Radio Broadcast Monday 11/08/2021

Jesus King of Kings

Classic Christianity – A Closer Look at The Finality of The Cross P40 (11-08-21)

The Gospel in all its Truth

The Gospel in all its fullness, a righteousness from God that has been revealed, Christ alive living in you, your only hope of glory, is bearing fruit. When people think of the gospel, is that what they have heard and understood? Or, have you heard a half gospel, a gospel of merely getting your sins forgiven? Have you understand that there is a righteousness from God that has been revealed or are you still trying to obtain righteousness by what you do? Are you begging God to forgive you when you sin? Have you made up your own ideas of what righteousness is and how to get it? If so, then that is what man-made religion is.

Man-made religion never made anyone righteous in the sight of God any more than the Jews could under Judaism, by following the laws of Moses, the ten commandments and all the rest. Neither can man make himself righteous by doing the best he can. Any sort of system man makes up, whether confessing your sins to a priest to get forgiveness or going … Listen to Broadcast & Read More