Call-ins Radio Broadcast Friday 03/18/2022

Jesus Fulfilled The Law And The Prophets

Call-In Classic Christianity Radio – Bob George P718 (03-18-22)

Jesus Fulfilled the Whole Law and the Prophets

Our first call in listener, Andy, called about the 10 commandments and the law of God and wanted to know if they were for us to obey today. Bob explains to him that the law is for the lost and not for the saved. Another caller, Greg, called in about felling like he was going to kill himself and felt like the devil was telling him to do this or do that. Bob had the privilege to lead him to Christ Jesus on the air. Praise the Lord!

Luke 15:10 Jesus said:
10 In the same way, I tell you, there is rejoicing in the presence of the angels of God over one sinner who repents.”

Our third caller, Renee, called up to ask Bob about Malachi 3:16 and Tithing. Bob explains the book of Malachi in general and also explains how tithing is not New Covenant. Free will giving is new covenant. Also, the scroll of remembrance as talked about in Malachi is not God writing that down. The people wrote it down in a scroll of remembrance.

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Call-ins Radio Broadcast Thursday 03/17/2022

Jesus Will Set You Free

Call-In Classic Christianity Radio – Bob George P717 (03-17-22)

Becoming a Child of The Living God – Jesus Will Set You Free

In today’s call in program, you will be blessed to listen to a woman that becomes saved on the air. Another caller also called in regards to Bob’s book Classic Christianity and what a blessing it has been to him and others. And another caller called up to thank Bob and the Ministry for providing him with teaching materials while he was in prison and what a blessing they were to him.

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Radio Broadcast Wednesday 02/16/2022

Not By Works of The Law

Classic Christianity – A Closer Look at The Reality of The Resurrection P35 (02-16-22)

Our Eternal Inheritance

We’re getting ready to begin now at chapter number 11 called an eternal inheritance and this lesson should answer a number of questions that people have in regard to this thing of our inheritance. And Christ, is it eternal or is that temporal? Some people call that eternal security. Some people call it once saved always saved. I just call it truth and the issue is is it true that when Christ did it that he did it, or was it just a partial death on the cross? A partial resurrection? And is it some of him and some of me or is it all of him and none of me? Or is it all of me and none of him? And to those questions, we have to ask ourselves where are we in our belief system? So before we pick up, I want to spend just a moment of talking about at the beginning of the book of Romans and chapter three picking up there. Beginning in verse 19. Now we know that whatever the law says, it says to those who … Listen to Broadcast & Read More

Radio Broadcast Tuesday 02/15/2022

Worship in Spirit and Truth

Classic Christianity – A Closer Look at The Reality of The Resurrection P34 (02-15-22)

Let The Holy Spirit of God Control Your Life

We continue on with Bob teaching out of the bible study, A Closer Look at The Reality of The Resurrection.

The law written on stone, shows you your sinfulness. And that’s what the Bible says, that the law was given to show us to be perfectly sinful though, so that we would turn to Christ for our redemption. My friends, the law had a purpose, the law still has a purpose, but it says, it’s not to the saved. It’s to the lost and the purpose of the law to the lost, is to show us to be perfectly sinful so that we see and turn to him for his provision.

Now if that ministry that brought death that he’s talking to the wages of sin is death. Here’s the law. Violate it and a goner. If that ministry that brought death, which was engraved on letters of stone came with glory and it did so much Glory that the Israelites couldn’t even look steadily at the face of Moses because of its Glory fading though, … Listen to Broadcast & Read More

Radio Broadcast Monday 02/14/2022

Listen to The Spirit of Truth

Classic Christianity – A Closer Look at The Reality of The Resurrection P33 (02-14-22)

Led by the Spirit of God

We’re getting ready to begin in lesson number seven, led by the Spirit of God. You know, there’s nothing that is any more of it confusing to the Christian world, many times. And what it is to walk in the spirit. And other words, the absence of any times of the teaching on the holy spirit of God is quite evident in people’s lives. And then when many times there is a teaching on the spirit of God, we make the spirit, something the spirit of God, something, quite different than what I believe, biblically, it talks about the Spirit of God being And that is the spirit of God came to lead us and to teach us to be our counselor. He didn’t come to be our entertainment center. He came to be our counselor and the one who was going to lead us into all truth, which we will talk about very short, but to some the Christian life becomes a matter of imitating Jesus. In other words, the absence of an understanding of the Spirit controlled life … Listen to Broadcast & Read More