Radio Broadcast Tuesday 04/13/2021

A Closer Look at The Word of God

Classic Christianity – A Closer Look at The Word of God P29 (04-13-21)


Is the bible relevant for today? Are there contradictions? What evidence do you have that it can be trusted, that it is the word of God, truth that will set us free? Have you found the bible to be useful for doctrine, correction, reproof and training in righteousness?

We have heard the testimony of God concerning His word. We have read what the apostles, the eyewitnesses of the risen Savior have said. We have read what the prophets had to say, and how truth was revealed to them through dreams and visions and various and sundry ways. But today, we have heard truth for ourselves through the Holy Spirit He has given us. Today, there is no new revelation. The Lord has spoken to us through His Son.

So what is the condition of your heart? Until the Spirit of God reveals truth to you, you are not going to understand it anyway. All the persuasiveness of man combined is not going to challenge a hard heart, a heart that does not want to receive truth from the word of God. But I have better hope … Listen to Broadcast & Read More