Radio Broadcast Tuesday 10/30/2018

Classic Christianity – Book of John p9 (10-30-18)

Bob George TeachingBob George continues teaching from the book of John, reminding people of the gospel that was preached to you. As believers, we have the wonderful privilege to share that same gospel message to others. He starts by sharing the mental roadblocks that prevents believers from sharing the greatest news ever. He reminds u again of how we would respond to truth when we were first lost in sin. Did we all accept the message upon first hearing? Some did. Others did not. So why do we not share? Sometimes we look to our insecurities, perceived lack of abilities in sharing truth, or even simply our fear of man in what they might think. Bob then shares some practical advice, from personal life experiences of God’s work in him, and finishes by sharing again what the gospel really is.

Bob George shares again the story of Jesus encounter with the Samaritan woman at the well and his testimony of how his unsaved preacher came to know Christ through a simple letter that touched his heart. Bob used the passage to explain how his friend, Charles Spurgeon, did not know God, but God knew … Listen to Broadcast & Read More

Radio Broadcast Monday 10/29/2018

Classic Christianity – Book of John p8 (10-29-18)

Bob George TeachingBob George shares insights from Jesus encounter with the Samaritan woman in the book of John. He briefly retells the story with the primary focus on walking in the Spirit and being led of the Lord. He also shares the interaction between Jesus and His disciples, following Jesus return from talking with the Samaritan woman. He shares more fully about what it means to walk in Spirit and in truth, what it means to seek God and what is a believer’s reasonable act of service. He shares several examples of walking in the flesh from his observation of the religious world. He then shares a testimony of his early childhood and later coming to know Christ. He shares the tendency of all believers to have doubts and to be discouraged in their walk or in sharing truth. But one must realize you are believing a lie, as Satan does not want you to finish the race. Yet, God is at work to develop the believer. As we commit to the love of God and walk in His ways, results will come, for God is at work in you and through you and … Listen to Broadcast & Read More