Radio Broadcast Tuesday 10/13/2020

Jesus is Our Only Hope of Glory

Classic Christianity – A Closer Look at Jesus Christ P5 (10-13-20)


If you were to visit Israel, you would see the Sea of Galilee, and those places recorded in the scriptures where Jesus had been, on the boat with Peter, and who had walked with Peter, James and John. Here is God in the flesh. Would you have recognized him as God? He claimed to be God, but he looks like just one of us, human. We know his father and mother, Joseph and Mary. Well, Joseph was assumed to be his father. We also know his younger brothers. How hard it must have been for them in those days to know Jesus is God unless there was also additional evidence that he is. Let us explore further the evidence of his claims to be God.

Still today, people will scoff at that, those things Jesus said concerning himself. “How can a mere man claim to be God?” The truth is, he is not a mere man, and he was born from a virgin, so His Father truly is God, and Joseph is really like a step father to him while he walked on the earth. But God is … Listen to Broadcast & Read More

Radio Broadcast Monday 06/15/2020

Faith Responds to Jesus

Classic Christianity – A Closer Look at Faith, Hope & Love P25 (06-15-20)


Now let us look at this wonderful hope we have. If you ever had to sell your car or house, you want to do so to get a good deal, to exchange something of value, such as a car, that someone else deems valuable. You want the money you receive in exchange for selling your car as more valuable to you than the car. That is a good deal. Now, in Christ, we have an incredibly good deal! We exchanged a few brief years on this earth, allowing Christ to live his life in and through us, and in exchange we will one day be present with the Lord with a new glorious body that never gets old and never dies, and is no longer in the presence of sin, nor will ever experience sorrow, sickness or pain again, and we will forever be with the Lord for eternity. That is a great deal! That is the marvelous hope we have in Christ Jesus. We know this hope is going to happen because the Lord told us in His word that it will happen. That is … Listen to Broadcast & Read More