Radio Broadcast Monday 03/02/2020

Be a Servant of Jesus Christ

Classic Christianity – Book of Romans P49 (03-02-20)


As a born again believer, do you know who you are? Do you call yourself by what church you attend, whether Baptist, Presbyterian, Methodist, or something else. That is where you park your body on Sunday morning, or Saturday morning, but that is not who you are. When you are born again, having the Holy Spirit taking permanent residence in you, you are placed into the body of Christ, with Christ as your head. All those who are truly born again are connected to the same head, and that is Christ Jesus, so you belong to one another. You are brothers and sisters in Christ.

So what is your identity? Is it based on what you do? Are you a pastor because you do pastoring? Are you a teacher because you teach? No, those may be gifts you use as given to you by God for serving one another in love, and building one another up in the faith. But what do people often do? They often boast about what the body is doing or they exalt one person as more spiritual than another because of the position of teaching they … Listen to Broadcast & Read More

Radio Broadcast Monday 10/21/2019

Introduction to the Book of Romans

Classic Christianity – Book of Romans P1 (10-21-19)


Bob George introduces the book of Romans by first providing background information into this man names Saul of Tarsus, later called Paul. Bob shares from the book of Acts to provide historical background into the nature and character of Saul before his conversion, then his encounter with the living Christ, his unique conversion experience, and then his calling by God to be an apostle to the Gentiles, to bring the gospel message before the Gentile world and before king and magistrates. Much of what we know of the gospel of good news is explained quite thoroughly through the writings of the apostle Paul. The majority of the New Testament we hold in our hands is through the apostle Paul. An ambassador is someone who is called to represent another party in another place and with a specific mission and with the authority to carry out that mission. Paul clearly received a mission by no other person except Jesus Christ, who called him and told him what he was to do and that he would suffer greatly for the cause of Christ.


Let us turn to the book of Romans. I … Listen to Broadcast & Read More