Radio Broadcast Wednesday 09/13/2023

Jesus Created Earth With a Foundation

Classic Christianity – Book of Hebrews P08 (09-13-23)

Jesus Created Earth With a Foundation and The Angels Were Present

~ Satan was one of the brightest stars. He was the morning star. He was the most beautiful of the angels in all of creation. And yet he himself became proud of everything he was and coveted to be like God. We see the same type of things going on with people today. So many times, we have seen people that think they know it all. They have been to all the top schools. They have a PhD in this subject or that subject. They slap DOCTOR on their door, Dr. so and so. They introduce themselves as Doctor wherever they go and to whoever they are speaking to. They are proud of all their schooling, for they think they have much wisdom in all that knowledge they have gathered to themselves from the world. Yet all of that counts for nothing when it comes to knowing God. In fact, knowledge of the world is dung, as compared to knowing Christ Jesus and His Truth. And furthermore, the knowledge of the world is filled with lies upon lies by Satan that … Listen to Broadcast & Read More