Call-ins Radio Broadcast Thursday 09/05/2019

Baptism and the Lords Supper

Call-In Classic Christianity Radio – Bob George P470 (9-05-19)


Several callers asked if there are prophets today. Prior to the finished work of Jesus Christ, God’s word had to be explained to men. But no man then had the Spirit to explain things to them. All men are born spiritually dead. So God raised up prophets in the Old Testament to instruct men. These prophets had direct revelation from God and spoke the very words of God. That is how the Old Testament came into existence, as these words were written down. God, knowing the god of this world and the hearts of men, wanted to ensure that people knew what His words are, and not lies proclaimed from deceived and wicked men. Therefore, when God formed a nation of the Jewish people under an Old Covenant system, established for that time period, the instruction was given that if anyone claimed to be a prophet and what he said did not come to pass, then that person was to be stoned to death.

Today, there are no need of prophets because all that man needs to know of such spiritual importance for life and godliness, and concerning Christ Jesus … Listen to Broadcast & Read More

Call-ins Radio Broadcast Friday 04/26/2019

Jesus is Eternal Life

Call-In Classic Christianity Radio – Bob George P435 (4-26-19)

Bob George RadioBob George was on the air for over 30 years with People to People radio, answering calls to help people experience faith, hope and love in Jesus Christ. This particular radio show has a number of calls in regards to salvation. We highly encourage you to listen to it.

The first caller, Clarence asks a couple of questions. One question is, how can there be all these ministers that are preachers of the gospel, yet they don’t believe in Jesus, God in the flesh? The other question is in regards to as why Bob called out a well known dominiate pastor in regards to something that is being taught?

Another caller, Marie, asks and wants to argue about eternal security and eternal salvation.

Another caller, Charles asks, “what is blasphemy?”

Another caller, Mark asks, “can a person lose their salvation?”

And then the final caller, Elizabeth asks and alludes to a variety of questions in regards to those that endure to the end shall be saved.

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