Radio Broadcast Tuesday 04/06/2021

Jesus Word of God Warnings

Classic Christianity – A Closer Look at The Word of God P26 (04-06-21)


The word of God we hold in our hands is the plumbline for truth. We have the evidence and testimony written down through those who were eyewitnesses, affirming that this message is of divine origin. This message came to us from God. Even the apostles testify of the apostle Paul’s writings were from God, and Paul himself testified that no one else taught him except Jesus Christ. Knowing that is where truth is found, and discerned as true as the Spirit of God living in you reveals truth to you, then do you weigh the words of men carefully through the scriptures as to whether what they say are true or not?

Do you believe in Baptist doctrine as true because you were born Baptist and listened to a Baptist preacher? Do you believe Mormon doctrine because someone claimed they heard from an angel of God? Do you listen to a priest who says something is true because of something called oral tradition? How do you know what men say are true? Do you go to your favorite preacher? Do you go to Bob George? What … Listen to Broadcast & Read More