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Born Free (10 Pack)

Born FreeSold in packs of 10, Born Free is an excellent tool for sharing the truth about salvation with your family and friends. This 17-page booklet explains in detail the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and what is necessary to accept Jesus as Savior. It’s perfect for leading someone step-by-step into a saving relationship with Christ. – Click to Purchase

Victory Over Depression CDs and Study Guide

Experience Victory Over Depression Today – Click to Purchase

Bible Study Guide Work Books
Excellent bible study books designed for group and individual studies.

A Closer Look at the Finality of the Cross Bible Study: A Closer Look at the Finality of the Cross

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A Closer Look at the Reality of the Resurrection Bible Study: A Closer Look at the Reality of the Resurrection

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A Closer Look at Jesus Christ Bible Study: A Closer Look at Jesus Christ

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A Closer Look at the Word of GodBible Study: A Closer Look at the Word of God

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A Closer Look at the New CovenantBible Study: A Closer Look at the New Covenant

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A Closer Look at Law and GraceBible Study: A Closer Look at Law & Grace

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A Closer Look at Faith, Hope, and LoveBible Study: A Closer Look at Faith, Hope, and Love

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A Closer Look at Your Identity in ChristBible Study: A Closer Look at Your Identity in Christ

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Classic ChristianityClassic ChristianityClick to Purchase

  • Over 20 Years in Print
  • Over 600,000 Sold
  • 24 Languages

The story of Classic Christianity is truly miraculous. Since its initial release in 1989, we have seen God use this book in ways we could never have planned, dreamed, or even remotely imagined. Even the way the book came into existence is miraculous.

The word “classic” according to Webster’s Dictionary means ‘excellent; standard; authoritative; established.” Also among the many connotations of the word are “of or having a style that is balanced, formal, objective, restrained, regular, simple.”

This book is about my search for “Classic Christianity.” Neither God nor His Word has ever diminished in power. The Word of God is no less “living and active and sharper than any two-edged sword” (Hebrews 4:12 NASB) today than in the first century when the followers of Christ turned the world upside down. The problem has always been, and is, with us. It is our human tendency to turn what should be a vibrant personal relationship and an experience of the life of Christ into a religion. We continue to stray away from the basics, to substitute good things for the best things, to become encrusted with the barnacles of tradition, to wander away from our first love. It happened to me, too. This book is about one man’s journey to rediscover “the real thing.”

– Bob George –

Jesus Changes Everything

Jesus Changes EverythingClick to Purchase

Bob George, bestselling author of Classic Christianity, shows readers how grace changes everything because of one often-ignored foundation of the faith–the New Covenant.

Many Christians feel anything but new. They are told salvation is a free gift, but trying to live up to what they think God demands seems like anything but a gift. Feel free? They don’t. Bob explains how this results from basing Christianity in the Old Testament–making the faith a law-based religion.

But the New Covenant God has put in place through Christ’s death changes everything. Readers will see the joyful truth that

  • effort, guilt, and fear from living under law give way to rest and peace from realizing their relationship with God doesn’t depend on their performance
  • motivation by punishment is replaced by inner motivation through God’s complete acceptance
  • the experience of distance from God gives way to the experience of His unconditional love

Goodbye is Not Forever

Goodbye is Not ForeverClick to Purchase

Little Amy never knew her father. One dark night, when she was only a baby, the Soviet secret police forcefully arrested Amy’s father…and condemned him to the frigid wastelands of Siberia.

Then as World War II began, the armies of the Third Reich invaded her small Russian village. Amy, a tender seven-year-old child, was taken by cattle car to a slave labor camp and witnessed firsthand the horrors of Hitler’s Germany.

As the war ends, Amy and her mother make a daring escape, with execution the likely verdict if they are captured. Over the years Amy wondered about her father. Was he still alive? Would she ever see him again?

A true story, Goodbye Is Not Forever serves as a vivid confirmation of God’s never-ending grace in the lives of his children.

Faith That Pleases God

Faith That Pleases GodClick to Purchase

You Don’t Need to Strive for What You Already Have

You began your new life in Christ with joy and peace. Then your attempts to please God and grow as a Christian brought bewilderment, frustration, and defeat. You know there’s a better way, but where can you find it? In Faith That Pleases God, Bob George offers a practical look at true, biblical faith — the kind of faith that produces the joy God offers to every believer. It’s all here — in Faith That Pleases God.

From the author of Classic Christianity, comes a dynamic book to help readers strengthen their faith.

Every Christian desires to please God, but how is that done? Faith That Pleases God helps readers discover that a proper understanding of faith is essential and includes—

  • recognizing the differences between faith, belief, and trust
  • seeing the kind of faith that pleases God
  • realizing faith’s role in the work God is doing
  • learning how to “rest in faith”

By understanding faith, readers will know what pleases God. This, in turn, results in a more serene Christian life that draws upon God’s wisdom and power for every need.