Call-ins Radio Broadcast Wednesday 10/16/2019

Present With The Lord

Call-In Classic Christianity Radio – Bob George P482 (10-16-19)


What is so hard to take is when someone you love dies. Also in the world today, events are unfolding in Israel and there seems to be an increasing frequency of floods and earthquakes. The callers today asked these kinds of questions: What about my loved ones that have died before me? Will I ever see them again? If they are born again, will they get their new glorified bodies at the rapture or immediately when they die? Are we in the end times? How should I be prepared for death or end time events?

Callers also asked questions for clarity on understanding a passage of scripture. One caller asked, “Who wrote the book of Hebrews?” Another caller asked, in regards to John 14:1, “who do we pray to, Jesus or God?” In regards to Matthew 12:43-46, another caller was wondering about casting out demons today, like people that say they do exorcisms?


Eulin from Vancouver, British Columbia

Eulin: In regards to Hebrews, when the canon was closed and Hebrews was included, and is likely Paul is the author, is it not ascribed widely that Paul is the author, … Listen to Broadcast & Read More

Call-ins Radio Broadcast Thursday 01/24/2019

Jesus Forgave All Your Sins on the Cross

Classic Christianity – Call-In Bob George p408 (01-24-19)

Bob George RadioWelcome to Classic Christianity Radio with Bob George. Let’s now join Bob George as he offers practical biblical insights as he helps people experience faith, hope and love in Jesus.

Several callers called in. Karen called about end time events and if there is any measuring stick to know when the time of the rapture is near. Bob emphasized the importance of not getting bogged down into end time events, particularly speculation and arguments, which are not beneficial to anyone, and certainly not at the expense of living your life in the Spirit with faith expressing itself in love. Another caller Rene asked about people prophesying over men by laying hands on them telling what God had said concerning them. Bob emphatically stated that is dangerous akin to fortune-telling and to stay away from people like that. He also said there is no more new knowledge for the canon of scripture is closed and all we need to know is in the scriptures. Tarrance asked questions pertaining to salvation. Bob explained the gospel quite clearly and said that many only teach about sin, sin and sin and never speak of the resurrection. … Listen to Broadcast & Read More