Call-ins Radio Broadcast Friday 10/01/2021

Jesus is God in The Flesh

Call-In Classic Christianity Radio – Bob George P676 (10-01-21)

The Word of God Goes Out and Will Accomplish The Desire of God’s Heart; Rely on the Spirit to Reveal Truth to You

If you are a relatively new believer or have not spent much time in the word, there are many common questions you want answers to. Listen as Bob George answers questions from the scriptures such as, “Is there marriage in heaven?” When you read the scriptures, you will eventually read Matthew 22:29, which provides a clear answer to that. Other questions asked are about being raised on the last day in the passage of scripture in John 6:39-40. As you read that whole chapter and other passages of scripture, then the meaning is more fully understood. Sometimes little things, such as realizing it said “last day”, and not “last days”, gives us insight into the meaning. It refers to the last day you are alive physically on this earth. There are epistles of Paul that goes into greater detail on a lot of these types of things. And on elaborating more fully what the grace of God is, Paul’s writings are very helpful.

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