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Classic Christianity – A Closer Look at The New Covenant P25 (07-20-21)

Have a Firm Foundation in the Truth of What Jesus Has Already Done!

Listen as Bob George explains the meaning of these passages in Hebrews that the immature in Christ, those without a firm foundation in what truth is, of what the gospel is, continue to stumble over. Oftentimes so many preachers, the legalists, do not want to teach grace, because if they did, then they cannot control you. For if you are controlled by grace, by the Spirit of God who lives in you, then you are not controlled by them. That is also why Bob George ministries is not on more radio programs because of this. Yet this message of truth, of the complete gospel, of total forgiveness, of being made complete in Christ, of growing in grace, must be told. As Jesus said that the truth is what sets you free. If that is so, then error is what binds you.

The passages in Hebrews that so many people fail to understand correctly are Hebrews 10:26-31, Hebrews 5:11- 6:3, Hebrews 6:4-6, and Hebrews 6:7-12. When you understand them correctly, then you will also understand if you are in Christ or not, and what kind of foundation you have, of understanding what Jesus accomplished for you by His death, burial and resurrection. People will say, “Oh, I know about the death, burial and resurrection”, but they only understand it as a historical event, and do not know what the real meaning of what Jesus did and what that accomplished for you.

To understand Hebrews, you need to understand that the author of Hebrews is not talking about sinning in regard to those big sins people think of like adultery and murder, but sinning against the knowledge of truth. What is that? When Jesus died on a cross, He said “It is finished”. What is finished? There is no more sacrifice for sin. The sins of the world have been taken away, never to be seen again by God, and Jesus will not come back again to shed His blood all over again. That is what He would have to do if His shed blood only covered sin, like that of what the blood of bulls and goats under an Old Covenant did, atoned for sin. Jesus sacrifice is a propitiation. It took away sins, once and for all and forever.

If you understand the totality of the cross, then you will not be going back to the day of atonement to get your sins forgiven. You will not go back to a priest to get your sins forgiven. You will not go direct to God to get your sins forgiven, continually quoting 1 John 1:9 every time you sin. Why not? Because all your sins are already forgiven, and that was before you were even born. Reminder, “without the shedding of blood there is no forgiveness” by God. And Jesus isn’t going to shed His blood ever again. He did it once for all!

So, the complete gospel is that Jesus not only died for your sins, once and for all, but He was also buried to prove His death to usher in a New Covenant with men, a covenant of grace, and He rose from the dead to offer you what you really need, which is life. For the wages of sin is death but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus. Until you receive Him, His life, eternal life, by faith, then you are not born again and are not saved.

You cannot add to the death, burial and resurrection. If you do then have never repented. You have never changed your mind. When Hebrews says you cannot be brought back to repentance is because you never repented in the first place. You never changed your mind in whom you are trusting in for eternal life. You are sinning against the truth, denying that Jesus shed blood was sufficient to take away all your sins, insulting the Spirit of grace and sacrificing the Son of God all over again, exposing Him to public shame. And if you stubbornly refuse to let go of your traditions, denominational persuasions, your sacrifices to make yourself right with God, that add to or subtract from what Jesus did for you, then you are not born again. Then you can only expect raging fire, of going to hell, because you did not accept the only provision of life for you in His Son.

If you are born again, are you still on milk and not solid food? Are you not familiar with imputed righteousness? Then you are still an infant in Christ if you do not know what that means. You are still on the milk of the Word, needing to be taught the elementary truths all over again. God wants you to grow in grace and be able to teach others. You need to grow to discern good from evil. If you see nothing wrong with making your girlfriend pregnant then you have not discerned good from evil. So build a strong foundation, build your understanding of what the complete gospel is, and build on that framework of Christ alive living in you, allowing Him to renew your mind with truth.

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