrists and died so that you and I could go free. And before he did cried out from the cross. What? It’s finished!

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Thank you so much for tuning in to Classic Christianity with Bob George. We hope you’ve enjoyed today’s program. We truly hope that today’s message has inspired you to walk a life of faith in the Lord. Find more information online at There you’ll also find available CDs, DVDs and Bible studies available for purchase. It’s through your help that we are able to spread the good word of Jesus Christ. Until next time, walk in faith be good to one another in praise the Lord. Amen.

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Stand on the firmness of truth. Don’t keep going back and forth. Thank Him that the forgiveness issue is settled.

Let’s pray together:

  • Lord Jesus,
  • I thank you for taking away my sins on the cross,
  • never ever to see them again.
  • Having done that, I now thank you for giving me eternal life,
  • through your resurrection.
  • I now receive that life.
  • And I am going stand in the fact that I am a child of the living God.
  • In Jesus Holy name I pray.
  • Amen

All believers are now brothers and sisters in Christ.

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