Radio Broadcast Tuesday 09/07/2021

Jesus Forgave You on The Cross Forgiveness is Finished

Classic Christianity – A Closer Look at The Finality of The Cross P14 (09-07-21)

Man Needed Reconciliation to God with Sins Forgiven but Also Restoration with God, with Eternal Life, Being Made Complete in Christ Jesus

There are many people who say they got saved when they were young, but later in life had doubts. A simple question to ask, “What was your understanding of the gospel?” When Bob George asked people that question, he says that nine times out of ten a person will respond that the gospel is getting your sins forgiven. That in itself is not the gospel. It is a necessary preparation for the gospel to be given. So what is the gospel, the message of good news in Christ Jesus?

Jesus came to take away the sins of the world, and that is how man’s sins have been forgiven. There was a means in the Old Testament to get your sins forgiven, and it involved the shedding of blood of an animal, but it had to be repeated year after year, and could never take away sins. It could make a person conscious of sin. Under such a system of law, there were these rules … Listen to Broadcast & Read More

Radio Broadcast Tuesday 03/31/2020

Don't Set Aside The Grace of God

Classic Christianity – Book of Romans P62 (03-31-20)


As you read about the conversion of Paul in Damascus, of his former way of life, and how he met the risen Lord, and how devoted he was to get the message of the good news out, what does that compel us to do? As you read along in Romans 15 and Acts 20-21, you realize that Paul, in so doing, met all kinds of trials and tribulations, and many times just one blow away from death, yet he was not dissuaded to proclaim this gospel. Listen along with the audio, as Bob George shares the heart of Paul and his devotion to Christ.

How devoted are we to share this message of good news, of life in Christ Jesus? If you are in Christ Jesus, knowing that when you die, you will be absent from the body and present with the Lord, and that those who are not yet in Christ, are headed to a place called hell, that if they were to die tonight, they will be forever separated from God where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth (Matthew 8:12, 13:42,50; 22:13, 24:51, 25:30), where the fire … Listen to Broadcast & Read More

Radio Broadcast Tuesday 10/22/2019

The Apostle Paul

Classic Christianity – Book of Romans P2 (10-22-19)


Bob George now starts in the book of Romans, after providing some introductory background on the life of Paul. Through just the first seven verses of Romans, Bob explains the meaning of words, such as sin, forgiveness, sanctified (set apart), slave, ambassador, saint, truth, gospel, obedience and faith, that we often take for granted, and such words are often not properly understood. The Greek language provides a more precise rendering that helps our understanding in some cases.

The gospel is the message of good news of Jesus Christ and Paul is called as an ambassador of Jesus Christ to bring this good news and explain it to the Gentile world. Ambassador is not a short term function he is assigned to do. He is called as an ambassador, as an identification or designation. It is like the word forgiveness. It not something we get but something we already have. An ambassador for God is one who represents God in a foreign country, the place on earth, to proclaim truth.

Now truth to be truth, truth must be universal, for all people, for all times and for all places. The prosperity gospel … Listen to Broadcast & Read More