Radio Broadcast Monday 11/26/2018

Classic Christianity – Book of John P20 (11-26-18)

Bob George TeachingAfter a Thanksgiving message last several days, Bob George continues teaching from the book of John. In John 6, many were following Jesus to watch him heal the sick. Jesus later miraculously fed over 5000 people with five loaves and two fish, many more followed him. But why did they follow him? In previous lessons, Bob explained from scriptures that Jesus did none of these of these things on his own initiative. For Jesus purpose was much greater than the miracles. The message of eternal life is the message he came to bring, and there was work he had to complete for eternal life to be offered to men.

John 5:35-38

35 John shone brightly for a while, and you benefited and rejoiced, 36 but I have a greater witness than John. I refer to the miracles I do; these have been assigned me by the Father, and they prove that the Father has sent me. 37 And the Father himself has also testified about me, though not appearing to you personally, or speaking to you directly. 38 But you are not listening to him, for you refuse to believe me—the one … Listen to Broadcast & Read More