Radio Broadcast Tuesday 11/09/2021

A Closer Look at the Reality of the Resurrection

Classic Christianity – A Closer Look at The Reality of The Resurrection P1 (11-09-21)

Understanding The Reality of The Resurrection of Jesus Christ

Join Bob George as he begins a new study on “A Closer Look at The Reality of The Resurrection.”

The cross was were we were reconciled to God, but the resurrection is for LIFE.

Yes Jesus said, “I came that they might have life, and might have it abundantly” (John 10:10). Yet the average professing Christian is saying. “There is nothing abundant about my life. I know my sins are forgiven and that I am going to heaven, but what about today! I still experience doubts, fears, frustrations, and defeat. Surely there must be something more to this Christian life.”

There is and it comes from understanding the fullness of the gospel. Most people when asked, “What is your understanding of the gospel?” respond, “Christ died for my sins.” This is only part of the gospel. Christ was also raised from the dead, and it is through His resurrection that we see the full gospel. The full gospel can be summed up like this:

Jesus Christ gave His life for us;
so that He could give His … Listen to Broadcast & Read More