Closer Look at The New Covenant MP3 Files

Download 31 audio teaching lessons in MP3 format by Bob George.

Have all of our sins been truly forgiven by God? Can we truly know God personally? To answer these questions, this powerful study explores a subject that encompasses every aspect of the Christian life: the New Covenant. An understanding of this vital subject will bring clarity to your knowledge of the Bible and confidence, assurance and freedom to your Christian life. In this series you will discover:

  • Why the New Covenant is far superior to the Old Covenant
  • Jesus meant it when He said “It is Finished”
  • Your eternal inheritance in Christ Jesus
  • How to experience the fullness of God’s grace

Download this powerful teaching series today.

With this purchase you will be getting all 31 lessons (each lesson approx 5o minutes to one hour long) on A Closer Look at the New Covenant. Listen first to a Closer Look at The New Covenant today.