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God Has Forgiven and Cleansed us 1 John 1 9

Call-In Classic Christianity Radio – Bob George P905 (02-08-24)

Confession is Agreeing With God Your Sins Have Been Forgiven (Past Tense)!

~ The overwhelming majority of people today believe in ongoing confession of sins to God in order to get their sins forgiven over and over again. This is a lie from Satan. First off, God is NOT forgiving anyone their sins today. That comes as a shock to people today to hear that, but that is TRUTH. Jesus forgave (past tense) all your sins, all my sins, ALL the world’s sins at the cross ONE time. Jesus did NOT atone for sin, He took it away from the eyes of God and is NOT counting your sins against you.

The issue is life today. Are you alive in Christ or are you dead without the Holy Spirit living in you? That is the key. For God is the God of the Living, not the dead. And today, most of the world is the walking dead. They are controlled by Satan. Satan whips up the desires of the flesh. Satan makes it seem like, oh, you sinned again. You better get right with God. You need to ask God to … Listen to Broadcast & Read More

Radio Broadcast Wednesday 02/24/2021

Jesus is Lord and Savior

Classic Christianity – A Closer Look at The Word of God P9 (02-24-21)


It is so vitally important to form convictions on what truth is, so that it changes the attitudes of your heart based on what is true, and ultimately shows in your behavior. How are these convictions formed? By what man says? Or by what the Spirit of God reveals to you through His word? But what if you do not understand what the word of God means? How do you know that what you hear are words taught from men or from God?

First of all, do you even believe the word of God is what it is, the very words of God, inerrant and they are alive and active, profitable and useful to you, applicable to your problems of today, whether bulimia, anorexia, drunkenness, dysfunctional families, and whatever struggles and issues you are facing today, by whatever label man puts on those things? Do you see the issues of life as something that are modern day problems that have to be addressed by a psychologist or a psychiatrist?

Who created you, and indeed the entire universe by His spoken word? So certainly He knows how … Listen to Broadcast & Read More