Radio Broadcast Monday 04/05/2021

A Closer Look at The Word of God

Classic Christianity – A Closer Look at The Word of God P25 (04-05-21)


Can you spot a false teacher, or at least be alert to a red flag of the possibility of someone being a false teacher? Where do you look for truth to discern these things? The scriptures as written down through the prophets and the apostles, that we hold in our hands today. But first of all, you must be born again, having a new birth, where the Spirit of God is placed in you at the moment of that new spiritual birth. Only then do you have the mind of Christ to begin to discern truth from the word of God as you read the scriptures.

If so, allow the Holy Spirit to teach you so you are not led astray. Do not put up with any other gospel than the one the apostle Paul preached. Do you know what the apostle Paul preached? Not by what your pastor said or your denomination, but what the apostle Paul preached, that you read yourself and understood by the Spirit. So you must rely on the Spirit to reveal truth to you. He is the only one who … Listen to Broadcast & Read More

Radio Broadcast Wednesday 03/31/2021

Jesus is the Spirit of Love

Classic Christianity – A Closer Look at The Word of God P24 (03-31-21)


There is one thing in Matthew that Jesus emphasized more than anything else. He said to not let any man deceive you? Are you growing in discernment? Have you discerned, first of all, that you are a child of God. One way to know that is to be intellectually honest with yourself, and ask, “What are the attitudes of my heart?”, “What are the motives of my heart?”, “Why did I come to Christ?”, or “What did I believe when I came to Christ?” We are told in scripture to test and see if you are in the faith. Did what I believe agree with what the gospel is as revealed in the scriptures? Or, do the things of God sound like foolishness to me?

If you truly have come to Christ, first for who He is, recognizing who you are, and who you were, and accepting Him into your life as your Lord and your Savior, and that has been done by faith, then you are a child of God, and if so, the Holy Spirit of God lives in you, and He will give … Listen to Broadcast & Read More

Call-ins Radio Broadcast Thursday 12/17/2020

Classic Christianity and Growing in Grace

Call-In Classic Christianity Radio – Bob George P594 (12-17-20)


All of us need encouragement in this fallen world we live in. As Jesus warned us so many times, let no man deceive you. All of us have been deceived one time or another and are all subject to deception. Many of us grew up in some denomination or cult even, and some of us came to the knowledge of the truth. We came to realize God’s word is truth, and anything contrary to that is to be rejected as from men. Not all men are deliberately deceiving you. Many are simply passing on what they heard from others.

How grateful we are for those many people, the born again believers all over the world, who have understood God’s grace, the totality of the cross, of being made complete in Christ and salvation through receiving new life through the resurrection of Christ Jesus, who has offered all men the Holy Spirit to be placed in those who believe.

So listen now as various callers call in to either encourage Bob or receive instruction on things they have heard that just does not ring true to them, and are coming now … Listen to Broadcast & Read More

Radio Broadcast Wednesday 04/08/2020

Place Faith in Jesus Only

Classic Christianity – Book of Romans P66 (04-08-20)


As we close in the last chapter of Romans, Paul writes a warning to us to be on guard against false prophets, against those who use flattery to draw disciples away after them, who claim to have special knowledge, of those who deny the humanity and deity of Christ. The false prophets today are the prosperity gospel teachers who teach godliness as a means to financial gain. The other false teachers are those who preach the tithe as a means to be blessed of God. We have the words of Jesus issuing the same warning, telling us ahead of time about this spirit of the anti-Christ that is already in the world. You have those anti-Christ religions, such as the Jehovah Witnesses, who deny Jesus is God, that you should stay away from. We have the writings of the apostle John, writings to help a pastor protect the people of God from the false prophets, the Gnostics in their midst, bringing destructive heresies. We have the words of Timothy and the apostles, warning us again and again to be on guard. Do not listen to those false prophets. Stay away from … Listen to Broadcast & Read More

Call-ins Radio Broadcast Friday 03/27/2020

Salvation - Eternal Life in Jesus

Call-In Classic Christianity Radio – Bob George P524 (03-27-20)


Listen as Bob George answers practical questions in the world today, about Christian psychology, excuses of men, and turning your back on God, false converts, false teachers, denominational creeds or persuasions rather than the truth of the word of God, and what is it that Jesus spoke about in the sermon on the mount. Bob addressed in more detail why Jesus came to earth, what his mission was, and why Jesus taught what he taught as someone born of a virgin, under the law, to fulfill the law and to uphold the law for us. I thought this was worth repeating so I will quote what Bob had shared.

Bob: Most people do not understand the purpose of why Jesus taught on this earth. He taught because he was headed to a cross to bring salvation. His teaching prior to salvation did not bring salvation. It identified the condition of man and therefore prepared them for salvation. His goal was the cross and the resurrection. He went to the cross to take away the sins of the world and then the resurrection to bring life from the dead, to bring … Listen to Broadcast & Read More