Radio Broadcast Wednesday 10/02/2019

Jesus Said God Alone is Good

Classic Christianity – Book of John Part 80 (10-02-19)


Let us join Bob now as he gets started with today’s lesson. This morning before we get into the actual teaching in John 18 is to go back and review chronology of what took place in those last days of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

In order to do that we need to go back to chapter 13. Jesus Christ was getting ready to meet with his disciples for the last major instruction to them and we have all of that instruction contained in chapter 13, where he taught the disciples of servitude. The washing of the disciples feet was an act of servitude on their behalf.

He then predicted his betrayal, or it is probably better to say he announced his betrayal, and that this was not something that was going to come by accident, but it was something that was known in the heart of God, and he told him about that.

He also at that time predicted to Peter, who basically was I believe as sincere as a heart attack in about everything he did, but he was like a lot of us. He was rambunctious … Listen to Broadcast & Read More

Radio Broadcast Wednesday 03/27/2019

Radio Broadcast Wednesday 03/27/2019

Classic Christianity – Our Attitude Towards Legalism Part 3 (03-27-19)

Bob George TeachingBob George continues sharing a lesson on our attitude toward legalism from the example of Jesus in Matthew 23. Follow along as Bob provides insight into the seven woes Jesus had spoken to the legalistic Pharisees in his day. Jesus spoke this way because he loved them enough to tell them the truth. Would you speak truthfully to legalists in today’s world? Are we blind to our own weaknesses and need someone to speak truthfully to us? Let us learn from the Spirit so we can have the same attitude toward legalism as Jesus.

Bob George then explains the condition of all our hearts. Are we not also inconsistent, smiling one day and cursing another? Can you be kind and nice one day, but honk your horn in anger at the one who cut in front of you on the freeway? Do you see the internal attitude of your own heart? Do you see that in your heart you committed murder by the hate inside you? Do you see only the exterior of the law, and think yourself as being okay. So you say you have never committed adultery yet … Listen to Broadcast & Read More