Call-ins Radio Broadcast Friday 10/22/2021

Study of Classic Christianity and Growing in Grace

Call-In Classic Christianity Radio – Bob George P682 (10-22-21)

Let Truth set you Free and Learn to Walk in Grace

As a new believer, you will tend to have more of a struggle in overcoming sinful habits, and that is not unusual, as you are just now on the starting line of having your mind renewed. Even as you mature in Christ, you will continue in that process of having your mind renewed until the day we meet the Lord. We will all continue to battle the flesh, and God knows our weaknesses and tendencies. We are all reminded to guard our life and doctrine closely and take heed that we do not fall, and to be gentle and humble toward others, as we ourselves could easily get caught up in any sin ourselves. Along with allowing God to change us, our thinking and attitudes of heart, to let your actions be in accordance with who you are as a child of God, then your emotions will follow. You will no longer be miserable but experience the fruit of the Spirit God wants produce in you and through you. Learn to trust the mercy and grace of God. So, for … Listen to Broadcast & Read More

Call-ins Radio Broadcast Friday 10/30/2020

New Life in Christ Jesus

Call-In Classic Christianity Radio – Bob George P584 (10-30-20)


When you become born again, all things become new. Yes, there is growth, a renewing of the mind that has to occur, and will occur. We have an enemy, called Satan, that speaks through to our flesh. We learn to recognize the voice of God and what truth is, so that we can demolish those strongholds, those lies of Satan, and begin to walk in the new life God has given. God is tender toward us, and we have been given a new identity, called a child of God.

That new identity we have, a child of God, not a sinner saved by grace or an ex-convict, but a child of God, and when you grasp that truth, that is the starting point in which growth occurs. When you realize that God will never leave you or forsake, and loves and accepts you unconditionally, then that is an anchor to your soul. If error is what binds you, then truth is what sets you free.

So listen now as Bob shares truth with a believer who came to Christ while in prison and is now finding himself struggling with feelings … Listen to Broadcast & Read More

Call-ins Radio Broadcast Friday 06/14/2019

A Person Forgiven Much by God Loves Much

Call-In Classic Christianity Radio – Bob George P449 (6-14-19)

Bob George RadioBob George is so glad to hear from people that call to thank him for truth that has changed their lives. Jeff called and is now serving as a pastor, known also as pastor Jay, is now excited sharing the same grace and love of God that changed his life. Ted called to thank Bob for resources that he could share with the soldiers deployed overseas. The materials, particularly Classic Christianity and Victory of Depression, were very much liked by the troops there. Vernon called to express his gratitude for the truth that he now understands, that he is already forgiven and no longer needs to ask God for forgiveness of sins every morning. That understanding of truth changed his life.

What is particularly special and brings great joy is when the truth of the gospel is shared to someone so that he becomes a child of God. James called to ask a question about what makes a man think he is a homosexual. Many times people ask such questions because they are bothered about sin in their own life and want to be set free. James was set free by … Listen to Broadcast & Read More

Call-ins Radio Broadcast Friday 02/22/2019

Saved by Jesus Life

Call-In Classic Christianity Radio – Bob George P417 (2-22-19)

Bob George Radio Bob answers questions on faith, salvation and baptism by several callers. What is the meaning of faith plus works? Are people saved by works or by faith? What is legalism? Are the Mennonites and Amish into legalism? Did you receive the Holy Spirit when you believed? After the rapture, will the Holy Spirit be on the earth? These are the questions asked by several callers.

Bob explains from the scriptures that salvation is by faith in the finished work of Jesus Christ, and we also live by that same faith. Faith expressing itself through love is what counts. If you were going to evaluate yourself on how well you do in the love department, going through the definition of love in Ephesians 13, how well would you be doing? The honest answer is, not very well. Why? We never could produce love. Bob explains that salvation is when you become born again by the Holy Spirit coming to live in you, and you walk in that salvation by that same faith. Bob explains the parable of the vine and the branches that Jesus taught.

Saved By Jesus’ Life

Now, in regards … Listen to Broadcast & Read More

Radio Broadcast Wednesday 11/28/2018

Classic Christianity – Book of John P22 (11-28-18)

Bob George TeachingBob George highlights some of the things Jesus did that identifies him as God. Yet many among his own family and own town did not believe in him. How can that be? Have you ever heard a lie and held onto that lie as if it was true? Think of a little lie about Mary being an ever virgin? What other things would you be willing to believe once you believe that? Would you believe in Mary being worshiped as a co-redeemer? That is an example of false teaching today that leads people away from the new life available in Christ Jesus. There is another reason people could not understand spiritual things. All of us were born spiritually dead. That is why Jesus used illustrations from the physical world to explain spiritual truth men know nothing about nor could they. Not until Pentecost, after Jesus finished the work he came to do, was the Holy Spirit given to men, to permanently indwell men, to never leave or forsake them, to those who believe, to be their counselor and guide them into all truth. When Jesus walked the earth there were those who … Listen to Broadcast & Read More