Radio Broadcast Wednesday 12/19/2018

Classic Christianity – Bob George (12-19-18)

Bob George TeachingBob George continues to share from Luke 1 where doctor Luke provides a detailed account from eyewitnesses concerning the events and circumstances surrounding the birth of John the Baptist and Jesus Christ so one can have certainty of these things (Luke 1:1-4). All the gospel writers wrote things down so that man may come to believe in the finished work Jesus Christ came to do and to have life in his name. But Luke, in particular, provided much details that reveals how Jesus fulfilled the prophecies of the Old Testament prophets through what the angel Gabriel had spoken to Zechariah and Mary, and what the Holy Spirit spoke through Zechariah and to Elizabeth after their child was born. From Luke’s account, Bob shared what it means to walk in faith, what a prayer life looks like, what God looks for in the hearts of men, what a true leader looks like, and what really is the message concerning Jesus Christ. Bob appeals to men to receive new life that Jesus came to give. How blessed are those who believe in what the Lord has said! Bob emphasized that you are blessed not by what … Listen to Broadcast & Read More